How to Work as a Doctor in Germany? Jobs for Indian Doctors in Germany

work as a doctor in germany

The medical profession in Germany has come a long way and continues to develop new methods and treatments to improve the quality of life for its patients. Medical PG in Germany after MBBS is becoming increasingly popular as a way to achieve an advanced degree in medicine. German medical PG courses offer an excellent opportunity for students to gain the experience and skills they need to work in healthcare settings. This post may be helpful if you want to know how to work as a Doctor in Germany and Job opportunities for Indian Doctors in Germany.

The medical industry in Germany is diverse and includes a variety of medical professionals. Many of these professionals are licensed by state or federal governments. In addition, there is a large private sector in the medical field. Medical PG in Germany is legalized and regulated by the State Medical Association. The council establishes the requirements for medical PG in Germany and sets forth the legal framework. The Government also controls the medical PG through a network of public health clinics that offer medical PG. MD in Germany is a regulated profession that provides a variety of degrees and certificates.  A doctor’s job in Germany offers good pay and benefits and several opportunities for advancement.

How to Apply for Doctor’s License to Practice in Germany?

The first step to finding jobs for Indian Doctors in Germany is applying for a Doctor’s license to practice in Germany, known as “Approbation.” The Approbation is the medical license issued to doctors to practice in Germany. Approbation is mandatory for doctors to practice in Germany.

work as a doctor in germanySteps to Work as a Doctor in Germany after MBBS from India

There are two options if you want to work as a doctor in Germany after completing your MBBS in India.

Option-1. (Learn German in India)

  • Apply for Approbation (License to practice in Germany). Below are the requirements to apply for Approbation.
  • Pass the German language up to B2 or C1 level in India (takes seven months to 1 year)
  • Attend the FSP program in Germany (takes nine months to 1 year)
  • Work as a junior doctor in Germany with Berufserlaubnis after passing the FSP
  • Apply for PG or continue to work as a doctor and give Kenntnisprufung (permanent license)
  • Apply for Approbation for the unrestricted professional permit. 

Option-2.- (Learn German in Germany) Easy Option

  • Apply for a one-year German language training program in Germany
  • Learn basic German in India and complete A1 to B2/C1 in Germany
  • Pass the FSP program in Germany (takes nine months to 1 year)
  • Work as a junior doctor in Germany with Berufserlaubnis after passing the FSP
  • Apply for PG or continue to work as a doctor and give Kenntnisprufung (permanent license)
  • Apply for Approbation for the unrestricted professional permit.

Please contact us for more information about job opportunities for Doctors in Germany OR PG in Germany after completing MBBS in India.

For more details Send your Enquiry OR Call /Whatsapp 9947320299 (Sanoj Abraham)

Requirements to Work as a Doctor in Germany

These are the requirements to work as a Doctor in Germany.

  • You must have completed your MBBS from Universities in India, or foreign medical graduates should have passed MCI/NMC screening test OR hold the license to practice in India or the country where you have studied MBBS. (Except for EU MBBS Degrees)
  • The state medical authorities will check the equivalency, and if there are significant differences, the candidates may be asked to undergo Kenntnissprüfung (medical equivalence exam) to consider. But MBBS degrees from other countries are usually deemed equivalent to MBBS in Germany.

Approbation (Approval)Procedure

The first step is to apply for Approbation from the concerned approbation authority where you want to work in Germany. It is also possible to apply for Doctor’s license from outside Germany. The next step of the process primarily depends on the country from which you received your medical education and its recognition. The Approbation process will depend on the professional qualifications of the applicant.

Requirements for Approbation

To be eligible for Approbation to practice as a doctor in Germany, you’ll have to show that you’ve completed your medical education. Authorization to practice doesn’t represent recognition of professional credentials. To get Approbation, you need to pass B2 German language, Fachsprachprüfung (FSP), and Kenntnisprüfung (KP).

Approbation (Approval) Procedures for Doctors from India and Non-EU Countries

The verification and equivalency process from non-European countries will be done manually. The approbation process sometimes requires the verification of the certificates from the institutions where the applicant has completed his education, including the course duration and experience, to confirm the applicant needs the educational standards set by the authorities. 

Proficiency in the German language is required for the Approbation process. Generally, if the qualification meets the required duration and experience, the Approbation process takes lesser time.

If your qualification differs from the German MBBS standard, you can undergo an aptitude test for Approval. In the meantime, some states may issue a temporary authorization to practice as a junior doctor for a certain period.

Documents Required for Approbation Process

Below are the necessary documents for Approbation.

  • Valid Passport
  • Offer letter from Germany 
  • Duration of the course
  • Training Details
  • Work Experience
  • Professional
  • The license in your home country
  • Declaration to practice in Germany
  • Medical Fitness
  • Vaccination Certificates
  • Bank statements to show fund
  • Certificate of Good Character 
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Language Proficiency Certificates
  • Documents translated into German.

All documents in English and other languages should be translated into German by the approved translators before submission. If you require more clarification about the documents, please contact us.

Documents Required for Visa.

All applicants from Non-European countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, Bangladesh, etc., require a valid visa to enter Germany. Indian Applicants can submit the German visa application through VFS centers across India.

Following are the documents required to apply for Germany Visa for doctors.

  • All educational certificates from 10th 
  • Education Qualification from Germany or equally valid or similar qualification from other countries/ Employment contract from a German employer.
  • MBBS Degree certificates, training
  • Experience details
  • Professional license to practice as a doctor in the home country
  • Certificate authentication certificate from APS (Academic Evaluation Center)
Why study MD Or work as a Doctor in Germany?

Germany is a perfect choice for pursuing Medical PG or practicing medicine. The country’s solid medical system and robust economy make it an ideal place to study MD. You can make a professional career in medical profession in Germany with the right attitude and language skills. Below are the advantages of doing MD /Medical PG in Germany.

  • Admission is not competitive as PG NEET in India  
  • No tuition fees for PG
  • Doctors are paid around 3 to 5 lacs/Month
  • Many specializations available
  • Medical PG Programs are widely accepted in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, and all countries in Europe and Gulf region.
  • A stress-free professional life in Germany
  • Admission is open throughout the year
  • Quality of life 
 Work as a Doctor in Germany –FAQ

What is Approbation?
Approbation is the permanent unrestricted professional permit issued to Doctors after passing FSP and Kenntnisprufung exams.


What is the Fachsprachenprufung Exam?
Fachsprachenprufung (FSP) is an exam to be taken by every International Doctor who wishes to practice and join any medical training program in Germany. FSP tests the knowledge of medical terminology of foreign doctors in the German language. International doctors must pass the FSP exam to get a temporary license, known as “Berufserlaubnis” to practice in Germany.

Who can take the FSP Test?
International doctors with valid medical degrees who passed B2/C1 in German can take the FSP exam conducted by the state medical council.

What exactly is Kenntnissprufung?
Kenntnisprüfung is a test to determine whether the medical knowledge of international doctors who wish to practice in Germany is on par with that of German doctors. Passing the Kenntnisprüfung test is mandatory for foreign doctors to get a medical license to practice in Germany.


What is Berufserlaubnis Certificate?
Berufserlaubnis is a temporary license issued to foreign doctors to practice in Germany after passing the FSP. The Berufserlaubnis is valid for two years; during this period, doctors can attend Kenntnisprufung to get a permanent license.


What is Kenntnisprufung ?
Kenntnisprufung is the permanent license issued to foreign doctors to practice in Germany.


What is the cost of the FSP Exam?
The FSP exam fee ranges between EUR 300 to EUR 500, depending on the state where you attend the FSP.


What options are available for MD in Germany if my qualification is not recognized for Approval?
Suppose your qualifications are not considered for “Approbation” by the medical council. In that case, you can apply for a visa to study any health-related one-year PG program and learn German along with this training program. This diploma certificate will help to speed up your Approbation process and German language skills.

Can I practice as a Doctor in Germany with a temporary license?
Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, and Veterinary doctors who intend to practice in Germany need to get their professional qualifications approved by the respective medical bodies of the state where the applicant wishes to practice. In some states, the applicants can start practice if they hold a temporary approval (Approbation).

What is the salary of junior doctors in Germany?
Junior doctors with MBBS degrees earn around Rs 4 to 5 Lac /Month in Germany.


Is it possible to do MD or Medical PG in Germany without clearing the FMGE in India?
Indian Doctors, who have earned their MBBS qualification from China, Philippines, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, etc., can apply for MD in Germany if they hold a license to practice in the countries where they have studied. Students holding a doctor’s license to practice in these countries can apply for Medical PG /MD in Germany without passing the FMGE (Next) Exam.

Some states in Germany accept students who have studied MBBS from Ukraine and Russia without clearing FMGE or a license to practice. If you have completed your MBBS from Ukraine or Russia, have yet to clear the FMGE, and do not hold a Ukraine/Russian doctors license to practice, contact us for more information about MD in Germany.


Is German language proficiency mandatory for Approbation?
The knowledge of B2 level German language is compulsory for Approbation. Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, etc., are required to communicate effectively with the patients, doctors, and other medical professionals; a C1 level German language proficiency is mandatory to get the Approbation.


Is a German language proficiency certificate mandatory to apply for Approbation?
No. There is no need to submit proof of language proficiency while applying. You can submit your language certificate during the process.


How long it takes to get Approbation (License to Practice) in Germany?
The Approbation takes one to two years. During this period, doctors could be given a temporary license to practice in some states.


What is the total cost of the Approbation Process?
The cost of Approbation will be fixed by the authority where you submit your application. For more information, please get in touch with us.


How can I apply for Medical PG in Germany after MBBS in India without the German language?
You can apply for MD in Germany or Medical PG in Germany without learning the German language in India. You can apply for any one-year health-related program, learn German during your course, and then apply for MD in Germany. It is one of the best options used by many MBBS doctors from India for doing an MD in Germany without learning German in India.

NMC Approved Universities in Germany
For information about MCI-approved MD, MS, and other medical PG programs in Germany, visit NMC Website.

How Can We Help You to Work as a Doctor in Germany?

We are the top German Medical PG Consultants in Kerala for MD and MS in Germany after MBBS. We offer the below services for Doctors who wish to work in Germany after MBBS in India or abroad.

  • German language training in India & Germany
  • Medical German FSP (Fachsprachprüfung ) in Germany
  • Placement assistance in Germany after passing the exam
  • Visa Documentation & Application
  • German language translation of documents
  • Assistance for accommodation in Germany
  • Assistance with Visa documentation and guidance 
  • Assistance for Approbation
  • Support in Germany for Sim cards and other things.

If you are a doctor looking for agencies in Kerala that can help you to work as a Doctor in Germany or to study Medical PG, then contact us for more details and job opportunities for doctors in Germany. For more details Send your Enquiry OR Call /Whatsapp 9947320299 (Sanoj Abraham)


We hope this article has been helpful in finding out how to work as a doctor in Germany. There are many opportunities for Indian medical practitioners who want to work as a doctor in Germany. This country is a safe and effective option for those looking for a career in the medical field in Europe. If you are looking for consultants in Kerala, Delhi, Chennai, and other cities in India for guidance for MD and MS in Germany or guidance for Doctor’s jobs in Germany, please send your inquiry now.

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