PhD in Ayurveda- Scope, Salary, List of Universities & Colleges

PhD in Ayurveda Part time PhD in Ayurveda- Scope, Salary, List of Universities & Colleges

With the development of science and technology, we have manufactured several medicines that could cure several illnesses. However, the age-old science of producing medicine from plants is very prevalent even today. The therapeutic effect that Ayurveda has on the physic and mind is sustainable and long-lasting. Unlike several potent drugs that have many side effects, Ayurveda is especially famous for being a side- effect free treatment for the broader population at an economical rate.

Ph.D. in Ayurveda in Ayurveda is a 3-year doctoral degree mainly based on research and discovery in the field of traditional medicine with an emphasis on pharmaceutical botany. In the field of Ayurveda, a PhD in Ayurveda is the highest academic qualification that can be achieved. The minimum eligibility for taking up PhD in Ayurveda is a Master’s degree or an M.Phil in the corresponding field.

PhD Programs in Ayurveda

Admissions to PhD in Ayurveda are made mostly based on merit. Having a high score in the Master’s Degree will allow candidates to secure a seat quickly for PhD in Ayurveda from a well-known university or college.

However, it should also be mentioned that some sought after colleges conduct their entrance examination for admission to PhD Programs in Ayurveda. There is no necessity that a PhD in Ayurveda has to be untaken as a full-time course. Many candidates prefer to take the part-time course as it does that hamper their job or their daily practices.

Many well-known universities (both Government & Private) offer a PhD in Ayurveda. The course fee ranges between 12.5 thousand INR to 3.3 lakhs INR depending on the choice of University, whether it is residential or not, and whether it is government or private.

Scholarships and financial support are readily available in the form of stipends for the research scholars. If a candidate requires financial assistance then, he or she can apply for a scholarship directly to the University or the college. However, in order to get the scholarship, the candidate will have to appear for NET, a competitive exam conducted by CSIR and UGC.

The main focus of Ph.D. in Ayurveda lies in a research-based curriculum that beliefs in sending out a sense of experimental research instead of theoretical study. This allows students to adapt themselves to the various requirements of being a certified person in the field of Ayurveda.

Since not many moves into the sphere of Ayurveda, therefore a PhD in Ayurveda candidate can expect a high demand when it comes to medico- therapeutic jobs. Since a PhD in Ayurveda student is well- equipped with all the skills required for general practice, one can have his or her consultation chamber as well.

PhD in Ayurveda- Specializations

PhD in Ayurveda is a flexible course and has undergone numerous changes in the past years. A science that dates back to historical times, Ayurveda has developed and adapted itself to suit the needs of humankind. Being a dynamically changing subject, the modern scenario, and the supply-demand of the market has split Ayurveda in various specializations. A PhD in Ayurveda candidate has the option to choose his or her specializations in the field of the wellness industry, therapy, traditional medicine, research and drug manufacturing etc. Some of the popular specialization are listed below.

:Wellness Industry: booming sphere in the sphere of Ayurveda. With the increase in work pressure and targets to meet, wellness of mind and body gets easily neglected. Wellness Industry deals with the sound and proper state of mind and body and maintains that state through various therapies, Yoga, and the magical power of Nature.

Traditional Medicine: It deals with the application of plant, animal, and naturally occurring mineral-based medicines to bring positive change in the mind and body of a human being. It also refers to various exercises and massages, keeping in mind different pressure points in the body to cure illness without invasive surgeries. In recent light, traditional medicine has been seen as a very sustainable and trustworthy source to get cured.

Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing :This process refers to the various Ayurvedic drugs that are required in the two above mentioned processes. Like any pharmaceutical manufacturer, Ayurvedic medicines go through a various industrial manufacturing process before it reaches the consumer. The method includes mixing, granulation, solidification, coating, pressing, and packaging.

Pharmaceutical Ayurvedic Research: Mainly refers to the study and discovery of Ayurvedic medicines to take the science of Ayurveda forward and to help it grow and develop. Ayurveda is facing fierce competition from the numerous inorganic drug manufacturers and is ready to recruit a talented individual to promote the science evolves.

PhD in Ayurveda: Salary
After obtaining a PhD in Ayurveda, a candidate can expect a salary in the range of Rs. 25,000 per month to Rs. 40,000 per month, depending on the standard of education and the quality of work that the student delivers. However, it is worth mentioning that with time, the salary will see a hike can cross the threshold of INR 50,000 per month.

Universities offering PhD in Ayurveda

Since Ayurveda is a science with its roots deep into the history of India, several well-known institutes offer PhD in Ayurveda.

Below is the list of Universities/ Colleges that offer courses in Ayurveda in Delhi, Punjab, Kerala, Karntaka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, U.P, Harayana, Chattisgarh, Uttrakhand & U.P in India

  • Shri Dhanwantri Ayurvedic College, Chandigarh, Punjab
  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
  • Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, Rajastahan
  • JB Roy State Medical College, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Ayurvedic Medical College, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • State Ayurvedic College of Lucknow, U.P
  • Shri Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur. Maharashtra
  • Rishikul Government PG Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Haridwar. Uttrakhand
  • Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar, Punjab
  • Ashtanga Ayurveda College, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  • National Institute of Ayurved, Jaipur Rajasthan
  • Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Ayurvedic and Unani Tibia College, Karol Bagh, Delhi
  • BharatiVidyapeeth, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Shri Krishna Government Ayurvedic College, Kurukshetra, Harayana
  • Rajiv Gandhi Government Ayurvedic College, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
  • NTR University of Health Science, Vijayawada
  • Government Ayurvedic College, Raipur, Chattisgarh
  • State Ayurvedic College & Hospital GurukulKangri, Haridwar, Uttrakhand
  • Government Ayurvedic College, Nagpur, Maharashtra
  • Gomatesh Ayurvedic Medical College, Belgam,Karnataka
  • Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science &Research, Karnataka
  • Sushrutha Group of Institutions, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Acharya Deshbhushan College of Education, Karnataka
  • Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences, Manipal, Karnataka
  • Ramakrishna Ayurvedic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Bangalore
  • Atreya Ayurvedic Medical College, Doddaballapura, Karnataka
  • Sri Kalabyrabveshwara Swamy Ayurvedic College, Bangalore
  • Rural Ayurveda Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Karnataka
  • Government Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital, Ernakulam Kerala
  • KMCT Ayurveda Medical College, Kozhikode Kerala
  • Vaidyaratnam Ayurved College, Thrissur Kerala
  • Pankaja Kasthuri Ayurved Medical College, Kerala
  • Shree Narayana Institute of Ayurved Studies and Research, Kerala
  • Amala Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre, Kerala
  • Sree Narayana Institute of Ayurvedic Studies and Research, Kerala
  • Government Ayurved College Kerala

Eligibility Criteria for PhD in  Ayurveda:


  • For a place in any of the top Ayurveda University or College, a candidate must have secured M Phil or Post Graduate Diploma with a minimum of 55% marks.
  • The required mark is relaxed for reserved candidates (SC, ST, PwD) by 5% to 10% depending on the University.
  • Various Universities have their eligibility criteria and Entrance Exam.
  • The Admission process is very easy for candidates who hold a Research Grant or Fellowship awarded by Central or State Government.
  • Students who are interested in traditional medicine and sciences must opt for PhD in Ayurveda only.

PhD in Ayurveda- Admission 2020-2021

  • The majority of the Universities conduct their Entrance Exam for admission to obtain a PhD in Ayurveda.
  • To sit in the Entrance Exam, a candidate must fulfill all the eligibility criteria.
  • After the Entrance Exam, a Personal Interview is held at the University.
  • The Admission process depends on the marks obtained in the Master’s Degree and the performance in Entrance Exam & Personal Interview.

PhD in Ayurveda: Syllabus


The detailed syllabus of the course is mentioned below to allow better understanding:

  • Introduction to Traditional Medical Science
  • Principles of BruhatTrayi
  • Sushruta Samnahita
  • Charak Samitha
  • Lok Purusha Samya
  • Nyayas
  • Atmatatya
  • Sonkha-Yoga
  • Vedanta Mimansa
PhD in Ayurveda Part Time & Distance Learning

The PhD program in Ayurveda through distance education is not valid in India. You can do your PhD in Ayurveda from the same place subject to certain conditions. You may get in touch with Universities & Colleges for more details about PhD programs in Ayurveda Part -time and Distance mode.

Career Prospects of Doctoral Degree in Ayurveda:
Having a PhD in Ayurveda allows you to choose from several career options. To start with, a candidate with a PhD in Ayurveda can become an Ayurveda doctor, which involves the treatment and rehabilitation of patients through Ayurvedic processes. One can expect a salary in the range of 3.5 to 4.4 lakhs annually.

One can also become a drug scientist, which involves the development and manufacture of drugs to help the community. One can expect a salary of 3.0 to 4.5 lakhs INR annually. PhD holders in Ayurveda can slowly make his or her way up the ladder to assume posts of greater responsibility.
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