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If your dream is to study MBBS in Russia, you have come to the right place to gather all the information for Russian Medical Colleges, MBBS Universities in Russia in English Medium and MBBS Fees and other related information to MBBS study in Russia.

MBBS in Russia is a medical degree of 6 years which enables you to practice general medicine. It is a specialist bachelor’s degree in medicine which is becoming one of the best options for students in India who wish to study MBBS from a foreign country. For many years now, the medical education offered by Russia has been counted among the best in the world. The quality of education provided is top-notch, and the tuition fee is also on the lower side compared to MBBS from other European countries.

The National Medical Commission (NMC) recognizes more than 50 medical colleges in Russia. If you study MBBS from the medical colleges in Russia that the MCI recognizes, you can easily practice medicine in India after clearing the screening test. In addition, 30 medical colleges in Russia occupy the top 100 medical schools as per World Health Organization (WHO) Rankings. This shows that Russian universities’ quality of medical education is one of the best in the world.

The Top-Ranking Russian Medical Colleges

Russia Medical Colleges

Mentioned below is the list of top medical colleges in Russia, along with the annual fees:

Medical Colleges/University Annual Fees (In Russian Roubles)
Pirogov Medical University 445,000
Pavlov University 365,000
First Moscow State Medical University 865,000
Novosibirsk State University 475,000
OMSK State Medical University 188,000
Bashkir State Medical University 269,000
Kazan State Medical University 351,000
Orenburg State Medical University 571,000
Ryazan State Medical University 288,000
Siberian State Medical University 279,000
Crimea Federal Medical University 261,000
Perm State Medical University 316,500
Smolensk State Medical University 385,000
Saint Petersburg State Medical University 383,000
Tver State Medical University 451,000
Kursk State Medical University 461,000
Peoples Friendship University 488,500
Kuban State Medical University 319,500
Lomonosov Moscow State University 369500
Altai State Medical University 299,500
Kemerovo State Medical University 299,500
Chechen State University 349,000
Chuvash State University 186,000
Tyumen State Medical University 249,900
Tula State University 225,500
Mari State University 316,500

Why Should you study MBBS in Russia?

Many students seek admission to Russian medical colleges and MBBS Universities in Russia. The reasons mentioned below point out that why medical aspirants are attracted to study MBBS in Russia:

  • The quality of medical education offered by the medical colleges in Russia is among the best in the world.
  • International Medical bodies and Indian Medical associations recognize the MBBS degree obtained from most medical colleges in Russia.
  • The government subsidizes the tuition fee for MBBS in Russia, and it is pretty low compared to other countries like the UK, Australia, USA and Canada.
  • The admission process for the Medicine program in Russia
  • The admission process for studying MBBS in Russia is simple and not complicated. The process doesn’t take long and can be completed within two months.
  • You don’t have to appear for a detailed competitive examination to ensure admission to Russian Medical Colleges. Some universities have their own entrance test, but they are not very tough as in India.
  • Russian medical colleges have the top infrastructure and offer best-in-class medical equipment, well-equipped laboratories, and modern medical technologies.
  • Most of the Russian Medical Colleges and MBBS Universities in Russia are accredited by Indian Medical Council and bodies like the WHO, NMC, etc..
  • The course structure and curriculum of MBBS in Russia are similar to the MBBS degree offered by medical colleges in India. So, after completing the MBBS course in Russia, students can come back to India to practice medicine or pursue higher studies.
  • To study MBBS in Russia, students don’t have to sit for compulsory language tests like TOEFL or IELTS. This also results in saving the cost and hurdle of appearing in these examinations.
  • If a student gets selected by a medical college in Russia to study MBBS, the Russian government offers a 100% student visa guarantee.
  • The living cost is much less than that of other developed countries like the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, etc.

Eligibility for MBBS in Russian Medical Colleges

To be eligible to apply for studying MBBS in Russian Medical Colleges, a student needs to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • The student must have passed Class 12 (10+2).
  • The student should have studied Biology, Physics, and Chemistry compulsorily in 10+2 and score at least 50% marks.
  • The aspirant has to qualify for the NEET exam conducted in India.
  • The applicant should be a minimum of 17 years or above. The maximum age limit for applying is 25 years.
  • The student should hold a valid passport and a nationality certificate.
  • Few universities in Russia conduct entrance tests that you need to qualify if you are willing to study MBBS in those universities.

Top MBBS Universities in Russia that have Entrance Exam


mbbs university in Russia

University Entrance Exam Exam Month
Pirogov Medical University Entrance Test in Biology & Chemistry July
Pavlov University Entrance Test in Biology & Chemistry August
Novosibirsk State University Entrance Test in English, Biology & Chemistry July/ August
OMSK State Medical University Entrance Test in Biology & Chemistry August
Bashkir State Medical University Entrance Test in Biology & Chemistry September
Kazan State Medical University Entrance Test in Chemistry & English August
Ryazan State Medical University Entrance Test in Biology & Chemistry May/ June

MBBS Fees in Russian Medical Colleges & Universities

One of the reasons why Russia is becoming a famous destination for studying MBBS is the low fees of medical colleges. The Government of Russia has subsidized medical education in Russia, resulting in a very affordable fee structure for studying MBBS in Russia. The cost of studying MBBS in Russia is similar to that in India.

The MBBS fees in Russian medical colleges range from around 2,00,000 Russian Roubles to 8,00,000 Russian Roubles annually, depending on the college you are seeking admission in.

Along with that, the cost of living and accommodation is also quite manageable. Depending on your lifestyle, the monthly expense incurred while living in Russia would be about 15,000 Russian Roubles to 25,000 Russian Roubles.

Application Process for MBBS in Russian Medical Colleges

Follow the steps mentioned below if you wish to apply for MBBS in Russia:

  • Once you have completed 10+2 with at least 50% marks and qualified NEET, you can apply for studying MBBS in Russia.
  • It would help if you chose the University from where you want to pursue MBBS.
  • You can directly apply on the University’s official website or seek guidance from the consultants
  • Make sure that all the details and documents are submitted carefully.
  • If you are applying for a university that requires an entrance test, you need to pass that entrance test.
  • Once you have finished the process and are deemed eligible, you will receive the invitation letter from the University.
  • After obtaining the invitation letter, you need to apply for a student visa and pay the admission fees.

Documents Required for MBBS Admission in Russia

  • Mark sheet of Class 10 and Class 12.
  • A valid passport.
  • Filled application form. The application form is available on the website of the University
  • Invitation Letter authorized by the Medical University of Russia.
  • HIV Test Result.
  • Proof of Birth issued by the government of India.
  • Passport size photographs.

Scholarship for Studying MBBS in Russia

There are a few scholarships available for Indian students who wish to study MBBS in Russia:

  • Russian Federation Scholarship.
  • IIE at Bard College Scholarship.
  • Healthcare Leaders Scholarship.
  • Badhte Kadam Scholarship.
Top 10 English Medium Medical Universities in Russia

Listed below are the top ten Medical Universities and Colleges in Russia for Study MBBS in English Medium.

english medium medical universities in Russia

MBBS in Russian Colleges & Universities -FAQ

1.How good is MBBS in Russia?
Russia is one of the best countries to study the MBBS course. Many of the Russian medical colleges make it to the World Health Organisation’s top 100 rankings. The fees for studying MBBS in Russia are pretty low compared to the private medical college fees in India and other countries.

2. What is the cost of MBBS in Russia?
The fee of MBBS in Russia ranges from around 2,00,000 Russian Roubles to 8,00,000 Russian Roubles annually. As Indian Rupee is similar in value to Russian Rouble, the cost comes to be about 2 lakh rupees to 8 lakh rupees annually.

3. Is a degree in Medicine from Russia valid in India?
Yes, if you have studied MBBS from a National Medical Commission-approved medical school in Russia. Check the list of NMC approved medical colleges in Russia.

4. Is NEET qualification a must for MBBS admission in Russia?
NO. NEET is not mandatory for studying MBBS in Russia. But if you want to practice in India, you should have cleared the NEET before taking MBBS admission in Russia.

Russian Embassy in India Address:

Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi District, Pin code 110021.
Phone: 91 11 2687 3799.

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