1 Year Masters Programs in Canada for International Students

1 year masters programs in Canada

1 -year masters programs in Canada for International students are available with equal emphasis on practical experience and practical learning for the foreign students to master the necessary skills in a short time easily. The foreign students who have come to Canada as skilled workers find the Canadian workplaces suitable and easy to adapt to. The employers in Canada find the imported workers as highly skilled and dependable. The employers in Canada also do not mind giving work rate adjustments temporarily to retain these workers. As a result, it becomes effortless to avail a skilled worker visa for the imported professionals.

The government of Canada has also taken extraordinary measures to facilitate the entry for one-year Master’s programs in Canada for international students. This is possible because the government of Canada has granted recognition to the unrecognized rural schools, which form the primary source of entry for international students. These schools have made significant progress in research and teaching and are therefore eligible for admission to the competitive programs of the Master’s programs in Canada. This has been made possible by the government’s recognition of the unrecognized rural schools and their right to pursue accredited education programs in remote areas.

Universities Offering 1 year masters programs in Canada for international Students

Many international universities have also established their presence in remote areas of Canada, which offer quality education and excellent employment prospects. These universities provide recognized degrees and diplomas to qualified foreign students who complete their programs in these universities. These universities offer online Master’s programs in various disciplines like Nursing, Medicine, Business, Criminal Justice, etc. International students interested in pursuing a Master’s program in Canada can choose from the various PG programs in Canada offered by recognized universities.

Some of the Universities offering 1 year Masters Programs are given below.

  • Universities of Toronto
  • Westford University College, Ontario
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • Simon Fraser University, etc.

For international students who are interested in pursuing a Master’s program in Canada, they should first decide on the discipline in which they wish to pursue their Master’s program. If the selected field is engineering, the universities in Canada that have good research facilities and advanced engineering courses like the Masters in Aerodynamics, Materials science, etc., will offer good courses and better employment opportunities.

1 year masters programs in Canada


Those who wish to pursue higher studies like Masters in Education, Law, Social work etc., should look out for courses being offered by Universities in Canada that provide higher education like Masters in Education, etc. Some of the universities which offer higher studies in Canada are the University of Guelph, University of Montreal, University of British Columbia, University of Ontario, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Calgary, University of Prince Edward Island, etc.

The process of getting an individual with a Master’s or an MBA in Canada is not as complicated as it may seem to be. Almost every university in Canada has an educational portal through which prospective students can browse through the different courses being offered. In addition to this, there are various tutors who will guide the candidates to achieve the goals successfully. A prospective student who wants to pursue a Master’s in Canada should check out whether the chosen course is offered by recognized universities that have been associated with Canadian Research Councils or not. This will ensure that the student is studying in an internationally accepted manner.

Another point that prospective students need to check out before enrolling for a 1-year master’s program in Canada is finding out about the faculties and departments available at the different universities. Every institute has a different set up of faculties and departments, and thus the prospective students should be clear about which department they would be dealing with during their career. The online directories also help the students to know about the different courses and their requirements efficiently. Most of the institutes offer specialization options to their students to opt for specific courses that suit them better.

Why Students Prefer 1 Year Masters Programs in Canada?

Most students prefer a one-year degree program in Canada for international students because these programs help them obtain work permits. Because the majority of the universities in Canada can offer the International Student Identity Card easily, students do not have to bother about getting their original passport while enrolling for a 1-year degree program in Canada. Most foreign universities also provide the facility to upgrade the students’ skills from time to time. One of the favorite Master’s programs for international students is the Master Certificate in Social Service. This course helps international students understand the concept of social service and helps them apply it in their respective countries. Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about these courses, you can browse the web and find the correct information about these courses.

Popular 1 Year Master Programs in Canada 

Given below are some of the popular 1 year master popular programs.

  • Master of Management in Finance (MMF)
  • MSc in Financial Analytics
  • Master of Global Management
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Management
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Engineering in Marine Engineering
  • Masters in Engineering
  • Masters in Hospitality
  • Masters in Digital Media etc…

1 Year MS Program in Canada

Listed below are some of the popular 1 year MS programs

  • MS in Data Science
  • MS in Food Science
  • MS in Analytics
  • MS in Psychology
  • MS in Health Sciences
  • MS in Biological Science etc..

One of Canada’s most famous Master’s programs, which is quite popular among international students, is the Certificate in Social Service. The government of Canada has recognized this course as one of the recognized social service programs in the country. The main aim of this course is to help international students contribute to society and help Canadian citizens. This program allows the international student to participate effectively in the community through volunteering or to get involved in various community-based organizations. The most popular Master’s program in Canada, which the universities offer, is the Certificate in Social Service, which the Canadian government accredits.


Top 1 Year MBA Programs in Canada

With an MBA degree, you can gain the knowledge to manage businesses more efficiently. MBA is beneficial for people who want to develop managerial skills in an environment of business. Business organizations also favour those who can take on leadership roles with excellent communication skills and tackle complicated issues in a challenging business scenario.

The Benefits MBA from Canada

  • The process of obtaining a visa and admission is easy.
  • Colleges and educational institutes in Canada provide internationally recognized degrees at a low price for a short duration.
  • Business courses provided by Canadian institutions can boost the careers of MBA professionals, thus increasing their earnings potential.
  • The top class internship programs help the students get an understanding of the real business environment.
  • MBA professionals learn different aspects of business in a natural business environment.


1 Year MBA at HEC Montreal

Are you preparing yourself to advance your career? The one year MBA offered by the HEC Montreal will equip you with the abilities and knowledge you require to become an excellent manager. You’ll gain a vast network of contacts, as well as the confidence to take decisions and face the demands of today’s business environment.

Why 1 Year MBA at HEC Montreal?

  • A one-year program that is practice-oriented starting in September.
  • Projects for business consultation where students suggest solutions to real-world problems while also gaining valuable managerial experience.
  • Activities for networking with companies and alumni, as well as top-quality professional services for managing your career.
  • A world-renowned program that consistently ranks as one of the top programs globally like the Forbes, Canadian Business, etc.

Ivey MBA – One Year

The one-year MBA program Ivey Business School Canada offers is not just an educational program and exercises but an interactive learning experience designed to help you accelerate your performance in the real world. With its case-based method, the students will be taught the exact information from a lecture and much more. Students will become the decision-makers and be asked to evaluate the information, develop alternative solutions, and then make and defend their choices.


Benefits of 1 Year Program at Ivey

Achieving an MBA is a highly satisfying experience that will assist in the development of your career. Ivey Business School understands that a high cost of an MBA is when the students are out of the job. This is why their program was made up of only one rather than two years, which reduces the cost of opportunity while offering the highest quality program that allows students to reach their career goals and return them to work quickly. Moreover, its one year MBA program provides the highest rate of placement in Canada for employment three months after graduation.

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