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Germany is known for its advanced healthcare system, and there are a lot of opportunities for Nurses in Germany. Whether you work in Germany as a registered Nurse (Gesundheits) or health and sickness Carer (Krankenpfleger), the Nursing opportunities are endless in Germany. If you are searching for Nursing Jobs in Germany for GNM Staff Nurses or BSC Nurses then read this article.

Staff Nurse Vacancy in Germany

Nursing Profession is suited only for those who care about others. The job of a nurse all over the country is becoming highly demanding, and the ageing population and the availability of the trained nurses have contributed to the present shortage of nursing professionals in Germany.

As the shortage of Gesundheits( registered nurse) or Krankenpfleger (health and sickness carer) could only be filled with nurses with B2 level German language proficiency, the hospitals and nursing homes are facing acute shortage of nurses across the country. At present, there are several thousand Nursing Jobs in Germany for GNM Nurses as well as BSc Nurses.

There is a lot of Nursing vacancies in Germany for the Staff Nurses category as well. The ageing population desperately requires more nurses from other countries, but language proficiency is still a barrier to recruit nurses from other countries.

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Responsibilities of a Nurse in Germany 

Nurses in Germany are responsible for following the doctor’s orders and assist them in their job. They are also responsible for providing advice and care to the patients admitted in hospitals, care homes or nursing homes. They are responsible for monitoring health care, and depending on their qualifications and area of expertise; they will have to perform the documentation, evaluating the care procedures.

Talking and advising the relatives of patients is also a part of the responsibilities of a Nurse in Germany.

Scope of Job for Nurses from Abroad

As there is a high demand for nurses for hospitals and care homes, the Hospitals and care homes are finding it very difficult to provide care to the older people in Germany. The nurses who wish to work in Germany require a license. Listed below are the requirements for foreign nurses to work in Germany.

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1.Nursing Qualification acquired in an EU Country:

The nurses who have acquired their nursing qualification from an EU member country or the European Economic Area, their professional qualification will be recognized automatically. However, their proficiency in the German language should be suitable for communicating with the doctors, patients, relatives and co-workers. The required German language proficiency is B1 or B2 for all nurses, including nurses from the EU.

2. Nursing Qualification acquired from outside the EU:

For Nurses who have acquired their professional qualification from countries other than Europe, their nursing qualification needs to be recognized by the German Government and nurses need to bring their professional skills and German language proficiency to the required level. Listed below are the procedures for the Recognition of your professional qualification to be eligible for a nursing job in Germany.

A.Full Recognition of your professional qualifications:

If your professional qualification is on par the Germany qualification and you also meet the German language criteria, then you are eligible to apply for a nursing job in Germany and apply for a work visa from the German embassy/consulate located in your home county. Once your visa is issued, you can apply for a residence permit after landing in Germany.

B. Partial Recognition of your professional qualifications:

If your professional qualification (GNM Nursing Diploma or BSc Nursing Degree) does not meet the required level, then you can join for an adaptation course in Germany which will bring your professional qualification to the required level. Once you clear the adaptation program along with the German language proficiency, you can apply for the visa for the Recognition of foreign qualifications.

The visa may be granted for 18 months to undergo further training to bring your qualification in line with the requirements prescribed by the German Government. Once you get the full Recognition, you can apply for the visa extension up to one year, and during this period you can easily find a job anywhere in the country.

Requirements for Nursing Jobs in Germany:

Germany has opened its door for foreign nurses to fill the nursing vacancies in the country. Listed below are the requirements for Nursing Jobs in Germany.

1.German Language Proficiency:
All the nursing and health care practices are conducted in the German language. Since the Nurses are required to communicate with doctors, co-workers, patients and their relatives, medical technicians, assistants etc., the proficiency in the German language is an essential factor to be selected for nursing jobs in Germany. The German language proficiency requirement is given below.

B2 Level German Language Proficiency (Certificate issued by approved German language institutes like Goethe-Institute, Telc, TestDAF or DSH)

2. Education Qualifications:
Graduate in Nursing/3 Year Nursing Diploma (GNM).

3. Professional Experience:
 Minimum 5 Years for  GNM Diploma Nurses & 1 Year for BSc Nurses.

4. Other Requirements: 

  • All Educational certificates and Nursing Qualifications translated in the German language including Nursing Degree/Diploma certificates, Transcripts, Year wise Mark lists etc.
  • Good Health Medical Certificate
  • PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)

Note: Bsc & GNM Staff Nurse vacancies in germany are open for Both Male & Female candidates.

Nurses completed their education from other countries are given three options to qualify and to be permitted to work as registered as a registered nurse in Germany.
The options are given below.

  • Appear for a knowledge test and clear the test
  • Complete an adaptation program or internship and complete it successfully.
  • Join a nurse’s program in any institution approved by the German Government and complete it successfully.

Finding a Nursing Job in Germany

Germany is facing a severe shortage of qualified nursing staff hence finding a nursing job is very easy for GNM Staff Nurses and BSc Nurses., especially in cities. There is a considerable demand for nurses in the private nursing care segment like care homes and old aged homes. These care homes offer attractive salary and incentives.

Nursing Salary in Germany

The salary of Nurses in Germany depends on professional experience, language proficiency, Nursing skills, Gender and locations. Professional experience is a crucial factor in determining the salary of nurses in Germany. Usually, a Nurse in Germany typically earns around 2,800 EUR per month. The average salary of nurses in Germany ranges from the lowest level of 1,350 EUR to the highest level of 4,650 EUR.

Usually, a Nurse with below two years of experience can earn approximately 1,550 EUR per month. Below is the average salary of nurses in Germany.

Nursing Experience Approximate Salary
Minimum Salary 1,340EUR
Up to 2 Years 1,550 EUR
Between 5 to 10 Years 3,000 EUR

Note: The salary includes housing allowance, transportation and other benefits.
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Increment in Salary

If you are confused about the annual salary increment for nurses in Germany, then the details are given below.

Nurses receive an annual salary increment of about 9% every 18 months little higher than the national annual increment to other professionals (8% every 16 months.

Living in Germany 

Germany is a land of opportunities with ample job opportunities for health professionals, especially nurses. Given below are some details about the culture, cost of living and the cheapest places to live in Germany. The country is known for its busy life, but the German people love their silence. The country is known for its low corruption and clean cities.

Climate in Germany

The climate in Germany is moderately continental by cold winters. The average temperature is in the range of 0 °C (32 °F) and warm summers. The maximum temperature is in the range of 21/23°C in summer (July August).

The currency

The official currency of Germany is Euro, and it is essential to carry the Euro currency for transactions or carry your credit or debit card and get ready to the bear the additional expenses associated with the card transactions.

Obey the rules

Germans follow the rules strictly and expect others to follow the same. People do not tolerate the lawbreakers, so it is better to get informed on what is permitted and what is not before taking the flight to Germany.

Public Transport

There is a well maintained public transport system in Germany, and people use it daily. The cheapest mode of transport is by bike, and people prefer bike travel a lot, and you can see cyclist and bikers in every part of the country. The local trains and buses run on time and much cleaner than other countries.

Cheapest places to live in Germany

Germany is a vast country with unique opportunities and characteristics. If you are looking for an affordable place to live in Germany, then check the list of affordable cities in Germany below.

  • Bochum
  • Kiel
  • Siegen
  • Jena
  • Leipzig
  • Osnabruck
  • Bremen

If you require more information about the Nursing Jobs in Germany for Diploma, GNM and Bsc Nurses from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines etc, Please contact us through email,  or post your queries in the comment box. We will try our best to provide you the updated details about Nursing Vacancies in Germany at the earliest.

Germany Nursing Jobs Updates 2021 

Due to the acute shortage of nurses in Germany, Indian nurses can now proceed to Germany after achieving a B1 level proficiency in the German language and complete the B2 level while working in Germany. For more information about the Nursing jobs for GNM nurses and German online classes, contact our Kerala, New Delhi, or Germany offices.

For Details of Nursing Jobs in Germany For GNM Nurses, Please  Click to Send Your Enquiry

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