Santa Monica Kochi Ernakulam a Good Agency for Study Abroad ?

Santa Monica Ernakulam Santa Monica Kochi Ernakulam a Good Agency for Study Abroad ?

Santa Monica Kochi Study Abroad Agency is one of the leading Study abroad consultancies based in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, a vibrant city in the southern state of Kerala, India. Santa Monica study abroad aims to provide comprehensive guidance and support to students seeking higher education abroad. Santa Monica Kochi  is fully committed to assisting Kerala students in getting admission to the top universities of popular countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Santa monica Kochi’s skilled and experienced study advisors offer personalized counselling, help students choose suitable courses and universities, and guide them through the entire admission process. They strive to provide students top-notch services, from pre-departure orientations to post-landing assistance. Partnering with Santa Monica Kochi, students can realize their study aspirations and fulfill their dreams of studying at prestigious international institutions across the globe.

Santa Monica Kochi Study Abroad Programs

Below are the top study abroad programs offered by Santa Monica Kochi Ernakulam.

1.Canada Study programs 

Santa Monica Ernakulam provides services for students who wish to pursue higher education in Canada. They offer comprehensive guidance and support to students throughout the admission process, from choosing the right course and college to visa processing and pre-departure orientation.

Some of the popular study programs in Canada include Nursing, IT, Engineering, Business Administration, Health Sciences, Hospitality, and Tourism. Santa Monica Consultants also provides coaching for language proficiency exams like IELTS or TOEFL, which are mandatory for admission to Canadian colleges.

In addition, they offer customized services such as scholarship assistance, education loan guidance, and travel arrangements. Santa Monica Kochi is in various cities across India, including Ernakulam, and has a team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the Canadian education system. If you plan to study in Canada, Santa Monica Kochi can assist you with every step of the process and make your journey hassle-free.

2. UK Study Programs of Santa Monica Kochi

UK Study programs Offered by Santa Monica Study Abroad Kochi include

Undergraduate Programs:

  •  Queen Mary University of London: Offers undergraduate courses in Medicine, Engineering, and Law.
  •  University of Warwick: Offers undergraduate business management, Law, and computer science courses.
  •  University of Sussex: Offers courses in Economics, History, Political Science, and International Relations.
  •  University of Bristol: Offers Law, Engineering, and Economics courses.
  • Many more programs in other Universities and Colleges.

Postgraduate Programs:

  •  University of Oxford: Offers postgraduate courses in Business Management, Law, and Humanities.
  •  Imperial College London: Offers postgraduate courses in Engineering, Science, and Business Management.
  •  University of Cambridge: Offers postgraduate Sciences, Arts, and Humanities courses.
  •  University of Edinburgh: Offers Finance, Law, and Social Sciences postgraduate courses.
  • Many more programs in other Universities and Colleges.

Professional Development Programs:

  •  London School of Economics and Political Science: Offers executive education courses in Finance, Leadership, and Management.
  •  University of Manchester: Offers a variety of management courses for working professionals.
  •  University of Liverpool: Offers Digital Marketing, Healthcare Management, and Data Analytics courses.
  •  University of Leeds: Offers Media and Communications, Marketing, and Leadership courses.
  • Many more programs in other Universities and Colleges.

3. Australia Study programs of Santa Monica Study Abroad 

Santa Monica is the leading name when it comes to Australian Study abroad programs for Indian students. If Australia is your chosen country for higher studies, you can visit the company’s website or contact them directly for more information about courses, fees, etc.

You can also get more information about the fees, eligibility criteria, admission process, and other related details of Australian universities. You can also search for reviews and feedback from previous students or consult another education consultant for the best advice and guidance.

4. New Zealand Study programs of Santa Monica Ernakulam

New Zealand is a popular destination for Indian students pursuing higher education abroad. The country’s high-quality education system, scenic landscapes, and welcoming culture make it an attractive study destination. Here are some popular study programs in New Zealand for Indian students.

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Business and Management: New Zealand universities offer various programs for international students. Some of the courses that are popular among Indian students are nursing, business and management.
  • Engineering and Technology Degrees: New Zealand has a strong reputation in engineering and technology. Degrees in software engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering are popular among Indian students. The country also has a thriving technology industry, providing opportunities for students to gain practical experience and internships.
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management: New Zealand’s natural beauty and outdoor attractions make it a popular tourist destination. Programs in hospitality and tourism management offer students an opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in the industry.
  • Healthcare Programs: New Zealand universities offer a range of healthcare programs, including nursing, medical, and public health. The healthcare courses provide students with practical experience and prepare them for careers in the healthcare industry with attractive salaries. Several nurses from Kochi work in New Zealand after attending the new Zealand CAP program for nurses.
  • Environmental Science and Sustainability: New Zealand’s pristine natural environment attracts thousands of tourists from India and other countries annually. The country is known for its commitment to sustainability and offers numerous programs in this field.
  • Many more programs in other Universities and Colleges.

Overall, New Zealand is an excellent study destination for Indian students seeking a world-class education while experiencing a unique culture and lifestyle.

5. USA study abroad programs of Santa Monica Kochi

Santamonica Kochi is a global education consulting organization that provides international study opportunities to students who wish to study in the USA. Santa Monica study abroad offers a wide range of educational programs that cater to different student needs, and these programs include:

  • English language courses – Santamonica Kochi Study Abroad Consultants has partnered with top English language schools in the US to provide English language courses to international students. These courses help students to improve their skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening of the English language.
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs – Santa Monica Study Abroad Consultants work with top-ranked universities in the US to allow students to study for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different subjects.
  • Summer programs – Students can also participate in summer programs offered by Santamonica Study Abroad Consultants
  • Internship programs – Santamonica Study Abroad Consultants allows students to complete internships in the US. Students can gain valuable work experience while also immersing themselves in American culture.
  • High school exchange programs – Santamonica Kochi also offers high school exchange programs. High school students can spend a semester or a full academic year studying in the USA which will help them improve their language and communication skills.
  • Many more programs in other Universities and Colleges.

Overall, Santa Monica Kochi Study Abroad Consultants offers a comprehensive range of programs for Kerala students who want to study in the US. They assist with the application process, travel arrangements, and other aspects of studying abroad to ensure a seamless student experience.

Services offered to students by Santa Monica Kochi for overseas education

Santamonica Kochi Ernakulam offers a wide range of services to students who wish to pursue their education abroad. Some of the services they offer include:

  • Course and university selection guidance
  • Admission application assistance
  • Visa application guidance and documentation
  • Pre-departure orientation and training

Accommodation and travel arrangements

  • Scholarship and financial assistance guidance
  • Post-arrival assistance
  • Career counselling and job placement support

Santamonica Ernakulam aims to support students at every stage of their study abroad journey to ensure a smooth and rewarding international education experience.

What are the countries that offer affordable and quality education to foreign students? 

Here are some countries that offer affordable and quality education to foreign students:

  • Germany: Public universities in Germany offer tuition-free education and are internationally recognized for their quality education. Many Kochi students look forward to German education due to the country’s no tuition fee education policy.  Read: Study MS/PG in Germany Free
  • France: Offers quality education at a low cost, and various scholarships are available for international students.
  • Belgium: Public universities in Belgium are known for low fee structure and quality education, and the educational institutions are famous for their high-quality education system.
  • Norway: Public universities in Norway offer tuition-free education for international students and offer courses in English.
  • Sweden: Offers tuition-free education, and various scholarship opportunities are available for international students.
  • Finland: Offers affordable or free education at public universities and ranks high in global education rankings.
  • Denmark: Public universities offer tuition-free education and various scholarships for international students.
  • Austria: Offers affordable education and various scholarship opportunities for international students.
  • Czech Republic: It offers a quality education at a low cost with many courses in English, and there are various scholarship opportunities for international students.
  • Italy: Offers affordable education, a rich cultural experience, and many scholarship opportunities for international students.

Santa Monica Kochi

What are the countries that offer courses in the English language?

Many countries offer courses in the English language. Here are some examples:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Malta
  • South Africa
  • Some countries in Europe
Is Santa Monica Kochi a good  agency?

Santa Monica Kochi is an education consulting agency that offers education counselling and university application services for students who want to study abroad. Santa Monica Ernakulam has tie -up with several universities and colleges in various countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Europe. Santamonica Ernakulam offers free education services to students abroad and does not charge students in most programs, as they get a commission from the universities that partner with them.

Based on its website and clients’ reviews of Santa Monica study abroad, it claims to provide comprehensive support to students, including assistance with admissions, visa applications, test preparation, and scholarship applications. They also organize seminars and events to provide helpful information to students. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual student to decide whether to use the service of Santa Monica Kochi or not. The best thing to do is to research the agency further and read reviews and testimonials from previous clients before making any decisions.


As a leading institution for global education, Santa Monica Kochi provides an array of study programs and services that cater to the diverse educational needs of Kochi students. With comprehensive guidance, personalized assistance and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the educational institutions abroad strive to create an environment that nurtures innovative and creative thinking, resulting in the holistic development of students. In conclusion, Study abroad programs are ideal for students seeking quality education with an edge to explore and establish their careers worldwide.

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