Scope of GNM Nursing in Canada

Nursing COURSES in Canada After GNM. Scope of GNM Nursing in Canada

Scope  of GNM Nursing in Canada.  Nursing is one of the most promising career options in Canada. As Canada is known for its world-class medical facilities and modern health care system, nursing is a highly paid and respected job for nurses from India and other countries. As Canada faces an acute shortage of nurses, the scope of GNM Nursing in Canada for Indian nurses is high. Read this article for more information about the Scope of GNM Nursing in Canada, GNM Nursing Salary in Canada etc.

GNM Nursing Jobs in Canada for Indian Nurses 2021

Canada has many opportunities for Indian nurses who have completed diploma courses like Auxiliary Nursing Diploma, General Nursing & Midwifery Course etc. The ANM and GNM nurses from India can join the Nursing jobs in Canada after completing short term nursing courses like Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and Registered Practical Nurses.

GNM Nursing Salary in Canada

GNM Nursing Salary in Canada Information.
The salary of Staff Nurses in Canada is much higher than that of India and other Asian countries. The salary package of GNM nurses is in the range of $ 60,400 to $77,250 after completing the LPN or RPN Courses in Canada. Apart from the Salary package, the staff nurses are also paid overtime per hour basis. After completing LPN or RPN programs, GNM Nurses will work in the below mentioned medical centres.

  1. Care homes
  2. Rehabilitation Centers
  3. Surgical Centres
  4. Medical Center
  5. Old Age Homes
  6. Medical Clinics
  7. Public Health Centers
  8. Clinics and dispensaries etc

Scope of Career Growth
After completing Course like ANM and GNM Diploma courses, the nurses can study LPN or RPN courses in Canada. They can also go for Bachelor of Science in Nursing and work as Registered Nurse (RN) in Canada. RN can further go for Masters in Nursing program for specialized nursing programs.

Are you a registered nurse in India or any other country looking for a rewarding career in Canada? Have you considered Nurses Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPNs), or BSN programs? If you are searching for the best Nursing courses in Canada after GNM course, then RPN or LPN courses could be suitable courses for GNM nurses to study and work in Canada in a short period.

Details of Nursing Courses in Canada After GNM

Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPNs) are two short term courses available to GNM Nurses in Canada. If they wish to go for long-duration courses, they can enroll for BN courses in any Nursing colleges or Universities in Canada, which may take a minimum of four years to complete.

nursing-courses-in-Canada after-GNM

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Course Criteria & Admission Details

The admission requirements to the practical nursing course in Canada are different for each program. Students who wish to take a practical nursing course in Canada must complete an assessment test.

This assessment will assess the students’ knowledge, professional experience and potential. Applicants to the practical nursing course in Canada will be required to complete the admission formalities as per the guidelines of the University/College.

The best practical nursing programs in Canada are available to those that have completed all the requirements to enter this program. Indian Students with a minimum of 10+2 in sciences and a Diploma in General Nursing &  Midwifery (GNM)  with at least  two years of experience working as an assistant to nurse or registered nurse can apply for admission into any of the fifteen approved practical nursing programs in Canada.

Nurses can complete their program in one of three ways – at institutions accredited by the Registered Nurses Program of Canada (RNP) or at one of the fifteen participating institutions that are part of the Canadian Health Services Commission (CHS).

In the program, students will learn the skills they will need to provide quality patient care. They will also learn how to administer basic nursing care in-home health care, mental health facilities, and prisons.

They will also become aware of strategies that can promote the safekeeping of patients and promote healthy lifestyles. The program’s focus is to provide the students with the knowledge they will need to provide excellent patient care.

Why GNM Nurses Join Short Courses in Canada?

Most of the nurses in India begin their careers as GNM nurses. Those looking to further their nursing career and want to specialize in a certain area may choose to become a nurse practitioner by going for a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

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But a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in Canada is a four-year school course that can take you anywhere from four to six years to complete. So the majority of the GNM Nurses prefer short-term courses in Canada to start their career in the first phase.

Course Duration 

Both the RPN and LPN Courses take around two years to complete. As GNM Nurses already have sufficient knowledge and theoretical experience and licensed to practice as General Nurse in India, both RPN and LPN courses are very easy for them.

Why RPN/LPN Courses are Best suited for GNM Nurses in Canada?

RPN course can help you achieve your goals and give you the best chance at career success.

RPN course of 2 years can help you achieve your goals and fulfill your dream of working in Canada.

Given below are the main attractions of RPN and LPN courses in Canada

  • Course Duration is only 2 Years
  • Takes minimum amount of training
  • Permitted to work during the study
  • Become eligible to work as RPN after course without further IELTS
  • Age Upto 35 Years Acceptable
  • Suited for GNM, BSc, and other Graduates with 10+2 in Science.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Passed 10+2 with Science
  • IELTS Score: 6
  • Age Limit: 35 Years (Male & Female)

Admission to RPN Course

Students can expect to be admitted into one of the following programs: College/University- Based RN program, University-Based RN program, Hospitality Nursing Program, National Collaborative Research Centre (NCRC) and Canadian Nurses Professional Training Program.

It is important for students who wish to enrol on these programs to ensure that they meet the admission requirements. Most institutions that offer practical nursing course in Canada require potential students to have at least a diploma in high school. Some programs do not require a secondary education qualification.

Nurses who wish to pursue a career in nursing in Canada will first need to acquire relevant RN qualifications.

A high school diploma or GED is required to be eligible to take the practical nursing course in Canada. Once accepted into a practical nursing course in Canada, students will choose between an on-campus or a distance education program.

Potential students need to consider the pros and cons of both options before enrolling on a particular school. Students should also consider the types of course work they will cover during their practical nursing courses in Canada.

Job Prospects after Course

Students who complete the accredited practical nursing course in Canada will be provided with an RPN to prove that they completed an RN program and are allowed to work as a practical nurse in Canada.

Generally, to get the license to work as an RPN in Canada, the nurses needed to clear the National Licensing exams. But after passing the RPN course, they are eligible to work as RPN in some states. For more details, please contact us.

Higher Education

Practical Nursing Program can be used a stepping stone to higher studies in nursing. Upon completing a practical nursing program in Canada, students have the option to pursue higher studies. They will be eligible to apply for various degree programs like BN or BSN whenever required.

The Degree program is usually four years, although some schools offer up to six-year programs. Upon graduation, students will receive a certificate. The Degree program will typically encompass the core subjects as taught in the Canadian Nurses Professional Guide.

If additional education is required, students are allowed to complete it at any of the institutions that offer the program or within the duration that the institution recommends.

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Conclusion: We hope you enjoyed this article on nursing courses in Canada after GNM Diploma.  Canada offers Several options for higher studies in the Nursing field. If you are looking for higher studies in Canada after GNM Diploma in India Please contact us for assistance.

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