Senior Carer Visa UK from India Requirements & Senior Carer Jobs

The Government of the UK has introduced a healthcare visa category for medical professionals, especially nurses and other skilled professionals with working knowledge of English, to take care of its senior citizen known as Senior Carer Visa UK. Senior Carer Visa UK allows visa holders to stay and work in the UK directly with NHS Hospitals, Nursing Homes, or Private Health Care setups.  You can read more about the Senior Carer Jobs in UK, Sponsorship, and requirements for Visa in this article.

Scope of UK Senior Carer Visa 

The senior carer visa provides fast-track entry for healthcare professionals to legally enter and work in the UK without too many hurdles. The low visa charges and family visa status are the other attractions of the UK Senior Carer Visa  As the UK is facing an acute shortage of senior caregivers, the Senior Care Worker category is now included in the shortage occupation list by the UK Government.

Role of Senior Care Workers

Senior care workers are mainly responsible for patient care and supervise care workers and other lower-level staff of the health setup. They need to take care of elderly patients and provide their support. Senior care workers are employed in nursing homes, hospitals, daycare centres, or the home of elderly patients. Senior Care workers are required to assist people who are old and disabled with support and care requirements. They also should ensure the daily medications of the patients, follow the prescriptions, and administer the medicines as per the requirements. Above all, senior caregivers should be empathetic to older adults, be patient, and have a helping mentality.

Senior Care Nurse Job in UK

There are several job openings for Senior Care Nurse Jobs in the UK for GNM and BSc Nurses from India. Senior Care Nurse’s job includes supporting and caring for older people living in care homes across the UK. GNM nurses applying for Senior Care Nurse Jobs require IELTS UKVI 4 or 5 bands, and BSc nurses can apply for senior care nurse jobs without ILETS, but they need to submit the UK NARIC that certifies their qualification is equivalent to the UK qualification.

Senior Carer Visa UK

Senior Carer Jobs in UK (Health & Care Visa Job Categories)

If you are searching for Senior Carer jobs in UK, the table below will help you find the categories and code of the Senior Carer Jobs in UK.

Job Code Job Categories
1241 Domiciliary & Day Care
2219 Other Health Care Workers
3219 Unlisted Health care Workers
6141 Nursing Assistants and Auxiliary workers
6146 Senior Care Workers

Benefits of UK Senior Carer Visa

  • 5 Years Visa
  • Qualified nurses can become Registered Nurses after achieving the required IELTS Score.
  • Only Working knowledge of English is required
  • Health Surcharges Exemption  for applicant and dependants
  • Low Visa Application Fee
  • Quick Visa Process
  • Career Growth
  • Family & Dependents are eligible for Visa
  • Permanent Settlement Option (Indefinite leave to remain’) after 5 Years on meeting other requirements

UK Senior Carer Visa  from India Requirements   

Below are the UK senior carer visa requirements for candidates from India

  • GNM/BSc Nurses and other qualified Health care professionals
  • Experience in the Health care field
  • A Senior Carer job offer from a UK Healthcare setup
  • Sponsorship Certificate from a UK Employer with job details like salary, place of job, etc
  • Able to communicate in English.
  • UKVI Band 5 for GNM Nurses from India.
  • UK NARIC Certificate for BSC/Other Graduates
  • Minimum salary offer letter from the employer  ( Minimum £6.67 per hour))
  • The UK employer should explain the applicant’s eligibility criteria for the Senior Carer Visa category.

Please Contact us for the details of Job offer and Sponsorhsip Certficate from UK

Language Requirements for Applicants from India

Indian applicants have to produce proof of having achieved any of the below English language proficiency levels

  • IELTS test with at least 5bands for diploma holders
  • No IELTS required for candidates with degree or higher level qualification in English medium
  • UK NARIC Equivalency Certificate (For Degree Holders Only)


What is UK NARIC?

UK NARIC is the official agency of the UK responsible for the recognition assessment of qualifications and skills of applicants from outside the UK. The applicants who have completed their degree in English medium must apply to UK NARIC for an equivalency certificate. Diploma and other Non Degree applicants do not require UK NARIC Certificate.

UK NARIC Application Procedure

UK Visa Applicants can apply for UK NARIC by following the steps below.

  • Visit the official website of UK NARIC given below.
  • Create an account and log in
  • Upload your bachelor’s degree certificate, Transcript, and a certificate showing the medium of instruction
  • Make the payment
  • Submit the application

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Documents Required for Applying for UK Senior Carer Visa

  • A Valid Passport
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Educational Certificates
  • Work Experience Details
  • Employer and Sponsorship Documents, including license number
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Tuberculosis Certificate
  • Educational certificate showing medium of instruction
  • Proof of fund to meet your expense in the UK – (Applicable for Partially sponsored Applicants)
  • Proof of minimum salary offered by the employer
  • Job details like Job code, Salary and other details.
Validity of the Senior Health Care Visa UK

The Senior Health Care Visa UK is valid for a maximum period of 5 years and can be further extended with the employer’s consent. After completing five years in the UK, the Senior Caretaker visa holders will be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) if they meet the other requirements required for permanent settlement in the UK. If the senior care assistants want to change jobs or employers, the same should be updated in their Visa.

Permanent Residency Options

Candidates who hold a work permit for senior carers in the UK can apply for UK Permanent Residency after meeting other PR eligibility criteria. The primary requirement to apply for the PR is completing five years in the UK.

How to extend UK Senior Carer Visa?

UK Senior Health Care Visa holders can extend their stay in UK in many ways. One way is to apply for an extension before your current Visa expires. You will need to meet the exact requirements as when you first applied for the Visa, and you will need to provide evidence that you are still working as a senior carer. Another way to extend your stay is to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) once you have lived and worked in the UK for five years. You will need to pass a Life in the UK test and show that you have been employed as a senior carer for at least two years. Finally, you may be able to apply for citizenship in the UK after completing these formalities.

Senior Carer Visa UK Sponsorship

A sponsorship letter from a UK employer with details of the job, salary, place of posting, minimum salary offered to the applicant etc., is mandatory to apply for the UK Senior Carer Visa. The Minimum wage should not be less than £6.67 per hour. The sponsorship certificate should mention the senior carer’s job profile, and the UK Home office should approve the letter. After getting a job offer and sponsorship letter, the candidate can apply for the UK Senior Carer Visa through the UK embassy or consulates in their home country. For UK Visa Extension details, visit UK health care worker visa website given below. Please contact us for more details about UK Senior Carer Visa Sponsorhip 

Senior Carer Visa  UK- FAQ

1.How can I obtain a Senior care visa?
Candidates applying for the UK senior carer visa must have obtained a Job offer and a certificate of sponsorship from a licensed UK employer with details of the job, salary, and other details.

2. What is the IELTS category required to get a UK senior carer visa?
UK Senior carer applicants need to have UKVI IELTS with a minimum score of 4 and above.

3.Is OET accepted for Senior care visas in the UK?
Yes, The OET is accepted for UK Senior Carer Visa.

4.Who is eligible to apply for carer visas in UK?
To apply for a UK Carer visa, the applicant should be a qualified nurse, health professional or social care worker.

 5. What is the average salary of Senior Care givers in the UK?
Senior care workers in the UK are paid around £ 11.30 an hour.

6.What is the IELTS score requirement for a senior carer job in the UK? 

For a Senior Carer visa, applicants must have an IELTS band score from 4.0 to 5.0. Applicants with a degree in English medium can apply for UK Carer Visa without the IELTS.

7.What are the working hours of senior care workers in the UK?
Senior caregivers are expected to work 8 to 10 hours a day, but it can vary depending on the nature care job.

8. Is there any difference between Senior Care Assistant and a senior health assistant?
The term health care assistant is typically related to care workers working in NHS hospitals and Trusts. In contrast, “care assistant” is generally used for those working in care homes and private care facilities.


How Can We Help you to get a UK Senior Care Visa?

We are one of the best Senior Care Visa UK Agencies in Kerala, Kochi, that understand your needs and will guide you through the process of UK senior care visa sponsorship and visa formalities. We offer a wide range of services for candidates looking for a senior care worker visa UK and a Senior Health care visa UK. We are an agency that provides all support for the senior care worker visa UK application and guidance for Senior Care visa interviews.

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