Free Education Countries for Indian Students with Scholarship to Study Abroad

Studying abroad allows access to some of the best education systems globally. However, the high fees and living costs are often barriers, especially for Indian students. Fortunately, many nations provide free or highly low-cost higher education, even for international students. Learn more about Free Education Countries for Indian Students , Free Education Abroad Courses and free scholarship to study abroad for International students.

Free Education Countries for Indian Students Free Education Countries for Indian Students with Scholarship to Study Abroad

Countries Offering Free Education Abroad for Indian Students

Several countries offer free tuition and education for international students, making studying abroad more affordable and accessible. Some leading destinations with free or minimal fees for Indian students are:


Germany is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for Indians, with over 12,000 students enrolled in its universities in 2022. Educational institutes across Germany charge no tuition fees for national and international students, making higher education completely free. Whether pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, or PhD programs, you incur zero tuition expenses in publicly funded universities. The only payable charges are administration fees of around 110-250 EUR per semester and nominal charges towards public transport and books.

Scholarships covering full living costs are also available from governmental and private organizations like DAAD or Charitable Foundations for academically exceptional students. The award amounts typically range from 850 to 1200 EUR monthly, along with health insurance coverage.


Norway is another preferred study abroad choice for free education and high living standards. All public universities funded by the Norwegian government offer full tuition fee waivers for national and international students. This allows completing programs like bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, or professional courses without paying any program fees. Only an annual student contribution fee of around NOK 500-600 and modest semester registration fees ranging between NOK 300 to 600 is applicable.

Numerous merit-based scholarships are also accessible, such as the Quota Scheme Scholarship, Norway Grants, or EEA Grants, which provide financial coverage towards living expenses. The average scholarship amount is around NOK 12,000 per month.


Sweden has one of the world’s highest living standards and offers excellent quality of life for residents and immigrants. It allows students from outside the EU/EEA region to study full-time without paying application or tuition fees, provided they are learning Swedish or enrolled in programs instructed in English. Ph.D. programs at Swedish universities are also free from fees and often include monthly stipends of around 12,000 to 18,000 SEK.

The Swedish Institute and universities offer a range of generous scholarships, from 30,000 SEK to completely waived living costs and insurance coverage.


Austria is a central European nation, allowing affordable, world-class education opportunities. Public universities do not charge tuition fees to national and international students pursuing bachelor’s or diploma programs. At the Master’s level precisely, no tuition fees apply for 400+ English-taught programs across fields like Computer Science, International Relations, Business Administration, etc.

The country also has an excellent scholarship system for supporting international students through financial coverage for monthly stipends, accommodation, health insurance, etc.

Other Notable Countries

Some other countries facilitating budget international education include:

  • Iceland: Public universities have zero fees.
  • Czech Republic: Free Bachelor’s and Master’s level education
  • Greece: Over 800 bachelor’s programs with no tuition fees.

So, by leveraging such affordable destinations, Indian students have opportunities to access top-class foreign universities and quality education without financial constraints.

Study Abroad After 12th Commerce for Free.

Students who have completed their 12th in commerce stream can explore affordable options in countries like Germany to continue higher education without paying fees.

Ausbildung Programs in Germany

Germany offers excellent opportunities to gain professional qualifications through the dual education system called Ausbildung programs. These are apprenticeship-based vocational training courses focused on practical learning.

Qualification Required for Ausbildung

  • 12th Pass (All Streams)
  • Minimum Marks in Plus- Two: 55%
  • Age: Minimum 17 years and Maximum 26 Years

Some key highlights are:

  • Zero tuition training fees for international students
  • Learn while working under the supervision of experts
  • Gain industry-relevant skills and strengthen employability
  • Monthly apprentice salary offered ranging from €400 to €1000

The major Ausbildung fields suitable for 12th commerce students are:

  • Banking and Finance
  • IT Specialist Program
  • Nursing
  • Office Secrteary
  • Mechatronics
  • AC Mechanic
  • Instrumentation
  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Architect etc……
    Check the complete list of Ausbildung Programs in Germany

On meeting German language requirements (B1 or B2 in German), Indian students can apply for apprenticeship contracts with companies without needing higher secondary qualifications.

The Robo MBA program also covers accommodation costs and provides a scholarship of €850 per month to cover living expenses. Thus, Ausbildung provides an affordable route to kickstart global careers after the 12th Commerce.

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Study Engineering Abroad for Free

Germany offers over 1,100+ English-taught engineering Master’s programs across specializations that charge no tuition fees for international students.

Some key aspects of studying Engineering Abroad for Free

  • Zero fees for public university Master’s programs
  • Cutting-edge curriculum focused on the latest technologies like AI, Robotics
  • Gain international exposure and multicultural experience
  • Excellent post-study work and settlement prospects in Germany

Scholarships can cover partial or complete living costs ranging from €850 to €1200 monthly plus health insurance.

So, the combination of no tuition and scholarships makes a Masters in Engineering extremely affordable in Germany for Indian students wanting to study abroad.

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