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An experience certificate is issued to teachers working under any organization as a way of acknowledging their skill and effort. The Certificate of Teaching Experience shows the individual’s experience in the field of Teaching. Teaching expereince certificates are usually similar and do not vary with subjects taught like Geography, Physics, English Environmental Studies, and Mathematics etc. There is no significant change in the certificate production based on the title conferred like Assistant Professor, Senior Lecturer, Guest Lecturer and various other related positions in the field of Teaching.

School Teacher Experience Certificate Format

The educational institutions issue the experience Certificates on their official letterhead. Interestingly, these certificates no way differ from any other documents that are common in office life. Teaching experience certificates usually comprise of necessary work details like the years of experience, subjects taught and the teacher’s attitude towards the students. The making of School Teacher experience certificates is quite simple as compared to the processing of other formal documents.

 How to proceed with a formal experience letter?

The letter of experience should mention the details like work span, Subject and a small note on experience in the first introductory paragraph.  The next sets of short paragraphs include the evaluation of the overall performance. Conclude the letter with a complimentary statement/valediction.

Details to be mentioned in the School Teacher Working Certificate

There are some key points to be remembered while writing a formal letter of experience for any educational organization.

  • The language and tone of writing should be formal.
  • Use easily understandable words and phrases to avoid complexity.
  • The letter format needs to be kept perfect.
  • Make it short and precise, encapsulating all the required information for your dream job.
  • All the personal information, including your name, address and the subjects in which you have proven expertise.
  • The quality of your Teaching, as well as how far your students have benefited needs to be made clear.
  • The Certificate can also mention an abridged report of teacher’s behavior and the value she/he exhibits.
  • Any specializations mastered by the candidate during the work tenure are bonus factors to be included.
  • The years of work experience, along with its start and release dates must be mentioned on the Certificate.

School Teacher Experience Certificate –Template 

Writing an experience letter is as simple as composing any letter. Given below are two samples for a clear perception of a formal teaching experience letter.

School Teacher Experience Certificate –Template

                                           “To Whom It May Concern.”

This is to certify that Mrs X, D/O (Date of Birth and Parent’s name) has been mentoring the students of our institution (Campus name and address) for “this Period” years from (date) to (date). She has been teaching “subject” (Subject name: Hindi, Tamil, Chemistry and other) to classes XXX (Standards). Mrs X has taken a keen interest in providing enough knowledge to the student community in an amicable manner.

Her teaching style always had the grit to offer the best way to understand concepts and cater to the intellectual needs of pupils. Her general behavior with the students and other staff members was commendable.

We are glad to notice her consistent growth during this period, and we hope she will never cease to grow in her career.

We, from our institute, wish Mrs X all the success for a bright future.

Place                                                                               Sincere Regards,
Date                                                                                 Principal

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Teacher Working Certificate –Template 

                                                 “To Whom It May Concern.”

It is hereby certified that Mr X (Teacher Name) has served (Institute Name) as a teacher of (Subject Name) from (Date) to (Date). He/She has a jovial personality and excellent administrative skills, which is highly valued by our institution (Work expertise and relevant qualities). He is very adaptable and depicts good gestures. He has been very supportive of all social activities, especially those involving special children.

He is a man of extraordinary human resource potential, a keen observer and a committed teacher. I can vouch that he will be a real asset to any institute.

This Teacher Working Certificate is being issued at the request of (Teacher Name).

Place                                                                          Sincere Regards,
Date                                                                                Principal

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Experience Certificate- FAQ

1.Can I mention any specialization done during my job tenure?
Yes, you may specify any relevant skills acquired or courses completed during work.

2.Do college experience letters have the same letter format?
Yes, this letter format is applicable for School/college or any educational organization.

3.Where can I get the experience certificate?
You may write to the Principal of the institution you previously worked in requesting a letter of teaching experience.

Application Letter for Experience Certificate -Sample

The Principal,
Name of the School,
School Address.

Subject: Application for the issuance of Experience Certificate


This is to state that I am (Name of the Teacher) and have worked as (Name of the Subject) in your esteemed organization since (Mention the joining date) to (Mention the last working day). Working in your institution was rewarding and has added tremendous value to my career. Now I require an experience certificate for my future endeavor. Hence I request you to issue my experience certificate at the earliest.

Place                                                                         Yours Faithfully
Date                                                                          Name of Teacher


Conclusion:  We hope the information on Certificate of Teaching Experience and Teacher Working Certificate has been useful to you. If you require any assistance please contact us through the comment box below. We will be happy to assist you.

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