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Distance education has become a vital aspect of today’s world of education. It has become the most sought after avenue of raising your salary or increasing your qualification. Various distance courses are available across India in multiple levels such as:

  • Secondary
  • Higher secondary
  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • PhD
  • Certificate courses

When it comes to completing a course with other obligations in life, distance learning is the best option. PhD by distance education in India can be obtained by applying to colleges that offer distance education Doctor of Philosophy degree.

PhD in Distance Education in India

PhD through distance education is gaining importance among the research scholars who could not pursue higher studies due to work pressure or some other reasons. Many people have the wrong idea that distance education does not involve teachers, and students need not go to schools or colleges. The idea is wrong.

In distance education, a student need not be physically present in the classroom. However, he or she may have to attend daily classes on her laptop or mobile phone at a particular time. These classes are conducted online by experienced teachers or by electronic presentations that are made for a clear understanding of the subjects. So, it is wrong to say that distance education does not involve teachers.

PhD by Distance Education in India

Moreover, sometimes a student may need to attend classes on special days for particular reasons. Some of them may be:

  • Doubt clearing
  • Repetition of chapters already taught
  • Face to face interactions
  • Examination

The system of distance education that requires students to visit the school on particular days is called the Hybrid system of distance learning. It is a fact that most of the reputed universities in India offer only full-term and part-time PhD programs, but some universities like Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open Universities (YCMOU) and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) still offer the PhD through distance education in India.

In the year 1840, England introduced uniform postage rates across the country. Sir Isaac Pitman, the pioneer of short-hand writing and stenography, took up this opportunity and started sending his courses to his students through mails. His mails contained exercises that were to be mailed back to him so that he could correct them. Thus the foundation of distance learning was laid, and the world was waiting to see a revolution in the field of education.

Later, important universities like the University of London started preaching through a distance correspondence course. The system chartered by the Queen herself had meritorious members coming from less affluent backgrounds to undergo further education and establish themselves in society.

Who Should Opt for PhD Through Distance Education in India?

Distance education has been changing lives for quite some years. Nowadays, even after a hard day of a full-time job, one can enjoy the comfort of his or her home and complete his Ph.D. course. PhD by distance education has broken the normal stereotype and has allowed different candidates coming from different backgrounds to opt for a Doctor of Philosophy, which seemed very far-fetched and difficult earlier.

Moreover, it has been noted that when a man enters his corporate life, he tends to move away from his studies due to workload. For a woman, it is widely seen as soon as she gets married and becomes a housewife; the burden of family life makes it difficult for her to continue her studies.

A working individual under no circumstances can attend daily classes in a university or a college. Moreover, most classes are during the morning, which also happens to be the peak working hour in most offices. However, a PhD candidate who is applying for a job will be paid more. Now, if a candidate has to earn more, he or she has to complete and upgrade his or her educational qualification. Thus, it is an absolute necessity for such candidates to complete their PhD through distance education.

These are some of the situations where distance education and acquiring degrees through distance education plays an important role. For a homemaker, receiving the correspondence study materials and studying them in her own free time can help her a lot in increasing her educational qualification and her value in society.

Additionally, if someone is physically challenged or terminally ill and is not being able to attend his or her classes daily can opt for completing his or her PhD degree through distance education. If there is will then there surely is a way and distance education is that way.

Is PhD Through Distance Education Affordable?

This is an absolute yes. PhD degrees obtained through distance education are very affordable. Moreover, the option of carrying on with your job while completing the course at the same time is a blessing. PhD gives you the comfort of your home and saves you the amount you used to spend on commute. As a result, a very important step in life can be taken at a very low cost.

Can anyone who desires to obtain a PhD, Get it?

The answer is yes. Given that you have the required marks in your graduation and masters, you can obtain PhD degree. Different universities and institutions offer PhD courses through correspondence. They have varying eligibility criteria and varied requirements which need to be fulfilled.

Is PhD Distance Education Valid in India ?

if you are pursuing the Ph.D. program for career prospects, then you need to check the validity of the courses before enrollment thoroughly. Please read UGC Circular for PhD by correspondence.

Is Distance Education Valid for PhD ?

The distance education courses that are recognized by the Distance Education Council (DEC) and UGC are valid for PhD admission in India. The students passed post-graduation courses like MA, MBA, MSW, MCA, MSc, M Com, and other PG Programs through distance learning from Madurai Kamraj University, IGNOU, Annamalai, Calicut University, etc. are eligible to pursue PhD programs.

For more information, please visit the official websites of the concerned universities.

How is a PhD Distance Education Course Carried Out?

The university under which you register yourself will send you study materials and updates at regular intervals. The candidate has to keep himself or herself abreast of the research work and submit it to the university on demand. The university maintains a thorough track of the performance of its candidate, and accordingly, the teachers and professors at the university suggest changes or provide support. Most universities offering distance education have vast libraries with an extensive collection of books that could be accessed online and offline by candidates for references and citations.

If are looking for a PhD in Chemistry, English, Education, Psychology, Engineering, Law through distance education you can contact us, and we will provide you the details of distance education universities in India offering PhD programs in distance education.

Online PhD Programs in India

The education system has come under the influence of digital technology and more and more Universities started shifting to the online mode of study like never before. Gone are the days when online education was seen as the low priority medium of learning. Traditionally research scholars prefer to study regular research programs on the campus. In recent years many universities around the world have started offering online PhD programs.

The research programs are becoming very popular everywhere, and there is a high demand for Online PhD programs in India. Though several Institutes and colleges are offering online PhD programs in India, most of these online doctoral programs are not recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

But the Government’s approach to online education is slowly changing and the Ministry of education has started opening its doors for online teaching. In 2020, seven Universities were granted permission to offer online degree programs as a part of promoting online education programs.  In the Future, the government may allow PhD online programs in India for working professionals and teachers that could reshape the research programs in India.

Disclaimer: Study Sure makes no representations or guarantees as to the accuracy, completeness or validity of the information provided on this site .Please visit the official website of UGC  given below for information about the Part Time PhD validity, UGC approval before enrollment. We are not responsible for the validity of the university programs, UGC & AICTE approvals.

Disclaimer. Studysure does not offer provide any ready to submit thesis, research papers, or any assistance for peparing thesis, synopsis, research proposals etc.

Update: UGC Circular Dated 14 September 2018 regarding Part-Time PhD and PhD Through Distance Education

For more information regarding Part-Time PhD Programs in Karnataka, Rajasthan etc  please contact us.

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