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With the advent of science, medicine has learnt to dig into the human mind and explore its numerous secrets. Psychology is a field of medical science that deals with the orders and disorders of human experience and thoughts. PhD in Psychology in Kerala provides in depth training for those who want to practice psychology in clinical settings.

PhD in Psychology or Doctorate in Psychology is three to five years Doctoral course that can be pursued in either Full Time or Part Time mode. To pursue a PhD in Psychology in India, the candidate must have a post-graduate degree from a recognized university in Psychology. The degree added to a candidate’s efficiency and established him or her as a better Clinical Psychologist.

Not only that, but Ph.D. programs also allow students to become eligible for the licensure in applied psychology. Having a doctorate enables the candidate to clear the educational requirement of practicing psychology in most states.

Research programs in Psychology are broad in scope and like any other subject that requires vast practical knowledge, psychology is taught in universities through case studies and firsthand experience to deal with mentally unstable situations. A Ph.D. in Psychology will allow candidates to work in a laboratory setting or start a career in the open world, conducting independent research on subjects like human behavior and mental health.

In recent times, it is said that a person cannot be called fit if he is mentally not healthy. The word mental health has far more significance than just two words. A sphere of science with immense scope of development and varied research opportunities has developed to make a way and show light in the unexplored tunnels of the human mind.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, in 2018, the psychologists earned a salary in the range of 4 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs per annum. It has been estimated that the profession of clinical psychology has a projected growth rate of 14.4% up to 2028.

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More about PhD Program in Psychology in India

The primary purpose of studying Psychology is to render service as researchers, practitioners, and scientists. Psychology has widespread demand in the modern world. A Psychologist can work as an advisor to the managing directors of large companies or the heads of states.

Even at the grass-root level, psychologists study the behavior and practices of the residents of a particular village or community.  Psychologists advise the social workers on how to develop their living conditions.

Psychologists not only study the mentally challenged. Sometimes, Psychologists are required to review the mental health conditions of healthy people so that they could advise patients on how to gain and sustain that. A Psychologist is not just someone who would administer medicines; a psychologist is also a mental health counselor.

Psychologists can bring changes to the community. Many psychologists are known to work with charitable organizations, talking to people to improve their mental health, and working on their daily habits to make a difference. With the increasing workload, there will always be a steady requirement of psychologists, and hence, the field of psychology will always be on the top of the salary graph.

The doctoral degree ensures the grasp of the candidate over the subject. Majority of PhD scholars in psychology have later turned into consultants and advisers. Specialized courses in child psychology or animal psychology can be undertaken to streamline the career in fields of choice.

Someone with specialization in child psychology is likely to be appointed as a psychologist in schools and colleges. However, someone who deals in geriatric psychology is more likely to find a job in old age home or hospitals. Mental hospitals are always in need of psychologists to serve them at different times of the day. Overall, psychology is a booming subject and will produce steady development in the next few years.

Also, if it is your dream to teach Psychology at a reputed university in India or abroad, you should hold a PhD in Psychology. There are many universities offering PhD in Clinical Psychology in India both part time & full time.

Course Structure of a PhD in Psychology in India

During the course, the candidate has to perform independent research on a relevant topic of Psychology and prepare a Thesis on the selected topic.
The course structure is classified into two parts:

Research: The study process where a student is taught about human and animal behaviors in detail.
Practice: Cases where the students are asked to put into application the theoretical knowledge learnt through pen and paper.

Syllabus: The course syllabus includes Advanced Psychopathology, Psychometric Assessment Methods, &  Practicum, Psycho therapeutic Methods, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Psychology I, Clinical Psychology II, and Internship in Clinical Psychology.

Eligibility for PhD in Psychology:

The average annual course fee in India ranges between INR 20,000 and 2 Lakhs, depending on the University, which is offering the course. Government Universities and colleges provide the degree at a far lower course fee than private colleges. However, some private colleges have been known to provide better placements. Therefore it is essential to seek proper guidance before taking admission in any of the Universities.

Expected Salary After PhD in Psychology:

The average salary of a PhD holder in Psychology is anywhere between 4 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs per annum. The salary also depends on the level of experience the candidate has in the field of Psychology. The salary increases as the work experience increases.

The joining salary of an individual who has just obtained a PhD in Psychology is about 4 LPA to 8 LPA. The demand for Psychologists in many different fields is very high and it will keep on increasing.  PhD in Clincial Psychology in India is attracting large number of students making it one of the popular research programs in most of the universities in India.

Job Positions for a PhD holder in Psychology:

The Job Profiles for an individual who holds a PhD in Psychology are:

  • Clinical Psychologists.
  • Social Psychologists.
  • Industrial Psychologists.
  • Educational Psychologists.
  • Research Psychologists.
  • Forensic Psychologists.
  • Rehabilitation Psychologists.
  • Experimental Psychologists.
  • School Psychologists.
  • Sports Psychologists.
  • Psychological Trainer.
  • Lecturer.
  • University Professor.

Top Recruiting Organizations for a PhD holder in Psychology:

Many sectors are looking to hire an individual who holds a PhD in Psychology. Some of them are:

  • Hospitals.
  • Laboratories.
  • Courtrooms.
  • Communal Health Centers.
  • Schools and Universities.
  • Prisons.
  • Corporate Offices.
  • Forensic Laboratories.
  • Mental Health Hospitals.

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