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Studying management in the UK is a dream for thousands of Indian students. Many students succeed, but many fail too, majorly because of the lack of proper information. One of these things is IELTS. Many talented and meticulous Indian students cannot get into management colleges in the UK because of IELTS. If you belong to that category, you shouldn’t worry because we have you covered. Go through the article, and you will find that you can pursue an MBA from various universities and colleges in the UK without IELTS. Along with that, we have also covered several other details about studying MBA in UK without IELTS.

Can I Study MBA in the UK Without IELTS?

If you have come here to read this article, the question “Can I study MBA in the UK without IELTS?” will surely be in your mind. It would be best if you were happy to know that it is very much possible to pursue an MBA from a management college in the London and in the UK without sitting for the IELTS.

Management colleges in the UK have come up with several alternatives to test students’ competency in English without appearing for IELTS. We will discuss these alternative methods further in the article.

Don’t let IELTS be the hurdle.

IELTS is the most accepted English language competency test worldwide. Almost all the top universities and colleges in the UK indeed accept IELTS for incoming students.

MBA in UK without IELTS

It is a 165-minutes exam and costs about USD 250. It is available to be taken four times a month, adding up to 48 times a year.

Anyway, as mentioned above various colleges and universities in the UK have come up with other methods of testing the English competency of aspirants. The two main reasons behind this are:

  • Due to the COVID-19 crisis, several sittings of IELTS are getting canceled, and students cannot appear for the exam.
  • To get talented and meticulous students who feel that IELTS is difficult, they can easily crack other assessment methods.

Study MBA in the UK- Highlights

The United Kingdom is widely known for its management colleges and business schools. Most of the top-ranking management colleges in the world are located in the UK, especially in England. An MBA from the UK is considered to be the holy grail of management degrees in the world. Every year, thousands of students apply to get into the management colleges and business schools in the UK to pursue a management degree.

Management degrees obtained from the UK are very prestigious and widely accepted all over the world. Students are imparted with practical and theoretical knowledge about management to be future-proof for at least the next ten years. This is why management students in the UK land high-profile jobs in the top companies of the world.


Five alternative assessment methods are mentioned below that are accepted by several management colleges and business schools in the UK. If you manage to be eligible in any of these methods, you will be exempted from IELTS. Given below are the details.

  • English was your primary medium of instruction at school & college.
  • The school and college of an aspirant have English as the primary medium of education; they will be exempted from IELTS by various management colleges in the UK.
  • Aspirants will have to produce an official document from their school and college stating that they have studied in English-medium.
  • You have scored high marks in English in Class 10 & Class 12 Board Exams.
  • If an aspirant has scored good marks (at least above 70%) in English in Class 10 and Class 12 board exams, many management colleges and business schools will exempt them from IELTS.

Every college has its conversion chart, which converts the average score in English to an equivalent IELTS score.

The Queen Mary University of London has the following conversion chart:

Average % in English in Class 10 & Class 12 and equivalent IELTS score:

  • 60% – 6.0.
  • 70% – 6.5.
  • 80% – 7.0.

1. Pre-program English Course

One of the most common alternates to IELTS offered by business schools in the UK is the pre-program English course. This is generally a 2-month to 6-months course offered to aspirants who don’t have the required IELTS score. Once an aspirant completes the course, they will have to sit for an exam. If the exam is cleared, the aspirant will be admitted.

2. Interview

Several business schools and management colleges also take the road of interviewing aspirants to check their competency in English. If an aspirant manages to impress the panel, they are exempted from IELTS for admission.

3. Alternate English Entrance Tests

As compared to IELTS, there are far easier English entrance exams. Several management colleges in the UK accept these exams:

  • TOEFL.
  • Integrated Skills in English (ISE).
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE).
  • PTE Academic.
  • Duolingo English Test.

UK Universities that Accepts Students without  IELTS Score

Mentioned below are a few of the top universities and colleges in the UK that accept students without IELTS:

  • Brunel Business School.
  • ESCP Business School, London.
  • Imperial College of Business.
  • Kingston Business School (Kingston University).
  • The Queen Mary University of London.
  • Warwick Business School (The University of Warwick).
  • Aston Business School (Aston University).
  • Birmingham Business School (Birmingham City University).
  • Brunel Business School (Brunel University, London).
  • Westminster Business School (University of Westminster).
MBA in London Without IELTS

Do you know that it is possible to study MBA in London without IELTS? You heard it! You can be a part of the city with the best universities, second only America.

Studying in the London will allow you to be part of a world-renowned education system and give you full freedom to do what you love. The London is an amazing place to live, not only because it has a multilingual society that offers a wide range of languages and cultures. Prospective students may be hesitant to consider studying in the UK if they aren’t fluent in English.

But don’t worry. There is always a way around. Students must pass the English language proficiency test to study in the London as in the United Kingdom. This determines how familiar you are with the language. Most of the colleges and universities in London accept IELTS as the Standard English proficiency test.

Every university has a conversion chart that converts the average English score to an equivalent IELTS score for study MBA in London without IELTS.

The Queen Mary University of London has the following conversion chart:

Average % in English in Class 10 & Class 12 and equivalent IELTS score:

  • 60% – 6.0.
  • 70% – 6.5.
  • 80% – 7.0.

Given below are some of the Colleges and Universities that accept students to pursue MBA in London without IELTS.

  • London Business School
  • City’s Business School
  • Imperial Business School
  • London Southbank University
  • Brunel University London
    University College London
  • London South Bank University
  • Coventry University
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • Birkbeck, University of London etc..

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