Easy Way to Get PhD in India

Easy Way to Get PhD in India

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is the highest academic qualification you can earn in any field of education. It is the holy grail of academic degrees that offers you the best knowledge and awards you the title of a doctor (Dr). A student can pursue a PhD degree after completing a master’s degree in any field like MA, MSc, MBA, MTech, MCom, MCA, and others. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students in India apply to various universities of India to obtain a PhD. Out of those students, many are looking for an easy way to get a PhD in India. If you are searching for an easy way to get a PhD in India, you have come to the best place on the internet to seek the correct information.

PhD in India – The Easiest Way

Many Indian students dream that they want to add the prefix ‘Dr’ to their names. It conveys that they have studied for a long time and is an academic expert, but it also adds immense value and respect for them in society. While the thought of obtaining a PhD is very lucrative, it isn’t easy to get one. If you wish to get a PhD from a reputed university in India, you first must clear the PhD entrance test. Secondly, you have to study for three or five years, depending on your study mode, and conduct a lot of research work to finish your thesis.

We know that several students don’t have the time and energy to go through the entire process of obtaining a PhD in India. So, we have summarized a few ways you can quickly get a PhD in India without much hassle.

There are 3 simple ways to get a PhD in India With Minimum Effort:

Given below are the three major steps to get a PhD in India easily.

Step 1: Visit a good PhD. Consultant We have got you covered for this point. We rank among the best PhD consultants in India. We have exceptional services that have helped thousands of students in India to get easy PhD in India. You can contact us, and we will definitely help you get a PhD in India with minimum effort.

Step 2: Apply for PhD directly You can apply for obtaining a PhD now from various universities of India. You might find some universities that offer an easy way to get a PhD, but most universities in India require you to go through the entire process.

Step 3 :Join Private Universities- For quick and hassle-free completion of your PhD, take admission to a Private University approved by the UGC/AICTE.

Detailed Analysis for Easy Ways to Get a PhD in India

Easy Way to Get PhD in India

You will have to keep the following details in mind while looking to obtain a PhD in India.

  • Reach out to a PhD consultant to get all the relevant information about easily pursuing a PhD in India. We are one of the best PhD consultants in India, and you can contact us. We assure you that you will easily get a Ph.D. in India if you wish to use our services.
  • You can also apply for admission to various universities in India to pursue a PhD.
  • You will have to clear the Entrance Exam for a PhD. These are conducted at the national level as well as university level.
  • After you have cleared the entrance test, you will have to sit for the research interview.
  • If you manage to clear the entrance test and academic interview, you will have to submit your research proposal to the University.
  • Once all the admission formalities are completed, you will get a ‘Conditional PhD. Admission’.
  • You will have to attend pre-PhD courses as mandated by the University.
  • Finally, you will have to start attending regular classes and start with your research work.
  • If you opt for a full-time PhD, it will take you a minimum of three to five years to get your PhD. If you opt for a part-time PhD, you will require about three to six years to get your PhD.
  • After you finish your thesis, you will have to publish it in either a Scopus Indexed Journal or a UGC Care listed Journal.
  • If at least two journals accept your thesis, you will easily be offered a PhD after completing other formalities.
  • You will have to maintain excellent relations with your research guide, which will ensure no delay in getting your final PhD degree.
  • As soon as your research proposal is accepted, you should start with your research and begin writing your thesis.
  • You can get thesis assistance from PhD consults. We offer the best rates of PhD consultation in India.

How to do a PhD from Private Universities in India Quickly?

Many aspirants are confused about how to get a PhD within a short period. Once the notification is out for PhD programs in India, go to the University’s website for more details and submit your application. If the admissions department approves your application, you will be invited to take the PhD entrance exam. After passing the entrance exam, you must undergo a PhD interview (DC), and you will be admitted once you have passed all of these stages. It is not easy to do a PhD in India at a Government University.

It is possible to obtain a PhD in India by joining a State Private University recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and AICTE for engineering and technical courses. State Private University PhDs can be completed in three years, regardless of whether you are a part-time or full-time PhD student. So if you are looking for the quickest route to a PhD, it is always better to join a State Private University recognized by the UGC.

It is recommended that you obtain your PhD from a private university in India. Pursuing a PhD from a private university is much easier as compared to a government university. Government universities charge a higher fee, but your coursework will be hassle-free. In many private universities, you will get easy access to guides and superiors for clearing any doubts and other guidance.

Is Getting a PhD from a Government University Uncomplicated?

Honestly, it is a tedious task to get a PhD from a government university in India. If you want to dive deep into research and Studysure every day, you should pursue a PhD from a government university.

Along with that, while you are pursuing a PhD, your research guide is essential. Firstly, there is an acute shortage of research guides in Indian government universities. Secondly, if there is a conflict, it will delay your PhD for a long time.

Considering all the reasons mentioned above, if you want to get a Ph.D. in India easily, you should not think about government universities.

What Happens When You Sign up for Govt: Universities?

Faculties of Government universities often carry out many types of research and government projects. Hence they might not have the time or resources to review each step of your studies. This could result in a delay in your degree. In some Government universities, it may take around many years to complete a PhD.

Eligibility Criteria for Easy PhD in India

  • A valid bachelor’s degree obtained from a government-recognized university.
  • You must have passed your master’s degree like MA/ MBA/MSc/ MCom/ MTech/ MPhil in a relevant academic field from a government-approved university.
  • The minimum score that you need to obtain in your master’s degree is 55%.
  • If you come from a reserved category (SC/ ST/ OBC/ PwD), you will get a relaxation of either 5% or 10% for the minimum score in your master’s degree.
  • You will have to clear an entrance exam and an academic interview.
  • A few universities might need you to possess relevant work experience.

Private University’s PhD Entrance Exams in India

To pursue a PhD in India, you will have to clear an entrance exam. Most of the entrance exams for private universities are easy. Yes, most government-aided entrance exams are indeed a little complicated, but you should not be worried about that as you can get an equally good and valid PhD from a private university.

Top 12 Mistakes Committed by PhD Aspirants

  • You are delaying in applying for admission.
  • You want to get a PhD easily, but you are not contacting any PhD consultant for guidance.
  • You are not open to pursuing a PhD from a private university.
  • You are not looking to study hard.
  • You don’t want to leave your home city.
  • You have started to write your thesis very late.
  • You don’t want to spend money.
  • You are not studying for your PhD entrance test and academic interview.
  • You are not looking to compromise with your current job.
  • You have lost your motivation to pursue a PhD after a few semesters.
  • Trying to complete your PhD from a specific university
  • Being an intelligent worker, not a hard worker.

Do you want a PhD? – Act Now

If you want to pursue a PhD easily in India, you should not wait. Reach out to us right now, and we will offer you all the help you will need to pursue a PhD in India effortlessly. We will guide you like we have guided hundreds of students to get their PhD in a hassle-free way.

How Can Studysure sure help you to get an easy PhD in India?

As one of the trusted PhD consultants in India, We guide you through obtaining a hassle-free PhD in India and make sure that the doctorate you get is duly approved by the UGC and carries an immense value in India and abroad.

Some of the services that we offer in terms of achieving a PhD with admirable ease are mentioned below:

  • Admission Assistance
  • Overall PhD consultation.
  • PhD entrance exam and interview preparation.
  • PhD research topic consultation.
  • PhD research consultation.
  • PhD thesis writing guidance
  • PhD thesis publication.
Easy Way to Get a PhD in India –(FAQ)
  • Can I get a PhD without writing my thesis?
    No, you cannot get your PhD without writing your thesis. As the leading PhD consultants, we can guide you for a PhD thesis that will surely help.
  • Are Distance & Online PhD degrees valid in India?
    The UGC (University Grants Commission) doesn’t recognize online and distance PhD programs  in India.
  • Is a PhD obtained from a private university valid?
    Yes, a PhD obtained from a private university is fully valid as a PhD from a Government university if the UGC has approved it.
  • Does passing the entrance test guarantee admission?
    No. To be admitted to the PhD program, students must also get RAC Approval.
  • What is the prescribed qualification for PhD Program?
    Candidates with a Master’s Degree from a recognized UGC university may apply to a PhD program. They must achieve a minimum of 55% in aggregate programs. Candidates from SC/ST/OBC are eligible for a 5% reduction in marks. This concession is also available for those with disabilities.
  • Is the PhD degree from Private Universities recognized by UGC and internationally?
    Yes. The UGC fully approves PhD degrees offered by private Universities and is eligible for Indian government jobs.
  • Is PhD mandatory for lectureship?
    According to the Education ministry’s latest circular, a PhD degree is required for teaching positions at Universities starting in July 2021.
  • Can I change the research topic after registering for a PhD?
    Not necessarily. Your Guide may help you modify or improve your original research idea.

Important Points to Remember Before Taking PhD Admission 

All you have to do is apply to any university. There is no point in worrying about what University you choose. Always check whether the competent authorities approve the Universities or not. It would help if you grabbed any opportunity that comes your way and takes it. If you are looking for an easy way to do your PhD, it doesn’t matter if you do a full-time or part-time PhD. It doesn’t matter how PhD you did. It doesn’t matter If you have done your PhD from Government Universities or Private Universities.

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We hope this article has been helpful to you. If you are looking for the easiest and shortest route to a UGC approved PhD, we can guide you for admission and other assistance like thesis writing guidance.

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