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medical pg in germany.

Is studying PG in Germany after MBBS in Ukraine worth the time and effort? Is studying Medical PG like MD, MS in Germany after completing MBBS from Ukraine a profitable option for international students? The answer is clearly YES! Germany is undoubtedly one of the most popular and best destinations for higher studies in Medicine for students worldwide.

Highlights of PG in Germany After MBBS in Ukraine

Germany offers the best and most affordable study options for overseas students

  • After three years of work, apply for permanent residence
  • Safe Place to Live
  • VISA with no fees

There are no MDs in Germany, unlike India. Study in Germany Only Assistenzarzt is allowed. You must register as a Hospital/Chief Physician to become Facharzt (Medical Specialization) for four years. Fachartz is continuing education that is linked to a job.


Given below are the two requirements for entry to MD in Germany Program:

  • You have to learn the German language up to the C1 level. It is easy to learn the German language, as the German alphabets are very similar to English alphabets.
  • The GMK Medical exam is required to obtain a license to work in any German hospital. The GMK exam can be taken orally as well as practically. The assessment takes 60 minutes. It takes 20 minutes to assess patient handling and diagnosing skills. Twenty minutes is for discussing skills with other nurses and doctors. 20 minutes is for case sheet writing skills.

The integrated Program ICPFMed-Intercultural Program, which lasts for one year, will allow doctors to do all of the above. The Program will prepare the doctors to become Assistant Doctors in German Hospitals, with a minimum salary of 4,000 Euros.

Overview of ICPF Med

  • German Language Level C1
  • Training in medical language and health care administration
  • Simulations for hospitals
  • Hospitations (Observatoryships).
  • Preparation for the GMK exam

There is a high demand for doctors in Germany as Germany currently faces a shortage of approximately 7000 doctors each year.


Medical PG in Germany After MBBS in Ukraine

  • 1 Year ICPF Med Course (for intensive learning of German language, preparation for GMK exam and healthcare training and hospital practices in Germany Fees:10,100 euros (Approx)
  • You will need to open a Block Account of 8,640 Euros for your one-year living expenses in Germany. This is required for VISA applications for Germany.

Application Procedure

  • Complete the University application form and send across the attested photocopy of required documents
  • Accepted students will receive an acceptance letter for admission. It must be signed and scanned
  • Transfer University Fees
  • Open Blocked bank Account in Deutsche Bank.
  • Skype Interview
  • Skype Interview IAS sends the original admission letter
  • Apply for VISA
  • Fly to Germany with your bag

Please note that the University fees may vary at the time of admission.

Overview of MD in Germany 

  • A doctorate in Medicine takes six years and three weeks. Exam (Staatsexamen) is required to be granted a license to practice (Approbation).
  • Only German is used for medical education.
  • It is very competitive to apply for a Medicine degree.
  • It takes a lot of energy and time to complete a degree in Medicine.
  • Scholarships for international students are not offered by any organization for students studying Medicine in Germany.

Admission Requirements

Similar to other foreign universities, all the medical universities of Germany have their own admission procedures. To participate in the admission process, all students will have to fill up the online application form. General admission procedures are given below.

  • A level certificate that includes one language, Chemistry, and two additional subjects from Maths. Biology or Physics. A subject can be completed at AS level but not Chemistry. + German language proficiency at level C1 or C2 (check university requirements). OR
  • (Feststellungsprufung). For admission to Studienkolleg, you must have a basic knowledge of German Language level B1 is required. The Feststellungsprufung will confirm your proficiency. In German OR
  • FSc + 2 years completed MBBS course at an Indian University + Knowledge German language level C1 orC2 Some universities run additional aptitude tests. Also, it is highly recommended that you bring proof of your eligibility. Three months of practical experience at the time you apply.

How do you find the right university for you?

Faculties of Medicine at German universities usually run degree courses in Medicine. Not by medical schools. A list of universities that offer degree programs can be found online. Or contact us for more information about the universities offering Medical PG in Germany (MD, MS, etc.) after completing MBBS in Ukraine and other countries.

Keep in mind that the most popular universities for Medicine are Heidelberg and Munster. Aachen and Berlin are the cities that receive the most applications.

What should you do before applying?

  • Learn German as soon as possible. Contact us if you don’t learn enough German in school. Medical Courses are conducted in the German language only, not in English. MBBS graduates from Ukraine and other nations can join Public health courses in English.
  • Get to know the German faculties of Medicine and their degree programs. Some universities recently introduced innovative curricula.
  • Do an internship in a hospital.
  • Choose your AS / AL
  • Courses that meet the requirements of Medicine If you have or plan to obtain an FSc degree, be familiar with the Studienkollegs and admission requirements. Contact us for details
  • Plan for your financial resources.

Points to Remember Before Applying for Medical PG in Germany

Doing a medical PG in Germany can be difficult because the entire process is overseen by the Doing a medical PG in Germany can be difficult because the German medical council oversees the entire process, and universities have a minimal role.

The first step is to learn the German language. Although it may seem complicated from the outside, this process is made easier by institutions that offer services in this area.

German PG Process for MBBS Doctors From Ukraine and other countries:

Step 1: German Language Learning (A1, A2, and B1, B2.1) (7-8 months)

Non-EU citizens can learn the German language to be eligible for medical residency in Germany. Online German language classes for doctors will be offered from Level A1 through Level B2.1 in India. Note: Indian doctors must take the A2 exam at Goethe Institute. The embassy requires this certificate to apply for a visa.

Step 2: Degree Evaluation/”Defizitbescheid”

The doctor has to give all the documents (Attested/Notarized).

Step 3: Receive “Defizitbescheid” & Apply for Visa. The doctor must submit all documents in order to apply for a Visa.

Step 4: German Language training B2 &C1 (Special Course For Doctors) 4 months

The doctor will continue to learn advanced German language levels, i.e., For the next 3-4 months, he will be learning German language levels C1 – B2 in Germany.

Step 5: German Language Examination – FSP (Fachsprachprufung), for doctors and JRship FSP (Fachsprachprufung)This temporary medical license is for you. For getting a temporary medical permit, you need to give the Medical Language-communication exam and Medical Terminology exam. It is also known as “Fachsprachprufung”.

Step 6: Knowledge Exam, Approbation Exam, and PG/kennitsprufung/Permanent Medical License

Doctors must learn as much as possible from German professors and colleagues and pass the medical knowledge exam to receive their Indian (foreign!) medical degree. Doctors have three chances to pass the knowledge exam in each state. They must score at least 50%. A doctor who fails to pass the knowledge exam within 3 attempts can change their state. They will be able to get two years of temporary licensure in another state.

The total length of the PG program is five years. All super specializations such as Cardiology, Nephrology, Radiology, Neurology, Urology, Cardiac Surgery etc. are available.

Why Join Us for Study MD in Germany After MBBS in Ukraine?

We are an established Education consultancy based in Kerala, India is well-known. Our firm has been in existence for over four years and is managed by a core group of highly qualified professionals who have extensive corporate and academic experience. We believe in transparency and a firm foundation in business ethics and integrity.

Stduysure offers you the opportunity to complete further studies or unleashes your potential in the overseas medical industry. Many students want to study Medical PG in Germany after completing MBBS in Ukraine and other countries like India, Nepal, China Bangladesh, etc.

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