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The mission of Smolensk State Medical University is “to encourage health-care education and practice to advance the frontiers of medical knowledge.” The city of Smolensk (Smolensk Academy) is located in the Tver oblast region of the Russian Federation. As the Smolensk State Medical University MBBS fees are affordable, many Indian students prefer this institution for their MBBS programs.

This city is famous for its rich cultural heritage, legendary reputation as the “White Russian Republic,” and a place where one can feel the influence of nomadic culture. Today, Smolensk plays a key role in transferring skills, knowledge, and medical advances from the West to Russia.This University is particularly renowned for MBBS, with over 4000 graduates from its undergraduate programs, and medical graduates have chosen Russia as their destination.

Smolensk State Medical University MBBS Fees Structure

If you want to pursue your MBBS in any highly ranked Russian university, please check out Smolensk state medical university’s direct application portal. It will enable you to get direct admission to one of their leading faculty or graduate programs. For a student who is eager to get an MBBS degree at affordable fees abroad, this medical University in Russia is a good choice. This is because you will be studying in one of the best universities that are internationally accredited.

Smolensk State Medical University Fees MBBS

Smolensk State Medical University is one of the famous universities located in Russia. Smolenskis one of the most renowned medical universities in Asia. The medical faculty of the University is recognized throughout the world. The lab faculty and the modern infrastructure are also highly recognized. The Russian government has also expressed its full support towards this University. The Academy of Medical Science of the Russian Federation is the main regulator of the national medical University. A major part of the University’s activities is focused upon cooperation with foreign universities and institutions. All the Medical universities have websites where you can find all the necessary information regarding their educational background, degrees, MBBS programs, researchers, and other details.

MBBS fees Smolensk State Medical University, MBBS Fee Structure 2021-2022

Molensk State Medical University, Yearly Tuition Fees Yearly Hostel Fees Fees in US$ Fees in INR
1st Year Fees 5550 USD 340 USD 5890 USD RS 4,32,915
2nd Year Fees 5500 USD 340 USD 5890 USD RS 4,32,915
3rd Year Fees 5500 USD 340 USD 5890 USD RS 4,32,915
4th Year Fees 5500 USD 340 USD 5890 USD RS 4,32,915
5th Year Fees 5500 USD 340 USD 5890 USD RS 4,32,915
6th Year Fees 5500 USD 340 USD 5890 USD RS 4,32,915

MBBS Fees for Total 6 Years MBBS IN USD= 35340 USD
MBBS Fees for Total 6 Years MBBS IN INR=  2597,490 INR
Calculated 1 USD=Rs 73.50

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More About Smolensk State Medical University

Smolensk Medical University was established in the year 1920 in Russia. Located in Smolensk, 360 kilometersfrom Moscow, it is regarded as one of the top medical universities in the Russian Federation. Smolensk Medical College is a leader in medical training, research, and preventive activities. It provides training for medical and pharmaceutical specialists in Russia and many countries around the world.

The Smolensk State Medical University is a medical university with 65 Departments, 460 professors, and teachers. The medical staff at the Smolensk Medical University includes over a hundred of Doctors of Medicine (MD) and around three hundred Ph.D. research assistants.

Smolensk State Medical University Information

  • Smolensk University is recognized by WHO and all other countries, including India, Sri Lanka, the USA, UK, and India.
  • Smolensk State Medical Academy is ranked 21st in the international ranking.
  • Professor V.G. Pleshkov is the President, and Dr I.V. Otvagin is the Chancellor of Smolensk State University.
  • Students from diffrent parts of the world, including India, Sri Lanka, Italy, and other countries, are studying here.
  • English is the medium of teaching for International Students.
  • The faculty of Medicine has 1000 seats per year, of which 150 are reserved for international students.
  • There are 450 experts teachers to manage 66 various departments of this University.
  • All the departments are equipped with Electronic Microscopes, Bio-Chemical Laboratories, and Radio-Isotope Laboratories.
  • Thirty-two hospitals are part of the Smolensk State Medical Academy. Eight of these hospitals have a capacity of about 6100 beds and are used to educate students.
  • The Smolensk University houses a dedicated large scientific institution, especially for fundamental, applied, and systematic scientific researches.

Medical Faculties at Smolensk Medical University

  • General Medicine & Surgery (MBBS).
  • Dentistry (BDS)
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Nursing
  • Social Work

Admission & Application Procedure

  • The Student must be 17 years old by December 31.
  • The Student must have passed the 10+2 Science with a minimum of 50%.
  • The Student must have qualified for the NEET.

Requirements of Documents

  • Completed and signed the application form
  • Class 12th and Class 10th Mark sheets
  • Translated transcripts should be done in English or Russian
  • Some medical tests, such as HIV testing, require proof
  • Photograph of any passport or identity card
  • Photographs of passport size

Application Deadlines: June 1 through September 16 Every Year

Smolensk Medical University Campus

Smolensk State Medical University was built in a campus system. One campus houses educational buildings, libraries, mess, hostels, sports complexes, playgrounds, cultural complexes, parks, and other facilities for students. For the safety of students and staff, the Smolensk State Medical Academy has a security system that includes commando guards for protection.

Smolensk Medical University Hostel
4 hostels in the Smolensk Medical University can hold more than 2000 students inside the campus. All hostels are of a flat type and with an attached bathroom, toilet, kitchen, and laundry room. A central heating system is available in all hostels. Fully furnished hostels are available. Two students are permitted to share one room. Separate hostel facility is available for girls and boys.
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