New Zealand CAP Program Agency in Kerala

CAP Program for Nurses Agency in Kerala

The New Zealand Competency Assessment Program for Nurses (NZCAP) is a national competency assessment system to test the skills and knowledge of nurses for providing effective patient care. The NZ CAP program test various aspects of nursing, including clinical, practical, professional, and leadership skills. The CAP Program also assesses the nurse’s ability to work independently and as part of a team. If you are looking for an agency in Kerala for CAP program in New Zealand for Nurses, then you are at the right place.

Nursing Council of New Zealand CAP Requirements 

The competency assessment program of New Zealand ensures the competency level of the nurses practicing in the country. The New Zealand Nursing council is the regulatory body of the CAP programs for nurses. The CAP course assesses nurses’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to determine their eligibility for registration and practice.

To become eligible for the NZ CAP program, the nurses must meet specific educational qualifications, nursing registration, work experience, and English language requirements. Read more about the NZCAP program’s eligibility criteria, benefits and Fees for the CAP course.

NZ Nursing Council Requirements for CAP Program 

As per New Zealand Nursing Council, below are the requirements for CAP program for nurses

  • Notarized Passport Copies with minimum nine months validity
  • BSc Nursing certificate & Transcripts
  • State/ Indian Nursing Council Registration
  • IELTS Certificate
  • Experience Details
  • Good Conduct Certificate
  • Medical Fitness

Educational Requirements for CAP Program
Degree in Nursing (BSc/Post Nursing/MSc Nursing)

Language Requirements for CAP Program
For NZ CAP Nurses should have IELTS 7 Score or OET B

CAP Program Fee
The CAP program fee is $10,000.00

CAP Fee Refund
In 2023 New Zealand authorities started refunding the CAP program fee of $10,000.00 to the nurses who stay in the country for at least two years.

List of CAP Schools in New Zealand

Several nursing schools and other institutions offer CAP courses in New Zealand for international nurses. These institutions help nurses upgrade their skills and knowledge needed to become qualified nursing practitioners according to the New Zealand Nursing standards. Given below are some of the NZ CAP schools in New Zealand,

  • EDIT 
  • Otago Polytechnic 
  • Waiariki Institute of Technology
  • Wesley Institute of Nursing Education


Benefits of the CAP Program for Nurses
The NZ CAP programs for Nurses are beneficial in many ways. It provides the nurses with competency, upgrades their practical and theoretical knowledge, and ensures they are updated with the modern nursing practices and regulations of the Nursing Council of New Zealand. The CAP course for nurses also provides an opportunity for hospital management to test the nursing skills of their staff and ensure that meet the legal obligations and the criteria set by the New Zealand Nursing standards and legal obligations. NZCAPN can help nurses to stay ahead of the curve by providing them with comprehensive assessments that can be used as a benchmark for future performance.

Main benefits of CAP Programs are below

  • Become eligible to Work as a Nurse in New Zealand
  • CAP Program fee refund to the nurses who stay and work for at least two years
  • Flight Ticket Refund for self and family
  • Earn a High Salary of up to NZ$75,000 /yr
  • Become eligible for Australia Nursing Registration
  • Family Visa
  • Free medical facilities to self and family
  • Free Education to Children
  • Become eligible for PR
  • Work and settle in one of the best countries in the world

What are the Steps Involved in NZ CAP Program?
Below given are the steps involved in NZ CAP Program

NZ CAP Process Chart

  • You need to Apply to CGFNS International
  • After applying, you need to request the CGFNS to send your report to the NZ Nursing Council
  • Applying to NZ Council with all required documents

Duration of the New Zealand CAP Program
The CAP Program takes 1 to 2 Months.

New Zealand CAP Program -FAQ

What is CAP Course for Nurses in New Zealand?
The CAP Program, or the Competency Assessment Program of New Zealand, enables foreign nurses to meet the New Zealand Nursing Council’s requirements to practice in New Zealand.

Is IELTS compulsory for NZ CAP Program?
Either IELTS or EOT is mandatory for CAP admission.

Is OET Accepted for NZ CAP Program?
Yes. Nurses with a minimum B in OET are eligible for CAP Admission.

What is CAP Course for Nurses in New Zealand?
The CAP Program, or the Competency Assessment Program of New Zealand, enables foreign nurses to meet the New Zealand Nursing Council’s requirements to practice in New Zealand.

How much is the fee for CAP Program?
The CAP Course fee is $10,000.00

Can Indian nurses get PR in New Zealand?
Indian Nurses (BSc & above) are eligible for PR in New Zealand.

What is the starting salary for nursing in NZ?
According to Glassdoor, Nurses in New Zealand earn NZ$35 to NZ$40 /per hr. 

Is experience mandatory for NZ CAP?
Yes. Nurses should have two years of experience to apply for the NZ CAP Program.

Who Offers CAP Programs in NZ?
CAP programs for Nurses are offered by Nursing Schools, District Health Boards and other health providers accredited by the New Zealand Nursing Council.

How long it takes to get nursing registration in NZ after the CAP program?
4 to 7 days 

Why are we the best agency in Kerala for New Zealand Competency CAP Program for Nurses?

At Studysure, we understand the importance of CAP Programs in New Zealand. We have dedicated ourselves to being the best New Zealand CAP Agency in Kerala. We have a team of experienced consultants  with a thorough knowledge of NZ CAP requirements, Application procedures and fees and other documentation processes related to CAP programs in New Zealand. We can provide all the necessary support and guidance that nurses in Kerala need to get certified and become qualified nurses in New Zealand. Our team can help nurses in Kerala prepare for their assessments with confidence. If you are interested in working in New Zealand and searching for the New Zealand CAP Program Consultancy in Kerala, contact us for more information.

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