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study in europe consultants in Kerala

Studysure, One of the best study overseas consultants, is the one-stop solution for your overseas study programs. As the trusted Europe Education Consultants in Kochi Kerala, Studysure provides quality and professional overseas study counseling to your study abroad programs. As the leading study in Europe consultants in Kerala, we represent hundreds of universities and colleges in top study abroad destinations in Europe like Germany, France, New Zealand, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Malta etc. Our study abroad services include German language training, Education loan assistance, Visa assistance, and post landing services.

Why Studysure for European Student Visa in Kerala?

We have a team of experienced overseas educational counselors who can suggest the best universities for you according to your preferences.  Our association with some of the top universities in Germany, France, Italy and other countries makes us the top choice for European education consultation in Kerala. We also offer Scholarships information about various universities abroad and assist the students in applying for it.

If you are looking to find information about studying in Europe, you are in the right place. You will find all the details required for studying in Europe in this article. In addition, brief information is also mentioned about countries in Europe like France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and Denmark.


study in europe consultants in Kerala

If you dream about pursuing your higher education in a foreign country, Europe is one of your best options. Many students in India are now moving abroad for higher studies, especially in Europe. The number of students applying for a higher educational degree in Europe has been increasing for the past few years, and there are many good reasons behind it.

The institutions of higher education in Europe rank among the best in the world. The teaching curriculum is different from India because practical knowledge and application of theoretical knowledge are given more preference in Europe. This is also one reason why students in India want to move to Europe to pursue higher education.

Application Procedures

The procedure of application and selection process varies for different courses in different countries in Europe. Anyway, to be accepted in one of the top colleges/ universities in Europe, you need to have a good overall academic record. Along with that, you need to be well informed about the admission process, the time of application, the online application, and the entrance tests you need to take, including GRE, GMAT, TOEFL or IELTS, etc. If you need more information, you can contact Studysure, the top Europe education consultant in Kerala.

 Study in Europe Advantages 

  • World-Class Education – In terms of education, countries in Europe rank among the list of top countries. Europe is one of the favorite study overseas destinations for students from India and everywhere else around the globe. The education system is top class, and European teachers are also considered among the world’s best teachers.
  • Study Environment–Many students in India cannot reach their full potential because they don’t get a good study environment. In Europe, the study environment created in educational institutions helps students to reach their full academic prospects. The excellent study environment in Europe also enables students to interact with each other, developing ideas & innovations.
  • Career Opportunities – If you pursue a higher education degree from Europe, you will surely land a high paying job in Europe itself. If you obtain a degree from Europe, you should expect a handsome salary and good positions in some of the best companies in the world.
  • Recognition & Accreditation–The educational institutions in the European Union are accredited by the respective countries’ education ministry. Along with that, they are also recognized by the EUC (European Union Council). This means that the colleges and universities of Europe are recognized globally. This ensures that students do not face any problems with the validity of their degrees in a different country.
  • International Network & Connections: As mentioned above, students from all around the globe pursue higher education in Europe, which means that you will contact various people from different countries. You will be able to make international connections with your classmates, which will last for your lifetime. It can play a significant role in the growth of your academic career and your professional career.

Study in Europe – Entrance Exams

The requirement of entrance exams varies across different colleges and universities in Europe.  Most of the European countries do not insist for IELTS score. A few of the general entrance exams for studying in Europe are mentioned below:

  • IELTS.
  • TOEFL.
  • GRE.
  • GMAT.
  • CAE/ CPE.
  • PTE.
  • SAT.

Study in France
The French Republic in the European Union is one of the most sought-after educational destinations globally. Numerous higher educational institutions located in France offer a wide array of academic programs.

Around 15% of all students in French educational institutions are international students. Students from French universities have turned out to be among the world’s top researchers.

Study in Germany
Germany boasts of producing some of the best researchers in the field of science and arts. The higher educational institutions located in Germany are categorized based on the specializations they offer. The universities can either be General, Applied Sciences or The Free University of Berlin and The University of Munich are two of the most sought-after universities in Europe located in Germany.

Read More : Study in Germany

Study in Italy
If you wish to study arts or music in Europe, Italy can turn out to be a good option for you. It is a founding & standing member of the “European Area of Higher Education”. The University of Bologna and the Scuola Normale Superiore are two of the top universities in Italy. Read More

Study in Sweden
Another great option for pursuing higher education in Europe is Sweden. Many international students study in Sweden.

There are 61 universities in Sweden, and almost all of them come under the Bologna Process, which means that their academic structure is similar to other countries in Europe. Top universities located in Sweden include Karolinska Institute, the University of Stockholm, and Uppsala University.

Study in Finland
In terms of education, Finland ranks the best in the world. Other than that, it is also top-ranked in terms of quality of life and human development.Therefore, if you pursue your higher education in Finland, you will surely gain overall development.

Study in Norway
Norway is a Scandinavian country where most of the higher educational institutions are state-run. Two of the key objectives of the Norwegian Ministry of Education & Research are international cooperation and student mobility. This ensures that they accept international students with open arms. At present, around 13,000 international students are studying in the higher educational institutions of Norway.

Study in Spain
Spain is a western European country that offers top-class education at very affordable fees. There are many study programs to choose from, including Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate. The Universities in Spain rank pretty high among the international rankings.

Study in Switzerland
If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature while you pursue a higher educational degree, Switzerland is the best option for you. The universities located in Zürich, Geneva, and Basel are among the top global universities. In addition, there are 10 Cantonal Universities and 2 Federal Institutes of Technology located in Switzerland that is most sought-after by students who wish to study in Switzerland.

Study in Austria
Austria offers state-of-the-art research facilities to all higher education students. The majority of universities in Austria are state-funded and autonomous, which means that the cost of education is quite affordable in Austria. As Austria is well known for its research-based academic courses, it is a good destination for STEM students.

Study in Belgium
Belgium is an exciting study overseas destination for the Indian student’s community as there are various programs on offer. Some of the oldest universities of Europe are located in Belgium, including the KU Leuven, established about 600 years ago. In addition, there are several other universities in Belgium that rank among the top 100 global universities.

Study in Denmark
Along with Norway and Sweden, Denmark is also a part of Scandinavia. As a result, international students are offered various academic programs in the universities and colleges located in Denmark. A few top-ranked universities in Denmark are Copenhagen University, Aarhus University, and DTU (Technical University of Denmark).

Delegation of the European Union to India Address

Number 5, Road Market, Shanti Niketan, New Delhi District, Delhi. Pin code 110021.India
Phone:+91 11 6678 1919

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