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UDISE (Unified District Information System for Education) is an all India level school database Developed by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. It was created for the successful implementation, effective monitoring of Government educational programs, and strengthening the educational information management system in India. UDISE collects and classifies data of schools at different levels, and this information can be accessed using a unique U DISE Code of 13 characters, and this code is known as UDISE Code.

UDISE was formed by integrating the Elementary Level District Information System for Education (DISE) and the Secondary level of the Secondary Education Management System (SEMIS).

udise codeImportance of  UDISE Code in School Database

DISE was formed after the integration of DISE and SEMIS. DISE became the primary source of information in India’s education sector, especially for government-sponsored education programs like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA).

DISE is the leading source for information on the school database in India. DISE portal stores all India level school databases and employs a unique coding system (UDISE Code) to access and update the information on its portal.

DISE collects the information about the school infrastructure and other facilities available at school like drinking water, toilet and details of the number of teachers and their educational qualification, details of equipment, the medium of instruction, number of children with disabilities, examination results, etc.

It also records the number of dropouts and enrolment details of schools spread across the states and Union territories of the country. DISE has been successful in solving the issues related to school data collection and management by creating a UDISE CODE for providing and accessing all the information related to each school in the country. DISE eliminates the chances of manipulation of school records as the school will be held responsible for the accuracy of the school database.

How to Find the UDISE Number of Schools?

The step by step procedure to get the UDISE number of your school is given below.

Step 1: Visit the official website of UDISE (link is given below)
Step 2: Click on the “Locate School” Menu
Step 3: A form will appear on the screen. Fill up the form with required details like State, District, Block, Village, Academic Year, etc
Step 4: Click on the Search button. After a few seconds, your school UDISE Number and other details of the school like RTE Report Card will appear on the screen. Save the file on your computer for future use and take a printout if required.

Steps to Generate U-DISE Code for Your School.

The first step to generate the U-DISE Code for your school is your school registration at the SDMS portal. Once the registration is completed, the Block Education Officers (BEO) will start the verification process through cluster officials. If approved, a provisional UDISE Code will be generated for the school and sent to the District Education Officers (DDO) for final approval and to generate the final UDISE code for the school. In case the BEO is not authorized or absent for a long duration, the U-DISE code generation process would be transferred to the DEO within three days. The complete U DISE Code generation process takes around 15 days to complete.

If your school is not registered with the U-DISE and is interested in getting your UDISE code, follow the steps given below.

Option -1. 

Visit the official portal of the school directory management system,  http://sdms.udise.in/  using this portal; schools can register themselves and complete the process for getting U DISE code using the self-registration process. The U DISE code will be generated after the approval from the concerned block/District authorities.

Option -2.

  • Visit the CRC or Block Education Office (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan or Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan), in your area
  • Fill the details about your school in the U U-DISE Data Capture Format (DCF) and submit the filled to the Block officials in charge of U-DISE
  • Concerned Block MIS will check the school’s details and generate the U-DISE code after getting the district MIS officials’ approval.

How to Check the U-DISE CODE Registration Status?

You can search the status of your U-DISE CODE registration from sdms.udise.in website. Steps to check the registration status is given below.

  • Visit the official website of the udise.in
  • Click on the Registration Status link on the home page.
  • A new page will open and where you can see “Search Registration Number.”
  • Enter Your Registration Number, Mobile Number (Registered Mobile Number), and complete the Captcha column and click on “Search”.
  • You can see the status of your U-DISE CODE Registration on the screen.

If your school is not listed in the official website of the udise.in then you can contact the UDISE officials of your state given below for enquiry related UDISE Code and other matters.


SL No. State UDISE MIS Official Official email ID
1 Andaman & Nicobar Islands Sh. Abdul Salam spossaan@gmail.com
2 Andhra Pradesh Sh APSS apssahyd@gmail.com
3 Arunachal Pradesh Sh. Manoj Rai arundise@gmail.com
4 Assam Sh. Shahid Baksh sbaksh1107@gmail.com
5 Bihar Sh. Dipak Tiwari dipaktiwary@gmail.com
6 Chandigarh Sh. Dinesh Kaushik diney29@gmail.com
7 Chhattisgarh Sh. Shailender Verma mis.head@gmail.com
8 Dadra & Nagar Haveli Ms. Manisha Kansara pryedu.dnh@gmail.com
9 Daman & Diu Sh Adep adedp08@yahoo.in
10 Delhi Sh. Mithesh spd_delhi@rediffmail.com
11 Goa SSG ssagoa11@gmail.com
12 Gujarat Sh. Asif Savant savantasif@gmail.com
13 Haryana Sh. Bal Kishan Yadav itcell.hpspp@gmail.com
14 Himachal Pradesh Sh. Satish Kaushal spodpephp2@rediffmail.com
15 Jammu And Kashmir Ms. Sunita Fotedar jkssaujala@gmail.com
16 Jharkhand Sh. Sachin jepcranchi@rediffmail.com
17 Karnataka Sh. Purushottam purushothamakumar37@gmail.com
18 Kerala Sh. Saheer ssakerala@gmail.com
19 Lakshadweep Sh Irshad irshad35@gmail.com
20 Madhya Pradesh Sh. Deepak Verma deepakv23@gmail.com
21 Maharashtra Sh. Gajanan Patil mpspmah@gmail.com
22 Manipur Smanipur ssamanipur@rediffmail.com
23 Meghalaya Semam ssa_semam@yahoo.com
24 Mizoram Mizorama mizoramssa@gmail.com
25 Nagaland SS Naga ssanaga@rediffmail.com
26 Odisha Sh. Pravat Kumar Mishra pravat_mshr@yahoo.co.in
27 Pondicherry Sh. Ramakrishana ssapandy@gmail.com
28 Punjab Sh. Rajvir Singh rajvir1980@gmail.com
29 Rajasthan Sh. Jitender Goyal rajssa_jkg@yahoo.com
30 Sikkim Sh. Sunil Giri sunilgiri@gmail.com
31 Tamil Nadu Sh. Thalavai Muthu atmuthu70@gmail.com
32 Telangana Sh. Keerti Azad plgmists@gmail.com
33 Tripura Ms. Nirupama Talpatra nirupama.talapatra@gmail.com
34 Uttar Pradesh Ms. Arti Dewevedi ied.ssaup@gmail.com
35 Uttaranchal Sh. Mukesh Dhyani mukesh.dhyani@gmail.com
36 West Bengal Sh. Arup arup_biswas_11@yahoo.com

U-DISE CODE Contact Details:

U-DISE & Student Data Base Toll-Free Number- 1800-11-6200

  • Who Can Use this Toll-Free Number?

MIS Officials, Researchers using U-DISE date for their project and research work, and General Public interested in knowing the U-DISE Code of any school registered with U-DISE can use this toll-free number.

  • Language support available in the U-DISE Toll-Free Number
    English & Hindi
  • Official website: schoolreportcards.in


SL NO UDISE Information WWW.UDSIE.IN Links
1 States/UT  Website Details http://udise.in/statewebsites.htm
2 State Report Cards http://udise.in/src.htm
3 School Report Cards http://schoolreportcards.in/SRC-New/
4 District Report Cards http://udise.in/drc.htm
5 State Report Card- Elementary http://udise.in/ElementarySRC-2013-14.htm
6 States Report Card- Secondary http://udise.in/SecondarySTRC.htm?ay
7 Student Data http://udise.in/Downloads/Guidlines__
8 National School Information http://udise.in/dise@N.htm
9 DISE guidelines for Data filling http://www.dise.in/Downloads/Guidelines
10 Missing Schools Record http://schoolreportcards.in/SRC-New/
11 Udise.in Code Helpline http://udise.in/TollFree/Index.html

UDISE Website: http://sdms.udise.in/

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