2 Year Nursing Programs in Canada for International Students

2 year Nursing Programs in Canada 2 Year Nursing Programs in Canada for International Students

For international students interested in pursuing a career in the nursing profession, several schools and universities in Canada offer different nursing colleges. The University of Toronto, for example, has a program that is recognized by the nursing council and is home to the graduate nursing program known as the Masters in Nursing. There is also the Charles Sturt University in Canada, a program recognized by the nursing council. Several other nursing colleges and universities in Canada offer 2-year nursing programs in Canada for international students. Because most of them have an on-campus presence, they provide job opportunities to students who complete these programs.

Requirement for Two Year Nursing Programs in Canada

The admission requirements to the 2-year nursing courses in Canada are different for each program. Students can expect to be admitted into one of the following programs: College/University- Based RN program, University-Based RN program, Hospitality Nursing Program, National Collaborative Research Centre (NCRC) and Canadian Nurses Professional Training Program. It is important for students who wish to enrol on these programs to ensure that they meet the admission requirements. These specializations, whether formal or non-formal, require the completion of an RN to BSN degree, including general nursing courses

Cost of  Two Year Nursing Programs in Canada

The cost of these courses is much cheaper than the cost of studying on one’s own. The costs of studying in Canada differ depending on the school, the province, and the tuition fees. For instance, in Ontario, many nursing colleges are offering BSN programs at different levels. Depending on the level of the BSN program, students may have tuition fees as low as $9000 per year. On the other hand, in Prince Edward Island, tuition fees are slightly higher. The cost of the 2-year nursing courses is relatively cheaper than the cost of different nursing programs.

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Specialized Nursing Programs

There are also nursing colleges in Canada that specialize in specific fields of nursing. An example of a school specializing in orthopedics is Prince Edward College. Here, students will learn about the spine and joint structures. Students who graduate and pass their MBNA (Master of Nursing Anesthetist) examination may specialize in orthopedics, endodontic, or pediatrics. Students who want to specialize can apply for such programs after their master’s studies. Such programs are a bit more costly than the other nursing colleges in Canada.

Some nursing colleges in Canada offer programs that enable one to complete a specific set of skills. These include subjects such as algebra or biology. Other subjects that can be completed are psychology, statistics, and business management. Upon completion of these programs, graduates can either apply for a job as a nurse practitioner or pursue various specializations.

2 Years Practical Nursing Programs in Canada for International Students.

2 year Nursing Programs in Canada

Practical nursing programs are among the best training programs to avail of in Canada if you want to become a Registered Nurse (RN). This two years practical nursing program prepares students to work as an RN and provide general care for individuals, communities, and the entire health care system. These programs include lectures, hands-on laboratory activities, and clinical practice. Students are also allowed to work and complete projects under the direction of faculty members who are professional nurses. 2 years practical nursing program is one of the best job-oriented nursing courses in Canada for international students.

The nursing programs are offered in all Canadian cities. They range from a one-year Practical Nursing Program offered at four-month intervals to a two-year Practical Nursing Registration Examination Program offered during the third year of study.

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Top Universities Offering 2 Year Nursing Courses in Canada

Several Canadian universities and colleges offer 2 Year Nursing programs. When choosing the right institution to study at, make sure you consider whether the course and program align with your career goals. Given below are the details of some of the best universities offering two-year nursing programs in Canada.

One of Canada’s many practical nursing programs is the University Of Toronto Master Of Nursing Degree. This full-time program takes about two years to complete. This program provides practical and clinical experience while students improve their nursing skills and learn about administrative and managerial issues, leadership qualities, patient care skills, basic anatomy and physiology, and ethics. This program aims to prepare students for positions in government and industry, specifically in nursing research and development, teaching nursing education, clinical practice in nursing facilities, and continuing nursing education.

There is an RN-to-RN degree program at the University of British Columbia that takes about three years to complete. It is a full-time program and students must have met all requirements to enrol.

This includes coursework in human development, biology, chemistry, English, math, and social work. It will also require students to take part in clinical practice in a local hospital. This program helps prepare students for jobs related to nursing research, nursing education, and nursing administration.

At Carleton University in Canada, there is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree program. This program enables students to specialize as Registered Nurse. It is a four-year program and takes about two years to complete. The coursework is general, although coursework in nursing ethics and psychology are specific requirements. Students who wish to become RNs can select to major in Nursing Studies, Nursing Practice, or Statistics.

At York University in Canada, there is a Master of Science in Nursing program that takes about three years to complete. The program enables students to specialize as an RN-BSN or Registered Nurse Practitioner. Students can choose to specialize in pediatrics, oncology, women’s health, acute care, critical care, or geriatrics. The coursework in clinical practice and nursing skills are specific requirements.

At Niagara University in Canada, a Doctor of Nursing Practice program takes about four years to complete. This program enables students to become Registered Nurse. There are no specific prerequisites to become a Registered Nurse. Students need to have completed all the basic requirements and be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN examination. The program helps students acquire clinical skills, nursing knowledge, interpersonal skills, and scientific knowledge.

In addition to the above programs, you can complete other programs that focus on particular areas of nursing, such as women’s health, acute care nursing, public health, and dental care. Some of these programs will take longer than others, depending on your own level of experience. Such programs may include onsite courses at hospitals or one-on-one consultations with Registered Nurses. You will be able to take credits towards your degree in various nursing programs and colleges in Canada.

Other Universities offering Two-Year Nursing Programs in Canada

At the University of Guelph, one of two campuses offers a program that is recognized by the nursing council. At the same time, Saint Mary’s University also offers a program recognized by the nursing council. At the University of British Columbia, there is an accelerated degree in nursing which is recognized by the nursing council.

At Prince George University campus, there is an accelerated degree in nursing (second year only) accredited by the nursing council. In addition to the universities mentioned above offering 2-year nursing programs in Canada for international students, some other colleges and universities offer similar programs. For instance, Niagara University offers a program that takes two years to complete and is recognized by the Canadian Nurses Association. At the same time, there is a program offered by the University of British Columbia. In addition, some colleges and universities are offering a non-academic program that allows international students to pursue two-year nursing programs in Canada.

Popular Nursing Programs

Many programs in Canada offer different lengths for international students. You can choose from diploma, graduate diploma and master’s levels of nursing programs in Canada. Below are some of the most popular nursing programs in Canada that last for two years.

  • Diploma in Practical Nursing
  • Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing
  • Master of Nursing
  • Master in Public Health Nursing
  • Master of Science in nursing Etc…

Topics of Nursing Courses

The majority of nursing subjects covered in the two-year nursing courses are related to the medical field by default. These subjects give students an introduction to medical concepts and processes. These skills can be used to aid doctors in surgical procedures and to help with minor injuries. These are some of the most common subjects in Nursing:

  • Mental health Nursing
  •  Human Anatomy and Physiology
  •  Psychiatric Nursing
  •  Surgical Nursing
  •  Midwifery and Gynecology
  •  Pediatric Nursing
  •  Oncology Nursing
  •  Community Health Nursing Etc..

Practical Nursing Program Eligibility Criteria

The practical nursing programs in Canada are available to those that have completed all the requirements to enter this program. Nurses with at least a diploma and two years of experience working as an assistant to nurses or as a registered nurse can apply for admission into any of the fifteen approved practical nursing programs in Canada. Nurses can complete their program in one of three ways – at institutions accredited by the Registered Nurses Program of Canada (RNP) or at one of the fifteen participating institutions that are part of the Canadian Health Services Commission (CHS).

Students interested in pursuing a career as a nurse must be familiar with the requirements for entry to Canada. There are many levels of nursing programs available in Canada, so the requirements for each program differ. Given below are some guidelines to follow.

  • Candidates must have completed 10 + 2 years of formal education to be eligible for diploma and bachelor’s-level courses. Must have studied Science subjects and score minimum marks required from a recognized institution.
  • Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, BSc Nursing, General Nursing Diploma or another relevant field to qualify for Master’s or Graduate Diplomas.
  • Valid scores in English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL etc

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Career Options after 2 Year Nursing Course in Canada

Nursing is a popular and promising career choice. Nursing is often ranked among the top career options. A nursing qualification will allow you to work in the highly regarded medical and healthcare sector. The degree or diploma you have earned will determine whether or not you can be a nurse or a head nurse. A Special Nurse can be employed in areas such as psychiatric, neurosurgery, mother and child care, or neurosurgery. You can pursue advanced nursing courses such as a Masters in Nursing or a PhD in Nursing. You can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to enter academia by completing a degree in higher education.

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