Kazan State Medical University Tuition Fees for MBBS

kazan state medical university fees

Kazan State Medical University is located in Nizhstal Svetova, near the city of Kazan. The main campus of Kazan is located in the town centre near the Old Town. This University offers various degree programs for medical students who want to pursue a specialization in different medical fields. However, the most popular degree programs are those in MBBS, MSW (Master of Social Work) and PhD (Doctorate). Kazan State Medical University fees for MBBS are much lower than other universities in Russia.

Medical education in Russia is highly regarded due to the high-quality healthcare systems. The mission of Kazan State Medical University is to cultivate highly skilled medical professionals for a healthy life through advanced medical research and education. Besides education, Kazan State University also provides other medical, related programs such as rehabilitation, patient care, adult daycare, hospital ward care, clinic care and pediatric training. Several hospitals in Kazan city are affiliated with other famous and leading hospitals, including Kazan University hospitals, Kaspersky Moscow hospital, Russian University of Medical Sciences, Russian Federal Medical University and Kazan Clinical Institute.

After you have completed your MBBS Degree at Kazan State Medical University, you will need to acquire a visa for work in Russia. The process requires the completion of an accredited college degree from an accredited university. After six years of study, you will obtain a Russian Certificate of Qualification (ROSC). If you have not yet received a Russian Certificate of Qualification, you may continue to study at Kazan University until you acquire one.

Kazan State Medical University Faculty

The main areas of study in Kazan include medicine, dental science, radiology, nursing and pharmacy. You can choose to specialize in any of these specializations upon completing the requirements. In year two, you will take an exam that will determine if you meet the requirements to enroll in a specific specialized medical college or not. Upon completing your MBBS degree in Kazan Medical University, you will become a licensed doctor in Russia. You will receive a Russian certificate. During your stay in Russia, you will be housed in one of the hostels provided for international students.

The MBBS courses at Kazan state medical University provides extensive medical training in MBBS course. Some of the medical courses are oriented towards medical coding and billing, while others focus on the more practical aspects of medicine. The courses include lectures, seminars and laboratory activities. The KSM students library University provides access to periodicals, textbooks and other reading materials. You may also register for required seminars, depending upon the semester schedule.

Before entering the program, you must secure a visa and pass several examinations. To facilitate the visa process, the Kazan State Medical University assigns a pre-medical student visa upon enrollment. Students who have a financial support package from the University of the Russian Government can accelerate the visa processing. Students who intend to stay in Russia and work part-time can also get a Student Residence visa.

Some overseas students departments in Russian medical universities will help international students who are facing problems in various matters. Students can apply for admissions to Russian universities either directly, through the nearest Russian embassy or the Russian consulate in India or seek the assistance of Russian MBBS consultants in India.

KSMU – Highlights

Name of the Institution Kazan State Medical University (KSMU)
Country Russia
Type of Institution Governement
Established 1804
IELTS/TOFEL Requirement Not Required
NEET Requirement Required
Marks Required Minimum 60% in 12th in English & PCB
MBBS Fee/Year INR RS 418,950
Course Recognition WHO & NMC/MCI
Official Website https://kazangmu.ru/
Medium of Instruction Russian/ English

Key Statistics for KSMU

Kazan State Medical University is a Co-education University where both men and women can apply for medical courses like MBBS. There is more than 1600k staff at the university, which is 7.4 total number of students. These statistics show the balance and volume of staff, administration, students, which is admirable for a healthy institution. This is one of the primary reasons why medical aspirants from all parts of the world especially India, prefer Kazan State Medical University for their MBBS program.

 Kazan State Medical University Tuition Fees Structue for MBBS

kazan state medical university fees

Kazan State Medical University Fee structure is overly low and highly affordable compared to other medical universities in Russia. KSMU attracts students from all parts of the globe because of this. It offers a great chance to get the best medical education for a very affordable price.

 Kazan State Medical University MBBS Tuition Fees 

Kazan State Medical University Yearly Tuition Fees Yearly Hostel Fees Meals Charge Fees in INR
1st Year Fees 6850 USD Included Excluded RS 503,475
2nd Year Fees 5700 USD Included Excluded RS 418,950
3rd Year Fees 5700 USD Included Excluded RS 418,950
4th Year Fees 5700 USD Included Excluded RS 418,950
5th Year Fees 5700 USD Included Excluded RS 418,950
6th Year Fees 5700 USD Included Excluded RS 418,950

Kazan State Medical University Fees for 6 Years = INR 2, 583,225
Food Expense                            = Approx 100$/Month


  • Kazan State Medical University MBBS Fee includes Medical Insurance.
  • Calculated 1 USD= 73.50
  • The currency exchange rate can fluctuate greatly and is subject to change, Applicants are requested to verify the current exchange rate before initiating the payment process.

MBBS Course Duration

For English-speaking students, the MBBS program at Kazan University takes 6 years. Duration of Courses like the Pharmacy & Dentistry is 5 years.

KSMU Accreditation and Approval

Kazan State Medical University has been duly approved and recognized by several reputed medical organizations, including the WHO, NMC/MCI India, ECFMGC, GMC and other medical boards.

MBBS Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students at KSM

  • Applicant’s 12th standard marks and grades will determine your eligibility for MBBS study at KSMU.
  • The applicant must be 17 years old or older during the year of admission.
  • Applicant should have scored at least 65% in English Chemistry Biology in the 12th exam.
  • To study MBBS at KSMU, the student must have NEET Exam.
  • Students who passed from the Open school system is not eligible to apply.

Please send us a scanned copy of any of the following documents to begin the admission process.
For more information or counseling, consult our MBBS Abroad counselors.

MBBS Admission in KSMU -Documents Required for Indian Students:

  • Completed application form, with fee guarantee letter.
  • Passport valid for at least two years
  • Mark-sheets and certificates for the 10th, 12th.
  • 25 passport-size photographs
    Medical tests like HIV, Blood Tests,X- Ray etc

For Students From other Countries:
Please get in touch with us for the requirement details and guidance.

Kazan State Medical University Hostel Facility
Kazan State Medical University is known for its excellent hostel facility for students. Six hostels are located close to KSMU’s campus. International students might find different sizes and facilities at the hostels. Three students share one room. All hostel rooms have well-furnished and heated rooms. You will also find the kitchen and bathroom in the hostel room. The hostels have six buildings that are equipped with security and safety measures.

KSMU hostel provides Indian food in many flavors and varieties. Many Indian dishes are deliciously prepared in restaurants, giving the feeling of being at home. There are many restaurants in the area. Students staying in hostels are permitted to prepare their favorite dishes in the shared kitchen of the university.

The weather is pleasant in the summers. Winter can prove to be difficult, especially if you’re not prepared. Summer is usually mild and mild, with temperatures that are moderate to high. Winter temperatures can drop to -15 degrees, and snowfall is quite common in the area.

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