Germany Ausbildung Agencies in Kerala India

Germany Ausbildung Agencies in Kerala Germany Ausbildung Agencies in Kerala India

In Germany, Ausbildung (Vocational Training) education provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary for working in the modern economy. Ausbildung training programs are available in schools, technical colleges, and other institutions. Ausbildung or Vocational training program typically lasts 3-4 years, depending on the type of training program. It is open to anyone wanting to pursue a German workforce career. It offers a wide range of options for those looking to better their career opportunities by learning skill training. Read more about Germany Ausbildung agencies in Kerala and details of vocational training programs in Germany.

Free Vocational Training Programs in Germany

In Germany, several free vocational training programs can provide you with the skills and education you need to get a job. Ausbildung is one such program. This program offers courses and workshops to help you develop skills in various areas. Unlike the regular university programs, the German Ausbildung program is free in all aspects, and students are paid around EUR 1000/month every month.

Benefits of Ausbildung Programs in Germany

Ausbildung in Germany can provide you with the skills and experience you need to find a job in today’s competitive economy. With over 100 vocational schools and colleges that offer courses in various industries, you’re sure to find the right program for your needs. With an extensive network of providers, there is no need to be restricted by geographical boundaries. German Vocational Schools are renowned for their quality programs, which can lead to a successful career in any field immediately after completing the training programs. You can also find out about available jobs in Germany through Ausbildung’s website or local job fairs.

Below are the significant benefits of German Ausbildung Programs

  • Job-Oriented Training Program
  • No Tuition Fees
  • Monthly Stipend (Approx EUR 1000/month)
  • Skilled Training Program
  • Immediate Job prospects after course completion
  • Non- EU students can apply
  • Get on-the-job experience.
  • Most of the students are absorbed by the companies
  • A bank Deposit or Show money is not required for Visa for Ausbildung.

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Requirements for Ausbildung Prgorams from India

The requirements for Ausbildung in Germany are different according to the programs. Below are the General requirements for all programs

  • B1 or B2 Level German Language Proficiency
  • Passed 12thAge below 26 Years

Germany Ausbildung Agencies in Kerala

Language Requirements
Ausbildung applicants from India should have B1 or B2 Level Language Proficiency in German.

Students are paid around 1000 EUR/per month

Ausbildung Course Free
There is no course fee for this program. It is a free program.

Ausbildung Courses

Course Duration
3 to 4 Years

Visa Process
Ausbildung applicants from India require Visa to join the training program. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and language requirements can apply for Visa through VFS.

How to apply for Ausbildung?

To apply for the Ausbildung program, you must be at least 16 years old and have passed the 12th class. To apply for the Ausbildung, you will also need to have a German language certificate or take a language course in India according to the German standards (German Language Test). You can apply online or contact us for assistance if you meet the eligibility criteria. We will arrange an online interview with the companies providing Ausbildung programs if you meet the language requirements and other criteria. The application process for the students who clear the online interview will begin, and they can apply for the Visa according to the admission intake.

Job Prospects after completing Ausbildung in Germany

The Ausbildung, which is the German term for an apprenticeship, is a training system that combines practical and theoretical training. The apprenticeship system in Germany was established as an alternative to university education. It provides an opportunity for young people to learn a trade or profession and also allows them to get on-the-job experience.

Apprenticeships are not only for blue-collar jobs. There are many examples of internships in white-collar professions such as Information Technology (IT) Specialists, Engineering, etc.

Germany offers many opportunities for those who want to gain skills in their chosen profession and have the chance to work abroad or return home with new qualifications. Unlike other study programs, Ausbildung programs are job oriented and offer an immediate job after completing the training.

Documents Required for Visa
  • Passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • German language proficiency certificate
  • 12th Certificate
  • All documents translated in to German

Ausbildung Germany- FAQ

  • Does a Blocked account required for Ausbildung?
    No, Blocked account and Back balance statements (show money) are not required for Ausbildung programs, as students are paid monthly stipends.
  • Can Indian students apply for Ausbildung in Germany?
    Yes, students from all countries, including India, are eligible to apply for the Ausbildung programs in Germany. Indian students must have a minimum B1 or B2 proficiency in German.
  • What is the German proficiency level required for Ausbildung?
    The Ausbildung program is open to students from all countries. International students require a B1 or B2 level German knowledge to get admission to the Ausbildung programs. Ausbildung programs in Nursing and other medical programs require a minimum B2 level in German.
  • Are Ausbildung students get a stipend in Germany?
    Yes. Ausbuildung students are paid between 800- to 1300 Euros/Month. Some companies provide additional benefits like accommodation etc.
  • Is Ausbildung a degree or Diploma?
    Ausbildung is a job-oriented professional training program where students attend theory and practical classes. It is a skills training program that prepares students for the job market immediately after completing the training program.
  • How long is the Ausbildung Program?
    The Ausbildung program takes 3 to 4 years.
  • What is the difference between Ausbildung and Degree Programs offered by the Universities in Germany?
    An Ausbildung g program is job-oriented skill training to learn a particular profession focusing on practical training. In contrast, university programs are not skill-based programs. The Ausbildung program is free, with a stipend, whereas Private University programs are paid.

Why are we the best Ausbildung Agency in Kerala, India?

As the best German Ausbildung Agency in Kerala in India, We brief the students interested in joining the German Ausbildung program with all aspects and requirements, including the visa formalities, and provide German language Training programs. We also support students in Germany by assisting with accommodation, pick-up, and other support. If you are looking for a trusted German Ausbildung Consultants in Kochi Kerala, contact us for more details about the German apprenticeship program (vocational training).

For more details Send your Enquiry OR Call /Whatsapp 9947320299 (Sanoj Abraham)


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