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Germany is facing acute nursing professionals as the need for patient care increases day by day with the ageing population. According to data, nursing and midwifery education is in stiff competition with other disciplines that often offer better job prospects. There are tens of thousands of nursing vacancies in hospitals throughout the country. The shortage of German-speaking nurses is the prime reason for the shortage of nurses in Germany. Nursing recruiting agencies in Kerala for Germany can be an excellent source for finding a nursing career in Germany.

Nursing Career in Germany

The unemployment rate is very low in Germany compared to other European countries. The severe shortage of nurses and the shortage of qualified nurses has prompted the Germany authorities to search for qualified nurses from India for filling the vacancies.

Nursing Jobs in Germany for Indian Nurses

If you are a qualified Indian Nurse looking for a Nursing career in Germany, find out the Nursing job vacancies available now in Germany. The German Government has opened its doors for Nurses from all over the world, including India. According to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) there are more than 250000 nursing vacancies in Germany.

Although a nursing job in Germany has fascinated Indian Nurses, the way there are making a beeline for working in Germany now is unprecedented. Indian Nurses the way there are making a beeline for working in Germany now is unprecedented. Indian Nurses (Both GNM & BSC)

Nurses For Germany Requirements

Germany welcomes Indian Nurses with German language skills. Unlike UK, Australia, India, and other countries, Germany do not have a nursing council to coordinate nursing recruitments and examinations.

Qualified Indian nurses with German language skills are posted as Nurses and Nursing Assistants in Germany. The system of licensed practical nurses and nursing practitioners does not exist in Germany.

The competent authority for nursing is Gesundheitsamt Muenchen” Dachauer Str. 90 80335 M nchen, Deutschland Indian Nurses who wish to work in Germany have to get their academic qualifications approved by the authority by applying for an “Anerkennung” through the authorized authority responsible for licensing health care professionals.

Nurses wishing to work in Germany have to undergo adaptation course to bring their language and nursing skill on par with the German standards. Application for the adaptation course is required to be submitted to the competent authority in Germany where the applicants intend to work. If the application is approved, then the applicant is entitled to work anywhere in Germany.


  • GNM/BSc OR Post BSC Nurses with minimum one year experience.
  • Recognition of your qualification in Germany: To work in Germany you need to apply for recognition of your nursing qualification in Germany. The competent authority will verify your nursing qualification for parity of requirement.The nursing recognition process can take 4 to 9 months. If your qualification is not equivalent to the corresponding German diploma, you can sign up for an adaption course to achieve German educational equality.
  • B2 Level German Language proficiency. The process can start after B1 Level.
  • Health certificate issued by a German mentioning your physical and mental fitness to work in Germany
  • Police clearance certificate from India

If you have acquired your nursing qualification from any European Union Countries like Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Finland, France, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Switzerland, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands and Norway, your nursing qualification will be treated as equal to Germany qualification automatically. But German language proficiency level s still required to work as a nurse in Germany.

Nurses Salary in Germany

Trainee Nurses in Germany are paid between 1050 and 1300 Euros per month. Fully qualified nurse the salary is around 2450 Euros. The salary depends on the professional experience and language proficiency. Germany is now attracting skilled professionals, including nurses from India to work and settle in Germany.

For more details, contact the Nursing Consultants in Kerala specialized in German Nursing Recruitment. Qualified Nurses (Male & Female)can also use the Germany Job Seeker Visa route to work and settle in Germany.

Germany Nursing Jobs in 2021 

Due to the acute shortage of nurses in Germany, Indian nurses can now proceed to Germany after achieving a B1 level proficiency in the German language and complete the B2 level while working in Germany.

Please Call 9947320299  Or Click to Send Your Enquiry for Jobs in Germany for Indian Nurses.

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