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phd in north india

Studying PhD is the dream of a countless number of students in India. However, most of these students are unsuccessful in choosing which will be the right university for them in any particular country. Here we have provided the details of some of the universities to Study PhD in North India. We have included the details of these universities as per their PhD Admission Information. In addition, the details of the admission procedure, entrance, and other information are also given in detail.

Eligibility Criteria for PhD

In case you want to opt for any of these programs, here are the criteria for eligibility. The first criterion is that you should hold a Postgraduate degree approved by the UGC. Secondly, you should have scored a minimum of 55% marks in your Postgraduate degree. There is a 5% relaxation for candidates from the reserved category.

This will qualify you for the PhD courses offered in India. Indian Institute of Technology and Indian School of Business are some of the famous institutes in North India which offer PhD courses in Northern India. Some of the universities also offer part-time PhD programs in various topics

If you fulfil the eligibility mentioned above, you can pursue a PhD at some private universities. In fact, with an excellent education program, you can pursue your doctorate at your own desired university of your choice. Research programs have become extremely popular these days. Many students are now taking advantage of the doctorate program offered by the private universities in North India.

Top Universities to Study PhD in North India

PhD in North India

Below are some of the prominent universities to study PhD in North India with several advantages. You can choose from a variety of topics these universities offer for research.

Duration of PhD Program

The PhD programs in India take a minimum of three years to complete, and it can take up to six years in some universities. Usually, scholars can complete PhD courses in three years or can opt to take a longer course to finish in five years.


Most of these Universities and colleges offer doctoral research in subjects like Business Management, Health Sciences, History, Political science, Engineering, Computer sciences, science, Physiology, Geography, Literature, Environmental science, Finance, Nursing, and other subjects. There are several other subjects in which you can study additional specializations.

Some well-known universities that offer postgraduate courses and PhD in North India are IIFT, IIM Ahmadabad, IIT Delhi and the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. These Universities offer various research options for students seeking admission to PhD courses. Besides this, many other universities offer lucrative higher education courses in North India. Some of them are listed below.

List of Universities Offering PhD in North India

Listed below are some of the universities and colleges providing PhD programs in Northern India.

  • Shri Venkateshwara University
  • SRM university
  • University of Allahabad
  • University of Lucknow
  • Central University of Rajasthan
  • Dr K.N.Modi University
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Jagan Nath University
  • JECRC University
  • JK Lakshmipat University
  • Jodhpur National University
  • Manipal University Jaipur
  • Mewar University
  • NIMS University
  • OPJS University
  • Poornima University
  • Pratap University
  • Singhania University
  • Sunrise University
  • University of Kota
  • University of Rajasthan etc..

Today, India is not only a leading country, but it also provides an excellent opportunity for learning and acquiring education. Moreover, it is also one of the top universities around the globe. Therefore, if you have an aspiration to become a research scholar, you can pursue your research studies at any of the leading universities in North India.

The country has many colleges and universities that offer PhD in India. In addition to this, various organizations offer free education for people who want to pursue their doctorate degrees in different fields. If you are looking for better career opportunities and an advanced career prospect, you can join your PhD from any leading institution in North India.

Major Elements of PhD Process 

Research Proposal
The research proposal is an integral part of the PhD application process. The research proposal is the outline of your goals and objectives for your PhD. It includes the topic you intend to research that aligns with the university’s expertise and goals. The research proposal plays an essential role in your research and guides you through the work over the next three to five years.

Literature review
The literature review is a comprehensive survey of the current literature in your field that pertains to your project or related topics.

After receiving some direction and advice from your supervisor, you will identify, evaluate, and critically analyze existing scholarship and data. Usually, the literature review sets the context for your project before you start explaining and demonstrating your thesis.

Collecting results and conducting research
Research is the most critical part of every doctorate program. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t read or consult another researcher’s data again. Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in your field of research and include these in your literature review as required.

Different types of PhD research
Your subject matter will determine the research process and results you get.

  • In subjects like Science, Engineering, and Mathematics, the scholars will be focusing on the design of experiments and then analyzing their results. This involves managing large numbers of data, sometimes with collaboration from other labs or workshops.
  • In Social Science and related subjects, the scholar will be more focused on case studies or designing surveys in these subjects. These can produce either quantitative or qualitative data depending on the nature and purpose of your work.
  • In Arts and Humanities and related subjects, the scholar will often have less data on topics, that doesn’t mean that they won’t need to work with hard facts. Here they will analyze texts, sources, and other materials using a recognized methodology.

No matter your subject, your PhD will be dominated by research. While you will meet with your guide regularly, it is your responsibility to manage your project and monitor its progress.

It is common in some fields to start writing your findings as soon as you have them. Then, you will develop your thesis and complete the dissertation chapters.

Conferences, publications, and teaching of PhDs
Involvement in the extra-curricular activities will be a part of your PhD program. It can be enriching experiences that you will love to include on your resume.

Typically includes conducting seminars and supervising undergraduate students.

Participation in Academic Conferences
Academic Conferences are excellent opportunities to mingle with people from the same field and understand the developments in the area. It also provides an opportunity to present your thoughts and work to a large audience.

Publishing the PhD is an essential part of the doctoral program, and it enhances the value of the profile. While it is not mandatory for your PhD, publications can be a great help if you are applying to postdoctoral positions.

Conclusion: We hope you liked this article about the Universities offering PhD in North India. Your suggestions and feedback are welcome.

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