IGNOU Certificate Courses List


IGNOU offers a plethora of certificate courses in various disciplines. The Indira Gandhi Open University, widely recognized as IGNOU, is a well-acclaimed national institution in India providing distance learning platforms to many students spread across the world. IGNOU is famous for its wide variety of certificate courses approved by the Government of India. According to the latest data available, Indira Gandhi National Open University acts as a reservoir of knowledge to 4 million students located in different parts of the globe. Let us understand the IGNOU certificate courses List, IGNOU Admission Certificate Courses and Diploma and Certificate Courses in IGNOU in detail.

IGNOU Certificate Courses List

IGNOU has curated a list of IGNOU Admission Certificate courses for its student aspirants. Listed below are the details of the best certificate courses in IGNOU.

  • IGNOU Yoga Course
  • Certificate Course in Library Science
  • Nursing certificate courses
  • Certificate course in guidance and counseling
  • IGNOU yoga diploma
  • Food and nutrition course
  • Cyber law course
  • NGO Management Course
  • Certificate course in food and nutrition
  • Certificate course admission
  • Fashion designing certificate course
  • Certificate course in nutrition and dietetics
  • Certificate course in yoga
  • Certificate course in travel and tourism
  • Food and nutrition course
  • Certificate course in disaster management
  • BCA certificate
  • Yoga certificate course
  • Fitness trainer course
  • IGNOU online certificate courses
  • CFE course
  • Food & nutrition courses
  • CMA course
  • Certificate course in cyber security

IGNOU Certificate Courses Details

Given below are the details of IGNOU Diploma & Certificate courses available for students who have passed 10th and 12th respectively.



IGNOU Certificate Courses After 10th

1.Advanced Certificate in Information Security (ACISE)

Course Fee : Rs.5,400/-
Qualification: Passed 10th grade from a certified board.

2. Certificate in Visual Arts – Painting (CVAP)

Course Fee: Rs. 16,200/-
Qualification: Passed 10th grade from a recognized board.

3.Certificate in Visual Arts – Applied Art (CVAA)

Course Fee: Rs. 16,200/-
Qualification: Passed 10th grade from any recognized board.

4.Certificate in Performing Arts – Theatre Arts (CPATHA)

Course Fee: Rs. 16,200/-
Qualification: 10th pass

5.Certificate in Performing Arts – Hindustani Music (CPAHM)

Course Fee: Rs. 16,200/-
Qualification: 10th pass

6.Certificate in Performing Arts – Karnatak Music (CPAKM)

Course Fee: Rs. 16,200/-
Qualification: 10th Pass

7.Certificate in Performing Arts – Bharatanatyam (CPABN)

Course Fee: Rs. 16,200/-
Qualification: Passed 10th grade from an issued board.

8.Certificate in Russian Language (CRUL)

Course Fee: Rs. 2,500/-
Qualification: No formal qualification is mandatory. Candidates of 18 years and above can apply. Class 10 level of English is desirable but not a must.

9. Certificate in Urdu Language (CUL)

Course Fee: Rs. 1,200/-Qualification: Anyone interested in learning Urdu can sign up for this course.
Eligibility: 10th qualified certificate

10. Certificate in Home Based Health Care (CHBHC)

Course Fee: 2,400/-
Qualification: 10th Pass (Matriculation, Board of Secondary Education)

11. Certificate in Community Radio (CCR)

Course Fee: Rs.6,600/-
Qualification: 10th Pass or its equivalent degree/diploma

12. Certificate in Sericulture (CIS)

Course Fee: Rs. 4,200/-
Qualification: Any candidate having a minimum of two years of experience in the field of sericulture. The experience certificate should be issued by the extension authorities of Sericulture/Agriculture/Extension/Recognized NGO/Industry departments.

13.Certificate in Water Harvesting & Management (CWHM)

Course Fee: Rs. 2,400/-
Qualification: The applicant must be a 10th pass out and should also possess a BPP (Bachelor Preparatory Program) from IGNOU.

14. Certificate in Poultry Farming (CPF)

Course Fee: Rs. 3,600/-
Qualification: 8th pass outs can apply.

15. Certificate in Beekeeping (CIB)

Course Fee: Rs. 1,400/-
Qualification: 8th Pass or candidates with relevant beekeeping skills can apply.

16. Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)

Course Fee: Rs. 4,800/-
Qualification: 10th Pass outs or candidates who have SSC/BPP from IGNOU or a DLC from Microsoft or equivalent can register for this course.

17. Certificate in Guidance (CIG)

Course Fee: Rs. 1,400/-
Qualification: Teachers of recognized Institutions Or those of you completed Matriculation/SSC/BPP from IGNOU can apply.

18. Certificate Program in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (CTPM)

Course Fee: Rs.1,800/-
Qualification: Adults who passed 10th grade can register.

19.Certificate in Energy Technology and Management (CETM)

Course Fee- Rs. 3,000/-
Qualification: 10th pass outs can apply.

IGNOU  Certificate Courses After 12th

  • Certificate in Arabic Language (CAL)
  • Certificate in French Language (CFL)
  • Certificate in Russian Language (CRUL)
  • Certificate in Disaster Management (CDM)
  • Certificate in Environmental Studies (CES)
  • Certificate Program in NGO Management (CNM)
  • Certificate in Business Skills (CBS)
  • Certificate in Functional English (Basic Level) (CFE)
  • Certificate in Urdu Language (CUL)
  • Certificate in HIV and Family Education (CAFE)
  • Certificate in Health Care Waste Management (CHCWM)
  • Certificate in Tourism Studies (CTS)
  • Certificate in Food and Nutrition (CFN)
  • Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care (CNCC)
  • Certificate in Organic Farming (COF)
  • Certificate in Human Rights (CHR)
  • Certificate in Consumer Protection (CCP)
  • Certificate in Co-operation, Co-operative Law & Business Laws (CCLBL)
  • Certificate in Anti Human Trafficking (CAHT)
  • Certificate in International Humanitarian Law (CIHL)
  • Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)
  • Certificate in Communication & IT Skills (CCITSK)
  • Certificate Program in Laboratory Techniques (CPLT)
  • Certificate Program in Value Education (CPVE)
  • Certificate in Library and Information Science (CLIS)

IGNOU Online Certificate Courses 

The details of  IGNOU Online Certifcate Courses for Advanced learning are given below.

1. Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management (ACPDM)
Course Fee: Rs. 5400/-
Eligibility: Engineering graduates/diploma holders, as well as Science/Arts/Commerce Graduates, can apply. Candidates with an equivalent, along with two years of experience in power utilities, are also eligible.

2. Post-Graduate Certificate in Extension and Development Studies (PGCEDS)
Course Fee: Rs. 3000/-
Eligibility: Any adult graduate can apply.

3. Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Education (PGCAE)
Course Fee: Rs. 3,600/-
Eligibility: Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree from any university/institution.

4. Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law (PGCCL)
Course Fee: Rs. 8400/-
Eligibility:  Graduates from any university are eligible. The 4th and 5th-year students of any institute taking Integrated LLB courses are also eligible for admissions.

5. PG Certificate in Patent Practice (PGCPP)
Course Fee: Rs. 9,600/-
Eligibility: Candidates with a degree in Science/Technology/Medicine/Law. Candidates with knowledge of patents and technology transfer are preferred.

6. PG Certificate in Bangla-Hindi Translation (PGCBHT)
Course Fee: Rs. 1800/-
Eligibility: Any graduate with the required skills can apply.

7. PG Certificate in Malayalam-Hindi Translation (PGCMHT)
Course Fee: Rs. 1800/-
Eligibility: Graduation

8. Post Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy (PGCAP)
Course Fee: Rs. 3,600/-
Eligibility: Graduate belonging to any stream.

9. Post Graduate Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies (PGCGPS)
Course Fee: Rs. 2,400
Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline.

10. Post Graduate Certificate in Information and Assistive Technologies for the Instructors of Visually Impaired (PGCIATIVI)
Course Fee: Rs. 6000/-
Eligibility: Bachelor in Computer Science/Graduate with a diploma in Computer Science/Graduate in any stream plus an attendee of CIT program designed by IGNOU.

11. Post Graduate Certificate in Geoinformatics (PGCGI)
Course Fee: Rs. 6000/-
Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline from a certified University.

12. Certificate in Indigenous Art Practices (CIAP)
Course Fee: Rs. 200/-
Eligibility: Functional literates may apply.

13. Certificate in Teaching of English as a Second Language (CTE)
Course Fee: Rs. 2400/-
Eligibility: Graduation or 3 years of B.EL.ED or 2 years of PTT, ETT or 10+2 or equivalent with 2 years of teaching experience.

14. Certificate in Urdu Language (CUL)
Course Fee: Rs. 1200/-
Eligibility: Anyone aspiring to study Urdu may apply.

15. Certificate in Social Work and Criminal Justice System (CSWCJS)
Course Fee: Rs. 1400/-
Eligibility: Graduation in any stream is required.

16. Certificate in Newborn and Infant Nursing (CNIN)
Course Fee: Rs. 6600/-
Eligibility: Nursing professionals with a diploma in General Nursing or Midwifery or above can apply.

17. Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Nursing (CMCHN)
Course Fee: 6,600
Eligibility: i) Nursing Professionals (RNRM) with a Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) and above
ii) Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) /Female Health Worker (FHW)/ Health Supervisor (HS)/ Lady Health Visitor (LHV)/Public Health Nurse (PHN).

18. Certificate in Home Based Health Care (CHBHC)
Course Fee: Rs. 2400/-
Eligibility: 10th pass (Matriculation, Secondary School of Boards)

19. Certificate in Food and Nutrition (CFN)
Course Fee: Rs. 1400
Eligibility: Adults of 18 years and above having relevant interests may apply.

20. Certificate in Rural Development (CRD)
Course Fee: Rs. 1800/-
Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree is a must.

21. Certificate in Guidance (CIG)

Course Fee: Rs. 1400/-
Eligibility: Teachers from recognized institutions/ educators who completed SSC/BPP from IGNOU may register.

22. Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution
Course Fee: Rs. 3600/-
Eligibility: Electrical Technicians /Equivalent tradesman/private electrical technicians completed 8th grade can apply.

23. Appreciation Course on Environment (ACE)
Course Fee: Rs. 1200/-
Eligibility: Graduates from any University can register for this program

24. Appreciation Course on Population and Sustainable Development (ACPSD)
Course Fee: Rs. 1000
Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a certified University is essential.

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IGNOU Certificate Courses – FAQ

1.What are the eligibility criteria for IGNOU certificate courses?
The eligibility varies depending on the course content. IGNOU offers certificate programs for Postgraduates, Graduates, 10th and 12th pass outs. There are even courses that do not require formal qualifications for admissions.

2. Can international students apply for IGNOU programs?
Yes, International students can enroll in IGNOU courses if they satisfy the proposed eligibility criteria. Also, it is instructed to send a NOC from their concerned embassies.

Conclusion: We hope this information on ‘IGNOU Certificate courses and Diploma and Certificate Courses in IGNOU’ has helped you. For more clarification, get in touch with us through the comment box below.

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