NSMU Arkhangelsk Russia MBBS Admission

NSMU Arkhangelsk Russia

The primary mission of the NSMU Russia or the National Society for Nuclear Medicine and Nuclear Science Arkhangelsk Russia is to promote education, training, and public awareness in Russia and other parts of the world. This organization works closely with the Russian government’s support. Its mission is focused on maintaining the health and well-being of the nation’s people. Society has branches in many cities in Russia. Its Educational Institutes has earned a reputation as the leading centers of higher education in Russia. The institute’s main campus is in Moscow.

NSMU Arkhangelsk Programs

NSMU Arkhangelsk offers online programs in subjects such as molecular biology, mathematics, and nuclear medicine.  NSMU programs include lectures and seminars on different aspects of nuclear medicine and medical technologies. The students can opt for various post-graduate diploma courses and specializations in various fields.

The institute also provides training and education in teaching and research. In this field, students get exposure to advanced theoretical as well as practical studies. They can apply for teaching positions in universities or hospitals. Those who wish to pursue academic research can take up independent research or participate in an associate program. Some of the courses include nuclear medicine and biotechnology.

Before opting for the NSMU, students should check whether the college is accredited correctly. The NSMU certification is recognized by different countries, including the United States. It is possible to get the name online. However, it is not easy to find a good college in Mongolia.

The students need to select a reputed institution so that they do not face any problems while studying. It is not compulsory to join a college and practice the subjects on campus. The students can take up an internship during the summer session. This will enhance their knowledge and help them achieve success faster.

More About Northern State Medical University, Russia

Northern State Medical University was established in 1932. It is among the most prestigious universities in Russia in terms of the highest-ranked institutions in MBBS at Northern State Medical University.

NSMU Arkhangelsk Russia

The MBBS tuition fee of the university is also affordable compared with other universities that are well-known in Russia. NSMU has ties with some of the most reputable institutions in Russia and has ties with a few foreign companies that ensure the security of the profession.


Northern State Medical University: Highlights

Refer the table below for quick overview about Northern State Medical University:

Intake for MBBS Course September
NEET Exam Yes, Required
Annual Tuition Fees (approx) USD 5500
Duration of MBBS Course 6 years (Including 1 Year Internship )
Students Enrollment 11000
Medium of Teaching English & Russian
Ranking Country Rank – 148
World Rank – 3300
University Recognition NMC & WHO approved

 Why Study MBBS at NSMU?

Here are some of the benefits of learning MBBS within Northern State Medical University:

  • Northern State Medical University is one of the most highly ranked public universities.
  • It offers affordable tuition fees that make it accessible to Indian students.
  • The language of instruction used for teaching this MBBS program is English and Russian, meaning that students can attend the classes according to their preferences. For international students, the college offers English as a medium of instruction.
  • Availability of Indian food.

Northern State Medical University has a low-cost cost structure:

Particulars First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year Sixth Year
Tuition Fee 5400 5450 5400 5400 5400 5400
Hostel Fee Included Included Included Included Included Included
Medical Insurance 105    105 105 105  105  105
Visa Extension + Medical Checkup 85  25 25 25   25 325
Total Fees 5700 5640 5640 5640 5640 5640
Total of 6 Years In Dollars = 33500 In Rupees = 22,85,000

NOTE:1$ =Rs.73 ( It could vary )

Eligibility Criteria

Students must fill the following criteria for eligibility for admission into Russia to study MBBS at NSMU:

  • Applicant should be between 17 to 25 years on or before the 31st day of December in the year of admission.
  • Applicant must have completed class 12th using PCB and English subjects from any approved board in India.
  • Students must have obtained at least 50% of PCB within 10+2.
  • Must have a qualified NEET Exam.

Admission Process

Students should comply with these easy steps to gain admission to NMSU Russia to be eligible for MBBS:

The following steps are required to pursue a course of MBBS at Northern State Medical University.

Step 1. The student must submit their admission application and a copy of the 10th and 12th standard certificates and the mark sheet.

Step 2. Within two weeks, the NSMU will issue an admissions letter that confirms that the seats are reserved.

Step 3. Candidates must apply for an INVITATION Letter, one of the official documents issued by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Russian Federation.

Step 4. Applicants must present their original passports.

Step 5 Application for a student VISA at the Russian consulate or embassy in India.

Documents Required

Here are the essential documents to be presented in the admission process:

  • Copy of the filled Application Form.
  • Scanned copy of the passing certificate and mark sheet for 12th.
  • Copy of the passing certificate of class 10th.
  • Ten color photo with white background.
  • copies of the first and the last page of the passport.
  • Original Passport.
  • Original 12th marking sheet and certificate.
  • Admission Letter.
  • Completely filled in the admission form.
  • A copy of the pass certification and marking sheet from the class of 10th and 12th.
  • Copy of scanned NEET result.
  • A scanned copy of the passport (first and the last page)

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