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Nursing Schools in Kerala

Are you passionate about nursing and looking for top private nursing colleges in Kerala to start your nursing course? Don’t Look Any Further! This detailed guide will help you understand the top private Nursing colleges in Kerala admission criteria and Fee details. This post will also provide insights into eligibility criteria, admission processes, management quota admission, job opportunities, and much more!

Nursing Courses in Private Nursing Colleges in Kerala

Nursing is more than a career, especially for Keralites. It is a calling to care for and serve others. Kerala has remained a hub of nursing education for many decades – and still leads in the number of nurses among the Indian states. We’ll delve deep into the details of private nursing colleges in Kerala so you have all the facts to make informed decisions. Nursing courses in private nursing collegesin Kerala include BSc Nursing, Post BSc Nursing and MSc in Nursing.

Key Points

Eligibility and Admission: Understand the eligibility criteria and admission processes of Private Nursing Colleges in Kerala necessary to begin your nursing journey.

Placement Prospects: Discover the career prospects available to nursing graduates in Kerala’s dynamic healthcare industry.

Explore Cities in Kerala: Kerala is home to many prominent cities, each providing unique experiences and opportunities for nursing colleges.

Government Vs Private Colleges: Understand the differences between government and private nursing colleges to select one that fits your career aspirations best.

Financial Aid: Explore scholarship and financial assistance programs available to make nursing education within your reach.

Future of Nursing Education in Kerala: Gain insights into the exciting prospects for nursing education in this state dedicated to producing skilled healthcare workers.

List of Private Nursing Colleges: Find the list of Private Nursing Colleges in Kerala and the number of seats available in each college in all districts of Kerala.

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List of Private Nursing Colleges in Kerala 

We present a list of private nursing colleges in Kerala and the number of seats in each college in each district of Kerala.

Nursing School/CollegeNumber of SeatsDistrict
Medical Trust College of Nursing60Ernakulam
Mar Baselios College of Nursing60Ernakulam
Najath College of Nursing40Ernakulam
Sree Sudheendra College of Nursing40Ernakulam
Welcare College of Nursing,Pampara50Ernakulam
Mar Baselios College of Nursing40Ernakulam
Ananthapuri College of Nursing50Trivandrum
KIMS College of Nursing70Trivandrum
Nightingale College of Nursing50Trivandrum
NIMS College of Nursing60Trivandrum
P.R.S College of nursing50Trivandrum
Ruckmoni College of Nursing60Trivandrum
Saraswathy College of Nursing50Trivandrum
Sivagiri S.N.Medical Mission College of Trivandrum Nursing60Trivandrum
S.P Fort College of Nursing40Trivandrum
Sree Gokulam Nursing College60Trivandrum
Ruckmoni College of Nursing70Trivandrum
Saraswathy College of Nursing50Trivandrum
Sree Gokulam Nursing College70Trivandrum
Azeezia College of Nursing50Kollam
Mercy College of Nursing60Kollam
Parabrahma College Of Nursing40Kollam
Travancore College of Nursing50Kollam
Upasana College of Nursing50Kollam
Vijaya College of Nursing60Kollam
V.N.S.S.College of Nursing60Kollam
Josco College of Nursing,60Allappuzha
K.V.M .College of Nursing60Allappuzha
St.Thomas College of Nursing60Allappuzha
Archana College of Nursing60Pathanamthitta  
Chitra Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre,40Pathanamthitta
MGM, Muthoot College of Nursing,50Pathanamthitta
Muthoot Medical Centre College of Nursing60Pathanamthitta
Mount Zion College of Nursing60Pathanamthitta
Poyanil College of Nursing50Pathanamthitta
Thiruvalla Medical Mission College of Nursing50Pathanamthitta
BCF College of Nursing50Kottayam
College of Nursing, Guru Group of Institute30Kottayam
Theophilus College of Nursing50Kottayam
Velankanni Matha College of Nursing40Kottayam
Aswini College of Nursing60Thrissur
College of Nursing ,Elite Mission Hospital40Thrissur
Mother College of Nursing, Mother Hospital50Thrissur
West Fort College of Nursing70Thrissur
Crescent College of Nursing50Palakkad
Karuna College of Nursing50Palakkad
Nehru College of Nursing, Vanimakulam,40Palakkad
Seventh Day Adventist College of Nursing40Palakkad
AL Mas College of Nursing50Malappuram
Al-shifa College of Nursing60Malappuram
MES College of Nursing50Malappuram
MIMS College of Nursing60Malappuram
Moulana College of Nursing60Malappuram
Baby Memorial College of Nursing60Kozhikode
JDT Islam College of Nursing50Kozhikode
KMCT College of Nursing50Kozhikode
National Hospital College of Nursing50Kozhikode
P.V.S.College of Nursing60Kozhikode
Red Crescent College of Nursing50Kozhikode
Santhi College of Nursing50Kozhikode
Sree Anjaneya College of Nursing20Kozhikode
DM WIMS Nursing College50Wayanad
Vinayaka College of Nursing40Wayanad
College of Nursing50Kannur
Crescent College of Nursing60Kannur
Dhanalakshmi College of Nursing50Kannur
Koyili College of Nursing40Kannur
Lourde College of Nursing50Kannur
College of Nursing, Malik Deenar Charitable Hospital50Kasargod
Laxmi Megham College of Nursing40Kasargod

Note: Please get in touch with the concerned hospitals for exact information related to the number of seats and private Nursing colleges in Kerala admission formalities.

Private Nursing colleges in Kerala Fees

Private nursing colleges in Kerala charge tuition fees depending on factors like reputation, facilities and location of each college. Fees for B.Sc Nursing programs offered in these institutions typically range between INR 75,000-1.5 lakh per annum.

Please remember that these figures are estimates, subject to change, and vary with nursing colleges; for the latest and most accurate fee information, you can contact each college directly or get in touch with us.

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Eligibility Criteria for Private Nursing Colleges Admission in Kerala

One must fulfill specific eligibility requirements to qualify for nursing courses in Kerala. Usually, candidates who have earned at least an aggregate score of 45% on 10+2 exams in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology are eligible. The minimum age requirement is 17 years, and there is no cap on the upper age limit.

Admission Process for Private Nursing Colleges in Kerala

Admission requirements to nursing courses in Kerala can differ between nursing schools. In general, however, admission requires filling out an application form, sitting for an entrance exam and participating in counselling processes – though certain institutions such as Amrita School of Nursing and Baby Memorial College of Nursing conduct entrance exams for admission purposes. You may also check: BSc Nursing Admission in Kerala

Opportunities for Nursing Graduates

Nursing is undoubtedly one of the most demanding professions in the world post-pandemic. Most countries are facing a shortage of nurses, and the opportunities for nurses within and abroad are endless.

As graduates in other professions face difficulties finding placement opportunities after graduation, the openings are huge for nursing graduates. As a model Indian state for healthcare services, Kerala presents ample job prospects for graduates of its nursing colleges – which often boast strong ties with prestigious hospitals – making the transition seamless from education to employment. However, most nursing graduates prefer to migrate to countries like the UK, Canada and Australia due to the high salary structure and quality of life.


1.What are the main differences between Government and Private nursing colleges:

The state supports government nursing colleges in Kerala and is therefore cheaper for students. They usually have better accessibility to patients as well as experienced medical staff. Private nursing schools, however, are privately funded and generally have higher overall expenses.

2. What are the benefits of enrolling in private nursing colleges?

 Private nursing colleges have better infrastructure, offer higher levels of education, and provide more facilities. Although overall expenses may be higher, the cost could lead to a rewarding nursing career.

3. What are the Government Employment Opportunities after Nursing?

The graduates of government nursing schools in Kerala could be eligible for numerous government jobs in the healthcare industry, which can provide stability and benefits. Additionally, most foreign countries face a nursing shortage, and there are opportunities in many countries for qualified nurses, such as the UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

4. What is the difference between BSc and DGNM Nursing

BSc Nursing offers a more comprehensive education, including other subjects, making graduates highly competitive for teaching or research positions. Contrastingly, GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) concentrates on the practical aspects of nursing and is ideal for those looking to enter more rapidly into nursing. BSc nursing is a degree program, whereas GNM Nursing is a diploma program. 

Final Thoughts

Kerala boasts some of India’s finest private nursing colleges in India. The career prospects for nursing graduates are very bright, with better salaries and quality of life, especially in countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Numerous private nursing colleges can be found in major cities of Kerala; when choosing between government and private nursing colleges, make sure your preferences and budget are taken into consideration. Suppose you want to try for private nursing colleges in Kerala admission for this year. In that case, you should submit your application at the earliest as the number of seats is very limited both in Government nursing colleges as well as private nursing colleges in Kerala.

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