PhD in Linguistics in India

Linguistics is the analytical & scientific study of human language. It deals with language analysis in core aspects like diachronic, morphology, phonetics, pragmatics, typology, semantics, syntax, etc. These aspects are related to various perspectives of human language, including sound, gesture, words, meaning, and morphemes, sentences, phrases, and use. It is also an investigative study of how language has developed over the centuries and how people’s knowledge is acquired by people, especially children. It studies how the acquired knowledge of language interacts with brain activity, how language knowledge is different for different geographies, and how to model this language analytically. This article will explore PhD in Linguistics in India admission, Entrance Test and other details.

Linguists are individuals who have their academic background or professional background in the field of linguistics. Linguists develop and test various scientific & analytical hypotheses in the field of linguistics. The studies are based on research, mathematical analysis, statistical analysis, logical formalism, and others. If you are intrigued by the field of linguistics, you should surely opt for a Ph.D. in Linguistics.

PhD in Linguistics in India- Highlights

Ph.D. in Linguistics is the highest academic degree that can be obtained in the field of linguistics. It is a research-oriented doctoral course for three years to five years that can be studied after obtaining a master’s degree in a relevant field from a government-recognized university. PhD in Linguistics in India can be pursued in either a part-time format or a full-time format and is offered by some of the top universities in India, including the University of Delhi, Centre for Linguistics(JNU, New Delhi), Calcutta University, Department of Linguistics(BHU, Varanasi), Aligarh Muslim University, Jadavpur University, and others. Pursuing a Ph.D. in linguistics will be a good option for you if you hold your master’s degree in a field that is related to linguistics.

PhD in Linguistics in India

It will help you to enhance your knowledge & skills and also open up various career prospects in the future. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a doctoral course pursued by students who have completed their master’s degree from a government-recognized university.

Course Duration

Its duration is three years to 5 years, and it requires the student to conduct individual research. Based on the research, the student has to submit his/ her thesis to the university. He/ she is awarded a Ph.D. degree based on the thesis submitted. So, if you decide to pursue a PhD in linguist, In that case, you will have to conduct individual research on a topic related to linguistics under the guidance of the Guide allotted by the university. There are various research topics in the field of linguistics, both in the core field and the development field.

Why Should You Pursue Ph.D. in Linguistics?

As mentioned above, while pursuing a PhD in linguistics, you will be able to enhance your skills & knowledge and ultimately land a high-paying job. Along with that, there are various other benefits of studying PhD in linguistics. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • You will get exposure to analytical study, practical application, creative thinking, interdisciplinary learning methods, application of AI/ ML in linguistics & language, and other techniques in the field of linguistics.
  • While pursuing the degree, you will get a chance to study various topics related to linguistics and conduct research based on your interest.
  • You will get the chance to collaborate with various industry experts and academic experts while pursuing a PhD in linguistics.
  • If your research is based on a foreign language, you can get a chance to visit a foreign country in a student exchange program.
  • You will get various career prospects after obtaining a PhD in linguists. The average pay scale of a linguistics expert holding a PhD is about ₹ 40,000 monthly.
  • Government agencies tend to hire translators who hold a PhD in linguistics. If you wish to work as a translator in a government agency, you should opt for a PhD in linguistics. It is a very admirable job with a good salary, and you will also get a chance to travel to various countries.
  • You will also get many opportunities in foreign organizations if your area of research during your PhD is based on a foreign language.
  • If you want to dive deep into the research sector of language, you will find many opportunities after you obtain a Ph.D. in linguistics.
  • You can apply to work as a professor/ associate professor/ assistant professor in linguistics in a reputed university in India or abroad.
  • If you are already teaching linguistics in a college or university, you can easily get a promotion after you have obtained a PhD in linguistics.

Top Universities in India 

Mentioned below are a few of the top universities in India that offer a PhD in Linguistics:

  • Delhi University.
  • The University of Calcutta.
  • Centre for Linguistics (JNU, New Delhi).
  • Department of Linguistics (BHU, Varanasi).
  • Jadavpur University.
  • Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.
  • Aligarh Muslim University.
  • Kerala University, Thiruvananthapuram.


If you wish to pursue a PhD in linguistics, you will have to fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

  • You should have completed a full-time bachelor’s degree from a government-recognized university.
  • You should have a full-time master’s degree (M.A./ M.Sc./ M.Phil./ MTech.) in a relevant field related to linguistics or language from a government authorized university.
  • You should have scored at least 55% marks in your post-graduation. If you belong to the reserved category (SC/ ST/ OBC), you will get either a 5% relaxation or a 10% relaxation depending on various universities.
  • You need to clear an entrance exam as mandated by various universities. Some of the entrance tests are UGC NET, UGC JRF, BHU-RET, DUET, JU Entrance Test, etc.
  • Some universities may also require you to have work experience in a field related to linguistics and language.

(Note: The eligibility criteria of various universities differ from each other. It is advised that you check the eligibility details on the university’s official website before applying).


The average course fee for pursuing a PhD in linguistics is about ₹ 5,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 annually. As every university has a different fee structure, you should check the fee structure before applying.

Research Topics

While you are pursuing your PhD in linguistics, you will have to perform individual research on a topic related to linguistics and language. Some of the most sought-after research topics in the field of linguistics are mentioned below:

  • Morphology.
  • Phonetics.
  • Application of AI/ ML in Language & Linguistics.
  • Sentiment Analysis.
  • Pragmatics.
  • Phonology.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • Typology.
  • Semantics.
  • Lexicography.
  • Syntax.
  • Historical Linguistics.
  • Philosophy of language.

Admission Process 

If you are looking to pursue a PhD in linguistics from a reputed university in India, you should follow the admission process mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Visit the university’s official website where you seek to apply and get all the required information.
  • Step 2:Fill the application form of the university on its official website and make sure you submit all the details correctly.
  • Step 3: You will have to appear for an entrance test and clear it. The university mandates the entrance test.
  • Step 4: Once you have cleared the entrance test, the university will call you for an academic interview at the university.
  • Step 5: The selection is based on your performance in the entrance exam and the academic interview.
  • Step 6: If you are selected, the university will send an invitation letter.

(Note: The admission process for all the universities might be slightly different. So, it is advised that you check the admission procedure on the university’s official website before applying).

Entrance Exams

Mentioned below are some of the entrance exams for PhD in linguistics. Along with the entrance exam, the names of the universities that conduct the entrance are also mentioned. It is advised to check the official website of the university that you are applying to.

Entrance Exam University
UGC NET The majority of universities in India.
UGC JRF The majority of universities in India.
BHU-RET Banaras Hindu University
DUET Delhi University
JU Entrance Test Jadavpur University
JNUEE JNU, New Delhi
AMU Ph.D. Admission Test Aligarh Muslim University

Career Options 

After obtaining a PhD in linguistics, you can expect to receive a salary range of INR 8,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 annually. If you get placed in a foreign organization, you may receive more than 20 LPA packages. Some of the future career prospects after obtaining a Ph.D. in linguistics are mentioned below:


Job Profile Average Salary
Translator 4 LPA
Translator for a Government Organisation 5 LPA
Audiologist 4 LPA
Lexicographer 6 LPA
Broadcaster 5 LPA
University Associate Professor 6 LPA
Psycholinguist 7 LPA
Language Analyst 7 LPA


Conclusion: We hope you have this article about PhD in Linguistics in India and related information.

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