The Republic of Latvia is located in Northern Eastern Europe. Riga is the capital and Latvian is the official language. The country experiences temperate climate and heavy snowfall during winter season. Latvia offers world class education at low cost. Every year hundreds of  Indian students take admission in different institutes and universities in Latvia.

Being one of the fast growing European countries with beautiful landscape with rivers, lakes and rolling hills Study in Latvia has been attracting lot of Indian students every year. Education in Latvia is provided in Institutional, Municipal and National levels. The higher education institutions in Latvia offers high quality education at minimum cost compared to other European countries. Latvia offers both government aided and free education. The Ministry of Education and Science and the elected members of the ministry are responsible for formation of education policies in Latvia.

Study in Latvia from India

Located in the continent of Europe, Latvia is a wonderful country for overseas studies and research work. Latvian colleges and universities offer high quality education at reasonable price. Affordable tuition fees, Quality education and low cost of living have attracted many Indian students to Latvia. The country offers two categories of higher education programs, Academic and Professional.  Universities offer both higher education and professional educations programs while other institutions and colleges provide only professional education programs.


IELTS is not required to study MBBS/MD in Latvia

Why Study in Latvia ?

  • No IELTS Required
  • No Entrance Test
  • Affordable Fees & Cost of Living
  • High Visa Success Rates
  • Part time job allowed

Study and work in Latvia

Students are permitted to work for 20 Hours per Week.

Study in Latvia without IELTS.

Courses & Duration:

Undergraduate Courses – Duration -3 Years

Master Degree              – 2 Years

Doctoral Studies           – 3 to 4 Years

Admission Process

After evaluation of secondary education the Academic Information Center will decide the validity of the foreign certificate in Latvia

Visa Process

Indian students are required to reach the Latvian Embassy in New Delhi for Visa and other details.


More information about Latvia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.am.gov.lv/en/ministry/mission/

Latvian Embassy in New Delhi.

B8, Anand Niketan,
New Delhi – 110021

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