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The path of Knowledge is a road well traversed. However, no one has travelled all these paths simultaneously. It is vital to understand that when two roads diverge in the journey of building our career, taking the correct one can make all the difference. Study Sure provides the best Career Guidance in Kochi, has all capabilities of answering your entire question and relieving you of all your confusion.

After every important exam in our lives, we take serious decisions regarding our career choice. These decisions play an active role in moulding our future. After class 10th or 12th level exams, making life decisions becomes very challenging. Maybe the subject the student wanted to study from a very early age was out of his reach because he had fetched poor marks in it. Then, it becomes a necessity to choose a different subject which could lead to similar career opportunities as the previous one. Here comes the need of a career counselor to guide the student.

We at Study Sure have extensive reports of the career trends and the hot-cake career options. We conduct career guidance classes in Kochi and regularly update our database, roping in new and lucrative career options in India and abroad.

There are a few crucial questions that need to be answered.

Who is a Career Counselor ? Does everyone need to visit one?

A career counselor is a person or a group of persons who has extensive knowledge in various avenues of education and corporate life. They have excellent communication skills and will guide you regarding your career choice, not through words of mouth but by proper statistical data and scientific processes. Study sure visits schools and colleges and conducts their tailor-made tests to identify which career is suitable for whom. Adding to that, if a student wants help regarding any problem in his or her preferred stream of study, we will surely help him or her to overcome that problem.

Now the second part of the question, does everyone need to visit one?

The answer is YES. Choosing a correct career is very important and a student should not come under the influence of others while making this decision. He or she may end up making the wrong choice of a stream because of peer pressure or because of pressure from parents. Here, a career counselor becomes important. A career counselor is always unbiased. The conclusions of the career counselor at Study Sure, are based on scientific research and statistical analysis. Therefore, it is advisable that if a student has the opportunity of getting help from the best career counselors of Study Sure, they must use that.

Who needs a Career Counselor?

Anyone who has just taken an important academic examination and is not sure of what follows next needs a career counselor. For example:

  • Someone who has just appeared for his or her class 10 examination and is unsure of what subjects to choose for his or her 10+2 studies needs to visit a career counselor.
  • Someone who has a career path in mind but wants to verify it through scientific methods from experts needs to visit a career counselor.
  • Someone who does not know which school or which board to apply for after his or her class 10 examination must visit a career counselor.
  • Almost every student after his or her class 12 exam must visit a career counselor.
  • Anyone unsure of which colleges to apply must visit a career counselor.
  • Someone who is thinking of changing his or her stream. Many students choose the wrong stream and end up with frustration. Changing a stream is not easy and can be very tricky. So, visiting a career counselor is the right thing to do if someone does not want any trouble.
  • Students who are ready to explore alternative and unconventional career options must visit a career counselor.

Why We are the Best Career Guidance Centre in Kochi?

Study sure is one of the best career guidance centres in Kochi providing the expert career counselors available today in Kochi. If you are confused about your career and courses or looking for Career Counseling in Kochi after 10th or 12th, then you are at the right place.
Study Sure has highly qualified and experienced career counselors for providing career guidance in Kochi.

Unbiased opinion:

The opinions provided by the experts are formed out of data provided by students and professionals in various fields. These data have been collected for some while and have been analyzed to give conclusions. These theories are free of emotions and are in no way confusing.

Moreover, a career counselor at Study Sure will never ask you to choose a subject. Our experts will give you the pros and cons, the prospects and the expertise required to make a career in that field, maybe coupled will a few expert advice. Therefore, Study Sure gains a lot of points as a career counselor in this regard.

Choosing the BEST CAREER option:

And that is why we are here. We are ready to provide you with our analyzed data, and it will allow you to make the best career choice. Our data will be precise and easily understandable. Moreover, the best part of our data is that it comes directly from professionals in the actual field and hence is free from ambiguity.

The Course of Career:

Study Sure not only helps in taking the immediate decision. Study sure provides a student with all the instructions that he or she will need in future so that he or she has a complete idea of what to do next after each step. We relieve students and clear all their doubts and confusions regarding the entire course of their career selection. We offer the student a complete guide that will help him or her to make proper future decisions. That guide will contain information until the end of the academic career and will also give a guide regarding the specialization subjects.

Study Sure is the one place solution for all your career problems. We provide career guidance services both in Malayalam and English at Kochi Aluva Angamaly Kalamassery  and other areas in Ernakulam District.The qualities mentioned above are what make Study Sure standout from the crowd. The experts are experienced and have excellent communication capabilities to find out the best in you and guide you in the best possible way.

To know more about Career Guidance after 10th,11th and 12th in Ernakulam Kochi, please contact us by mail or phone. Our Career bureau  Team at Ernakulam will be happy to help you.

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