PhD in Management in Kerala


PhD in Management is the highest academic qualification awarded in the faculty of Management. The research program in Management is planned for those seeking research and a career in teaching in business schools around the world. Scholars who wish to pursue research studies in Management have many options where they can take admission in the PhD course in Management.

A PhD degree in Management is a broader domain of education which includes business administration and studies related to the business world. The areas of application of Management have seen exponential growth since the era of globalization. The steady pace of growth in the global economy after liberalization has lead to an increase of students opting for PhD in Management in Kerala

A doctoral degree in Management increases the chances of getting employment in various fields in Kerala and the rest of the world. PhD program in Management provides a mechanism for the research scholars to develop expertise in the subject by getting into the insight of management studies. Through research and presentation, the PhD course in Management empowers the students to become an expert in Management who is ready to take on the job market.

Part-Time PhD in Management in Kerala

PhD in Management is also offered as a part-time course by colleges and universities in Kerala. Part-Time PhD program is beneficial for those who are already working in Kerala and want to pursue a PhD in Management without quitting their job. A Part-Time PhD is equally valid as the same as a regular PhD degree, and there is no difference in the value.

If you are a working individual and you want to pursue a PhD in Management without quitting your job, you can choose to study in the Part-Time course. You will have to do all the research work for the course and write the Thesis; it is just that you won’t have to stay on campus all the time.


PhD in Management in Kerala- Eligibility

PhD in Management is a three-year research program in computer technology aimed at providing research-level knowledge in the field of Management. The minimum qualification required for PhD admission is a post-graduate degree in relevant subject with minimum 55% marks.

PhD in Management in Kerala: Admission, Entrance Test, Course Fee
The fee for PhD degree in Management in Kerala ranges from 10,000 to 1.50000 Lac across various colleges and universities in Kerala offering the course.

Admissions to PhD degree in Management is given based on a merit-list selection process. Certain universities provide admission based on the score of the entrance examination for their entry into the PhD course.

PhD in Management at University of Kerala

Due to the lack of adequate facilities to accommodate more guides in the management faculty, Kerala University has put the entrance examinations for PhD in Management on hold. As in January 2019, only the teachers of Universities are allowed to guide the scholars using the facilities of the faculty. As of now, there is an acute shortage guide in management faculty though there are more than 90 eligible students to PhD in the Management.

PhD in Management: Top Institutes in Kerala

PhD in Management is offered by a good number of colleges/universities across Kerala. Below is the list of colleges/universities offering PhD in Management in Kerala.

  • Kerala University
  • University of Calicut
  • Mahatma Gandhi University(MGU)
  • Kannur University
  • SIM Kerala
  • Cochin University of Science and Technology Etc…

Guidance We Provide For PhD in Management

  • Entrace Test information
  • Eligibility Criteria of diffrent Universities
  • List of colleges offering PhD in Management in India

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