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With several study abroad consultancies offering a wide range of study programs for Italy, it is not difficult to find an Italian study consultant in Kerala. Italy offers a wide range of study programs for international students. If you are looking for a  Study in Italy Consultants in Kerala, you are in the right place.Italy Offers Free Education and Scholarships to Economically Weaker Students(No Bank Balance OR Show Money Required).If Your Annual Income is below 20 Lakh/Year, We can help you to get an Italy Scholarship, which covers your accommodation and other expenses in Italy.

Why are we the best Study in Italy consultants in Kerala?

For taking up any courses in Italy, it is better to get an overseas educational consultant who can help you complete the visa formalities, education loan, foreign exchange assistance and an update about the educational institutions abroad. As the leading Study in Italy consultants in Kerala, having our presence in Kochi, Calicut, Malappuram, Kannur, Palakkad, Trivandrum and other cities in Kerala, we can help you in fulfilling your dream of studying in Italy. 


Reasons for Study in Italy 

There are many reasons why studying abroad in Italy can be an excellent choice, and one of those reasons is the affordable fees structure. Studying abroad in Italy wouldn’t just enrich you as an individual, but as a whole, and there’s so much to see and do while you’re there that to live there for even a few months would be indeed a fantastic experience.

Reasons to study in Italy are

  • No Tuition Fees in Government Universities
  • Scholarship for Economically Poor Students (Annual Income should be below 20 Lakh)
  • No need to show bank balance/ Show money
  • The scholarship covers your expenses in Italy

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Studying abroad in Italy wouldn’t just enrich you as an individual, but as a whole, and there’s so much to see and do while you’re there that to live there for even a few months would be indeed a fantastic experience.

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So Here are some of the main reasons to consider Studying in Italy.

1. Rich History: If you plan to study in Italy, you are choosing an educational hub with a rich history. Italy has been described as the seat of world art and culture and one of the European research and experimentation hubs. Due to this, there are countless opportunities for students to pursue various courses that give them exposure to the best of Italy.

The Italian educational system is noted for its ability to produce dynamic, forward-thinking students who often become leaders in their fields. Therefore, when you study in Italy, you are getting into an environment where you can develop lifelong professional connections.

2. Access to Research:  Thanks to globalization, the country has become a more open destination for international students looking to pursue their education. Italy has some of the best research universities in the world and, as such, attracts thousands of international students every year who are looking for an opportunity to expand their horizons.

The benefits of studying in Italy include access to some of the finest academic institutions and learning centres in the world. Students also have a wide selection of study abroad programs to choose from that range from the multi-national to the local. Italy offers many benefits to students who are willing to explore their opportunities fully.

3. Quality of Education: The high quality of education and hospitality are well noted throughout Europe. Therefore, when you decide to study in Italy, you get an opportunity to earn a degree from a top university and a chance to experience the charm of Europe as you learn about the histories, cultures, and arts.

The Italian universities are known for their creativity and their ability to create cutting-edge research facilities. This combination of academics and research spurs the interest of students who are interested in studying in Italy.

4. Affordability:  One of the biggest perks of studying in Italy is the low cost of education and tuition fees. Compared to the other study overseas destinations like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Switzerland, the cost of education in Italy is much lower. The cost of the accommodation is also much lower than that of other developed countries.

5. Study in Italy and Earn Your Masters: Italy is home to some of the best universities in Europe that offer study programs that will help you earn your Master’s degree in any field that you want. You can choose to study for bachelor & Masters Degrees in medicine like MBBS and MD, Law, Business, Education and any other disciplines.

Moreover, the students also get an opportunity to be taught by some of the best teachers in the world. Italian public universities are ranked top globally, so you will be considered one of the top students around when you earn your degree from an Italian university.

6. Career Prospects: The next benefit you get when you study in Italy is that you will increase your chances of earning high-level salaries. Italy is home to some of the best and most highly educated graduates in the world. Therefore, with your degree in hand, you will be ready to tackle whatever position you want in the corporate world.

With the kind of job market that exists today, students can expect attractive job offers from multi-national companies that prefer the students educated in developed countries and familiar with Western markets and cultures.

7. Study in Italy and Travel to Europe: For many students, studying in Italy is the best way to travel to other European countries like Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France etc. Furthermore, students who study in Italy also enjoy the hospitality, friendliness and comfortable environment that these cities provide.

List of Courses  & Universities

Italy offers some of the best courses ranging from certificate programs to doctoral programs. Italy houses some of the top Universities, including Europe’s oldest University. Classes are available in almost all streams. Listed below are the prestigious universities in Italy.

 study MBBS in Italy consultants Kerala

  1. Istituto Europeo di Design – IED, Milan
  2. Accademia Riaci, Florence
  3. Scuola Politecnica di Design – SPD, Milan
  4. Accademia di Costume e di Moda, Rome
  5. John Cabot University, Rome

Popular Courses in Italy

Certificate Programs

  • Fashion Technology Programs
  • Certificate Course in Nursing
  • Certificate Course in Design
  • Certificate course in Culinary Arts etc..

Bachelor Degree Programs

  • MBBS Degree Program
  • Bachelor in Digital Technology
  • Bachelor Degree in Design Technology
  • Bachelor Program in Fashion Technology
  •  BA in Interior Design
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor in Nursing
  • Bachelor in Architecture etc…

Master Degree Programs

  • Masters program in Interior Design
  • Masters program in Car and Transportation Design
  • Masters program in Fashion Design
  • Masters program in Hospitality Management
  • Masters program in Area & Cultural Studies
  • Masters program in Architecture
  • Masters program in International Relations
  • Masters program in Fashion Design in
  • Masters program in Business Administration etc.…

Research Programs in Italy

  • PhD in Economics
  • PhD in Food Engineering & Biotechnology
  • PhD in Architecture, Design and Planning
  • PhD in Environmental Life Sciences
  • PhD in Food Science
  • PhD in Computer Technology
  • PhD in Mountain Engineering
  • PhD in Law
  • PhD in Business Etc…

How to Study in Italy for Free?

Study in Italy is much cheaper than in other developed countries. The Italian Government offers various grants and scholarships to applicants from low-income group sections. If you want to know more about the Scholarships and Grants, please contact Studysure, the best Study in Italy Consultants in Kerala.

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