APS Germany Certificate Payment India (APS for Germany Students Visa)

The Academic Evaluation Center, better known as APS Certification, checks the authenticity of the educational and related certificates of students wishing to study in Germany. The APS certification (“Akademische Prüfstelle”) is mandatory for students who have obtained educational qualifications from India, Nepal, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, etc.  Here you can learn about APS Germany Certificate, APS Payment and the requirement of APS certificate for Indian students to study in Germany and other details about German APS in India.

What is the purpose German APS certificate?

APS Germany has established the APS certification process for Indian students wanting to study there. The APS certification proves that the student’s qualifications meet German university standards. You must submit copies of the certificates on the APS German Indian website. In short, APS certificate is mandatory for Indian students to study in Germany.

Who Issues APS Germany Certificate in India?

The APS certification process is managed by the German Embassy in India and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Who Needs APS Certificate?

Do all Indian students planning to study in Germany require the APS certification? Or only those studying specific subjects, like medicine, engineering, and computer science, due to the field’s competitiveness in Germany, need it.? As per the latest updates from the APS center, all students, irrespective of the subjects, must produce the APS certificates for student visa approval from the 2023 winter admission in German universities.  So, remember:Just speaking German or English and getting good grades will not secure your German student visa for Indians any more.

APS Germany Certificate

APS requirements for Indian students planning to study in Germany

Indian students wanting to study in Germany must obtain an APS Certificate; “Akademische Prüfstelle” translates to “Academic Evaluation Centre.” It confirms the student’s qualifications meet the German universities’ standards.

Why Germany made APS Certificate compulsory for Indian students to study in Germany?

Germany now requires Indian students to get an APS certification before studying there.Germany wants to ensure Indian students are up to par – that’s why the APS Certificate is mandatory!

The demand for free German education increases yearly due to affordable education and quality. According to the Economic Times, 17,000 Indian students enrolled in German universities in 2020, despite the pandemic’s travel restrictions. So, take advantage of this – get your APS certification!

What is the APS Certification Cost in India?
  • The payment for APS in India is Rs- 18000 for APS Certification of up to 5 Certificates.
  • Additional Certificates – Rs 500/for each
How to apply for APS certification?

Indian students dreaming of studying in Germany must apply for APS certification process!

  • Check the German APS Indiawebsite  https://aps-india.de
  • Download APS form and enter all details . The link is given below
  • Make the APS payment online (INR 18000 for a maximum of 5 certificates and Rs 500 for additional certificates.)
  • Send the photocopies of the documents (In color -size A4) to the APS India office address or by a person. Address given below.
  • APS will start the verification process
  • Once the verification is completed, the APS certificates will be mailed and also by courier to the applicants.
Bank Account Details for APS Payment:

Account Holder: Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany – Wiss Account Number: 0946426766 Name of Bank: Kotak Mahindra Bank IFSC Code: KKBK0000182

Germany APS Certificate – Brief Details
Items Details
Name of the Certificate APS Certificate
Purpose Authenticity check of the certificates
APS Authority APS India
APS Certificate Payment Rs 18000
Duration 15 days to 1 Month
Type of Documents Required for APS Only copies of certificates
APS India Website https://aps-india.de
  • Fee for Extra Certificate: Rs -500 each
  • Time Duration: 2 weeks to 1 month
  • Mode of Payment- Online

Pro Tip: Double-check that authorized officials attest all documents and are error-free. APS certification is mandatory for getting admission to German universities from 2023..

Importance of APS certification for Indian students planning to study in Germany

Germany is a top study destination for Indian students wanting higher education abroad. It is famous for free, world-class education and infrastructure. But getting accepted for a course can be challenging. From 2023, you need a good grade plus an APS certificate to get admission to German universities. This assures German authorities that your qualifications meet their standards and establish the authenticity of your educational certificates. It also removes doubts about eligibility criteria.

From 2023, the APS certificate will become mandatory for all German university study programs. The APS makes the visa process smoother and stops under qualified and fraudulent candidates from getting admission to German universities without meeting entry requirements.

So, if you plan to study in Germany, you must have anAPS certificate. It mandates documents like attested mark sheets/transcripts, degree certificates, etc., to show equivalence with German education standards.

Documents Required for Verification for APS (For Graduates and Post Graduates)
  • Copies of Degree/ Masters certificates and transcripts
  • All semester mark lists of Degrees/Masters
  • Copies of Provisional Degree/Masters, if not original, not issued
  • Signed APS Application form with a latest passport-size photo
  • Copy of APS fee receipt
  • Copy of 1st and Last page of Passport
  • Copies of the 12th certificate and mark sheets
  • Copy of 12th Admit card (Optional)
  • Aadhar card copy
  • The mobile number linked to Aadhar
  • Copies of German/English Language certificates

  •  What is Germany APS certificate?
    APS certification is a mandatory document required by Indian students who wish to study in Germany. It is issued by APS – Academic Evaluation Centre India and proves the genuinity of your educational certificates.
  • What are the APS requirements?
    You must provide copies of your original educational certificates to obtain APS certification.
  • Why did Germany make APS mandatory for Indian students?
    Germany made APS certification mandatory for Indian students to ensure that students who apply for higher education in Germany meet the required academic and language proficiency standards. It also serves to verify the authenticity of educational certificates issued in India.
  • How long does it take to obtain APS certificate?
    According to the admission seasons and rush, the APS certification process can take several weeks or even months. Start the process well before German universities close the admission.
  • Is APS certification required for all courses and universities in Germany?
    APS certification is mandatory for Indian students applying for university admission from the winter session of 2023.
  • What happens if I still need to get APS certification?
    You must have APS certification to approve your admission and student visa. Therefore, obtaining APS certification before applying for admission is recommended to avoid disappointment.
  • Who is exempted from TestAS?
    TestAS is not required for those who have cleared JEE Main and advanced exams.
  • Do Copies of Documents Need Notary Attestation for APS?
    Documents that are translated into English from other languages are required notary attestation. Attestation is optional for English documents.
  • What is the validity of APS certification?
    APS certification is valid for a lifetime.
  • What is the validity of the APS certification of provisional certificates?
    The APS certification of provisional certificates will be valid for one year only.
  • Where can I send the documents for APS verification?
    You can send the documents by courier or handover to APS Delhi office, Gate No. 3, DLTA Complex, R.K. Khanna Stadium, 110029 Delhi,
  • Will I get a refund if I cancel my APS verification process?
    No. APS fee will not be refunded.
  • What exactly are the requirements for APS Verification?
    For APS certification, the photocopies of the documents should be in A-4 size in color.
  • Is APS Certification mandatory for joining German language courses in Germany?
    No, APS certification is not required for studying German language courses.
  • Should I apply to the University for Admission or apply for the APS first?
    Sometimes the APS process can take time, so it is always better to go for the APS certification first before applying to Universities in Germany.
  • Who is exempted from APS certification for studying in Germany?
    The students with sponsorship or EU/German scholarships are exempted from APS certification.
  • Is APS required for language certificates?
    APS certificates are not mandatory for language certificates. But students can submit these for APS verification if they wish.
  • How Will I get the APS certification?
    The APS certificates will be mailed to the successful candidates.
  • How can check the APS status of my certificates?
    To check APS status, visit the APS website in India, then click on the “My Account” section.
  • What If my documents are found not genuine?
    Fake certificate holders will not be eligible to apply for APS certification in the future.

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