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mehendra st portal. Mahendra ST Portal

Mahendra St Portal, Also known as the Speed test portal, is a leading online platform designed and developed by the Mahendra to help students avail of multiple online services. Mahendra ST Portal provides various online learning services like Online learning, Online Mock Test, Video Courses, Speed Test, etc. The students can avail of all services listed on the Mahendra Coaching St Portal as per their requirements.


Services Available at Mahendra St Portal

Mahendra St Portal is one of the top online educational platforms for students for education-related information services. The portal provides online learning services in various subjects like Mathematics, Reasoning, Current Affairs, and General Knowledge, etc. After registration, the students can log in to the portal and attend the various online tests and speed tests as per their choice.

How Useful is Mahendra Coaching St Portal for Students?

Mahendra Coaching St Portal is designed in accordance with the current online competitive examination pattern in India. The portal is one of the advanced learning platforms for various competitive exams. The speed test lab feature in the portal is highly useful for the students to get first-hand experience of time management at the examination hall.

The portal also allows the candidates to prepare for these exams by taking a wide range of online tests in their chosen field before the actual examinations, known as exams before the exam.Hence the portal is highly beneficial for the students to understand the pattern of the online competitive exams conducted by various agencies like Central Government, State Government, Public Sector Undertakings, and other companies.

Mahendra ST Portal Student Signup Process (How to Register?) 

The ST Portal of Mahendra is highly useful for the students who want to attend the various online tests like the Mock Test and Speed Test to check their level of knowledge in different subjects like Mathematics, Current Affairs, GK etc. Moreover, the job aspirants can take these tests without paying any charges to the Mahendra St Portal. If candidates want to buy books and other learning materials related to various competitive exams, they can buy it from the My Shop Tab on the portal.

Given below are the steps to follow to register into the Mahendra St Portal for Job Aspirants.

Steps to Register:


  1. Visit the Mahendra Student Portal given on this page.
  2. You can see the “ Register for free” section on the right side of the page
  3. Enter Your First Name and Last Name
  4. Enter Your Email
  5. Enter Your Mobile Number
  6. Enter Your Password ( Minimum 6 Characters with atleast one special character)
  7. Confirm the Password
  8. Select Your Topic from the dropdown menu” Interested in.”
  9. Click on Sign Up.
  10. Enter the OTP received on your mobile on the column and click on Login.
  11. A new page will be opened with a congratulation message of successful registration and details of the services you can use on the portal free of cost.

Mahendra ST Portal Login Procedure (For Registered Users)

  1. Enter Your Email/Mobile Number
  2. Enter Your Password
  3. Click on Login

Forgot Password- Option.

If you forgot your student portal password, you could request for password reset by following the below steps

  1. Click on Forgot Password on the login page. Link is given on the bottom of this page.
  2. Enter Your Registered Email Address in the column
  3. Solve the Captcha
  4. Click on “Send Password”

The new password will be sent to your registered email.

Functions of Various Tabs in Mahendra St Portal 

After login, the user will be directed to the dashboard of the portal. The details of various Tabs and their functions are given below.

1.Branch Services

The branch service section serves the already enrolled students and those who want to register with the Mahendra St Portal. All the information related to the admission card is available in this section. Given below are the items listed under Branch Services.

  • Branch Enrollment Information: Students can use this Tab to get information about their admission date, admission branch, and other enrollment details.
  •  Attach Branch Roll No: After enrollment, the students need to attach their roll number for availing more services from this Tab.
  • Branch STs Results: This Tab shows branch results.
  • Mahendra Class Assessment: This Tab provides class assessment details.
  • My Class Schedule: This Tab shows information related to candidates’ offline class schedules according to their batch timings.
  • My Request: Students can use this Tab to apply for duplicate I-card batch transfer and rejoining after a gap.
  • Notices: This Tab provides information about speed test schedules and essential messages.
  • Online Worksheets: This Tab includes access to a candidate’s online worksheets.
  • Payment & Dues: Click on the” Shown” option on this Tab to view admission slips, all payment, and dues information of the candidate.
  •  Special Class Booking: Students can use this Tab to book any special classes conducted by the Mahendra Online learning platform.

2. Online Test

This Tab is useful the registered students who want to avail of the online learning facilities like speed tests, mock tests, etc. Services available under the “Online Test” Tab are given below.

  • My Bookmarks- Student’s bookmarks are displayed on this Tab.
  • My Friends: Students can use this Tab to invite their friends using their email id or inquiry number and compare their friends’ scores.
  • My Result & Analysis: This Tab provides information about students Test results and Analysis.
  • My Test: Students can use this Tab to give speed tests according to their subscriptions.
  • Speed test Schedule: This Tab contains the information related to all speed test schedules of different courses at Mahendra ST Portal.

 3- Online Learning

The online learning Tab is highly useful in St Portal. This Tab provides all information and access to online live classes. This Tab is useful for Membership card Holders and students who avail live classes, Video Guru, and E Mica facility. Listed below are the features and Services available under Online Learning Tab.

  • Digital Learning: Students can use this Tab to view their video lectures ( Both assigned & purchased) Video solution for E-books and speed test.
  • Live Classes: The students who have subscribed to live classes can use this Tab for live classes. They can also access their live class library section using this Tab.
  • News Headlines: This Tab can be used to access online news subscriptions. Students can access E- New from this Tab.
  • View E-MICA: This provides access to E-MICA (MASTER IN CURRENT AFFAIRS Monthly). The E- MICA is an excellent source for various competitive examinations conducted by the Central and State Governments, Railways, and other Public Sector Undertakings.

4- Other Services :

Other Services Section provides all information that is not listed on other Tabs. Students can use this Tab to manage and update their profiles and check their assignmentsServices available under the “Other Services” Tab are given below.

  • Update profile:Students can use this Tab for updating their profile and change their login password.
  • My Wish list: Students can use this Tab to add services they want o purchase later
  • Leave your Feedback: Candidates can use this Tab to leave their feedback related to the services.
  • My Orders: On this Tab, students can view the status and details of services purchased.
  • Attach link / OTP Tab: Students can attach any services that they bought with the 14 digit OTP Number of that product.
  • Manage Addresses: This Tab can be used to edit the Address details of the students.
  • My Membership: The Membership Card Holders can use this Tab to check their membership details like the validity of the membership, Card Status, Membership Number, Reward points
  • My Package: Students can use this Tab to see package details included in account like speed test, Video Courses,e-mica subscription, digital package etc.
  • My Selection: Candidates can use this Tab to post their cracked exam and selection details.
  • Update Contact Number: This Tab can be used for updating the contact number of the candidates.

Free Services Available on Mahendra Guru St Portal.

Mahendra student portal is known for its free online learning opportunities. Listed below are the services the students can use without paying any charges.

  • 10 Mock Tests
  • 5 Full-length Exams
  • 20 Video Classes
  • 2 Live Classes
  • 15 Days full access to e MICA
  • 15 days full access to eNews Portal.
Paid Services on the Portal.
  • Bank Coaching Books
  • IBPS Clerk Exam Books
  • Railway Exams Books
  • LIC AAO & AE Exam Books
  • Mock Test for All Competitive Exams
  • Speed Tests
  • Mock Test for Competitive Exams
  • Video Courses
  • Access to e MICA and eNews Portals, etc..
Batch Rejoining Process:

The steps to follow to rejoin the batch is explained below.

  • Login to the ST Portal and choose the Batch Rejoining Option Under “My Request” Button
  • Once you get the approval for rejoining contact the “May I Help You Desk.”
  • Wait for permission to rejoin the batch.

If you face any difficulty in Class rejoining you may contact the student help desk by at  and call on +91 9212962777 & 9212925400 for assistance.


1. I have issues related to log in to the website. What should I do?
Answer: You can contact the Mahendra team on the Toll -Free No 1800 103 5225 or email them at

2.Is there any discounts offer or coupon for purchasing the paid services?
Answer: Mahendra does not run any discount offers or coupon schemes for their paid services. If discounts are offered, the same will be displayed on the screen.

3. How long it takes for the delivery of books purchased?
Answer: The delivery of books depends on the locations of the buyer, but it usually takes around 2 to 4 days.

4. Are there any chat options in the Video Courses?
Answer: No. The Video courses are pre-recorded and no chat option is available.

5. Is there any fixed schedule for Video courses?
Answer: No. There is no fix time slot for video courses. Students can watch the video any time from anywhere as per their convenience.

6. Do you provide the previous year’s question papers of the competitive exams?
Answer: Yes. Students can download the previous year question papers from the Tab “Digital Content.”

7. How to Report the payment related issues?
Answer:. Students can post their complaint and payment related issues at or call the below contact numbers from 9 AM to 6 PM on working days or by contacting the support team on 9212962777 & 9212925400 during working days from 9 AM To 6 PM. Students can fill the Google form provided below for a quick response. The link of the Google form is given below.

8. .What is the Payment Return Policy of the Products and Services?
Answer: No Returns/Cancellation/Refund is possible in any digital product.


SL NO Services St Portal Links
1 Registration/Signup
2 St Portal Login
3 Forgot Password
4 Free Tests
5 Mahendra Guru
7 Online Test Series
8 Video Courses
9 Live Classes
10 Membership
11 E- Books
12 Branch Admission
13 Online Admission
14 Student Portal FAQ

Conctact Details :

Mahindra St Portal, Mahendra Arcade, CP-9, Vijayant Khand, Gomti Nagar, Faizabad Road, Lucknow – 226010.Toll Free Number: 1800-103-5225 (Mon to Sat 9:00AM to 6:00PM)

Students Support Cell:

Toll -Free No 1800 103 5225
Students Enquiry: Email

Conclusion: We hope you enjoyed this blog about Mahendra Coaching st Portal. If you have any doubts/clarifications, you may use the comment box to contact us.

Disclaimer: The information above is collected from various sources online. For updated and accurate information about the Mahendra st portal, readers may visit the official website of Mahendra St Portal, before using any services mentioned here.

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