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In India, career guidance for students and young people is provided by schools and colleges during their studies. But with the advances in technology and emerging opportunities in new regions, the Career Guidance Bureaus play an essential role in providing career guidance services. Most of the Career Guidance Bureaus deliver face to face guidance with the help of qualified counseling physiologists and Career specialists.

There are a lot of confusing and vital decisions we need to take in life. One of them is selecting our career and choosing the right path that will let us be what we intend to be in the future. It is never easy to make decisions about things that we have never experienced in our life. Moreover, opinions are never the same. Something easy for one student may not be easy for another student.

Career Guidance Experts

Something that one student finds attractive may not be interesting for another student. Therefore in such cases, it is a necessity to consult Career Guidance Experts in Trivandrum who have an explicit knowledge regarding the various subjects and the outcome of studying them.

It is also essential to understand that some subjects or career choices that look lucrative now may not be very yielding in the near future. Also, after pursuing a career, it becomes complicated to change back to something else. We at Study Sure provide the best career guidance in Thiruvananthapurm for 10th, 11th and 12th standard students.

Role of Career Guidance Experts in Trivandrum

Study Sure is acknowledged as the top Career Guidance Bureau for helping students to choose the right career path depending on the area of their interest. With modern psychological tools and various assessment techniques, our career counselors help students to pick the right career path that matches their interests and strength. 

Trivandrum is the capital city that is considered an important hub for higher education in Kerala. The city is home to some of south India’s best schools and other educational institutes including government and private.

Career advisers help students make an important decision about their careers. The role of career experts is crucial as they provide a clear direction according to the skills talents and the aspiration of the students to achieve success.

There are several reasons why one may need to consult a career counseling expert. They are as follows:

1)  Varying opinions of people

It is a common phenomenon that when taking a decision, we get a lot of advisers who advise us for free. A lot of such people who are not actually knowledgeable can lead you to the wrong path. A rainbow of opinions makes decision making difficult instead of making it easy. A rainbow of the views is a larger threat to correct decision making. We all have heard of the proverb: Too many cooks spoil the broth.

2)  Pressure from parents and guardians

In India, the choice of parents and guardians play a large part in choosing our career and in deciding what we become in life. Though their intention is of getting their child to a respectable position, they sometimes lack the far sight required to channelize their child in the correct career stream.

In many families, taking up the family profession (lawyer, doctor, etc.) is the sole desire of the parents which they want to impose on their son or daughter. The career counselors at Study Sure first make an effort to understand the normal inclination of the child before offering any opinion.

3)  Peer pressure

A very unhealthy instance would be to succumb to peer pressure and make the wrong career choice. “Just because my friends are studying science, therefore, I too have to study science” is the worst reason one could afford to select science as their stream of study. In such cases, if one takes up the courage and takes proper advice from the career counselor, then his or her decision is more probable to be the correct one.

4)  Confusion or indecision

It is probably an important reason why one must visit a career counselor. Confusion is never a good thing when it comes to making decisions that can have long-lasting effects on someone’s future.

The next question is, of course, when does one need career counseling?

The answer is, every time a student is doubtful about his or her choice or wants to gain a more prominent and more precise picture of the advantages & disadvantages of pursuing a career stream. In simple words, it is advisable to visit a career counselor every time one takes a major exam in his or her life. A major exam means a major decision is upcoming, and every major decision should be taken on prior advice from counselors.

If someone is moving abroad to pursue a certain course of study, it becomes very important to make an idea of the university he or she is moving to and whether that course or university will be able to generate the expected returns. Our Career counselors at Thiruvananthapuram not only advise students about their streams or course of study but also about the colleges and universities that offer the best quality of the curriculum

Why Study Sure for Career Guidance in Trivandrum?

Well, to begin with, Study Sure is the leading career guidance bureau in Trivandrum. The company has solutions to all the above problems and circumstances. It is the one-stop-shop to end all the confusions about your academic career. The career counseling experts at study Sure, do not ask you to choose a career. They only enlighten a student with the advantages and disadvantages of taking up a particular profession.

It is solely the student who takes the final call. Career counseling experts conduct various workshops and seminars where a student has to go through several tasks and exercises to find out his or her natural inclination.

Once they have done that, they suggest probable streams & career options to an individual where they are more probable to outshine the rest of the competitors. The opinions are completely unbiased and are based on scientific results and data analysis.

We collect data from real persons in particular fields from various sources and scrutinize them under our expert vision before supplying these opinions to you. These opinions are a combined effort of data collectors, data analyzers, and career counselors. It is worth mentioning that the career counseling experts of Study Sure Educational Consultants Trivandrum are highly experienced in what they do. We also regularly update our databases with the fast-paced world to help you with the latest trending career choices.

Speculations based on scientific data & research helps the career counselor predict about professions that will be in high demand in the future. The rapidity at which new professions are emerging and many professions which were once of great value are slowly becoming obsolete is a very strong reason why one must visit a career counselor before they take the final decision.

With the bright idea of what one is going to do next and precise career decision, one is sure to succeed in the future. The expert counseling team at Study Sure , the leading career guidance centre in Trivandrum will put our full effort to supply you with everything that you need. Our public relation executives are always ready to be at your service.

To know more details about Career Advice after 10th & 12th in Trivandrum Kollam and Kanyakumari please contact us by mail or phone.

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