UK Immigration Consultants in Kerala

uk immigration consultants in Kerala

The United Kingdom has always been a dream country for people around the world, especially in India. The UK is now emerging as the most desired country for people looking for immigration in India. UK Immigration is not an easy task compared to the immigration policies of other countries like Canada and Australia. Still, there are options like the UK naturalization process for people who wish to migrate to the UK. If you are searching for UK Immigration details, contact Studysure, the leading UK Immigration Consultants in Kerala.

UK Immigration Highlights 

Permanent residence in the UK is a must for all the immigrants coming to the country based on either the Human Benefits Act or the EU citizenship status. Under the Human Benefits Act, it is the sponsor’s responsibility to provide the necessary social security needs to the immigrant. The provision of social security by the sponsor’s employer also provides the immigrant with the same rights and benefits available under the UK’s social security system.

UK Migration Options Under Social Security Scheme 

First Option.
Two important options are available for those migrating under the social security scheme of UK immigration. They are the self-sufficient alternative category and the dependent category. In order to qualify for the self-sufficient category, it is essential to have UK citizenship and the ability to sustain the basic needs for at least one year without relying on any other external support. An individual may also be eligible to apply for the dependent category if they have a dependent parent or any dependent who is economically vulnerable due to long-term sickness or disability.

uk immigration consultants in Kerala

Second Option.
On the contrary, for those migrating to the country based on indefinite leave to remain, they need to reach twenty-five years.The employer usually performs the social security test. However, some non-governmental organizations also conduct this test. This exam is basically about the applicant’s knowledge about UK laws, UK public policy, and UK immigration law. It requires applicants to demonstrate knowledge about UK employment law, UK company law, and UK company rules and regulations. This test is also used to assess the knowledge of the migrants on issues such as the English language and UK work regulations.

Thrid Option
The third option for those migrating to the UK under the social security scheme is sponsorship. If an employer or an organization sponsors an applicant, then they will not have to undergo the social security test. Sponsorship usually takes about six months or so, and after this period, the worker would have to apply for social insurance, and the process of claiming the UK immigration health surcharge begins.

Once the test has been cleared and the paperwork has been signed, the next step is for the migrants to apply for the new residence. The new residence card would be provided to the client after a fee is paid. In most cases, the fee is not required by the government. The private migration agency, however, collects the fee for providing the service and monitoring the application. The fee is then included in the monthly payments that the clients make for the service.

Final & Best Option for UK Immigration

The final and one of the easier routes to the UK for migrants is the Skilled Worker Visa or the UK sponsorship route. There are three main benefits for the employers who are looking to hire new workers for their companies.

First of all, they need workers for the UK economy to grow. Second, they need workers with skills that could help the UK economy grow, and third, the employers would like to save money in terms of employing workers from outside the UK. 

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Why People Prefer Skilled Worker Visa Option for UK Immigration?

These are the main reasons why employers prefer the skilled worker visa and the UK sponsorship route.

There are, however, many more facts and details that employers should consider. The main one that is quite important is that the UK immigration authorities have recently amended the UK Borders Act to allow the spouses of UK citizens to be eligible for the family life insurance benefits. This was previously not possible as it was previously believed that the spouses were not entitled to the benefits. However, according to the revised law, they are now eligible for the same benefits as the UK citizen spouses. This means that it is now easier for the spouses of UK citizens to avail themselves of the benefits that are meant for the whole family.

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Conclusion: We hope this article about UK Immigration has helped you. If you are searching for the best UK Immigration Consultants in Kerala Kochi, then contact us Now!

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