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If you are looking to move permanently to a foreign country, one of the best ways to do so is by pursuing a Nanny course and obtaining a valid Nanny certificate. If it suits your lifestyle, being a Nanny is very prestigious in foreign countries, and people will respect you. It can surely be an excellent career choice for many people. If you wish to pursue a Nanny Course in Chandigarh to fulfil your dream of moving to a foreign country permanently, make sure you go through this entire article.

All around the globe, many countries offer excellent opportunities to people who want to move permanently on a work visa. Pursuing a Nanny Course gives you the surety of obtaining a work visa (under the caregiver category) that you can use to move permanently to your dream country.  After you successfully receive your Diploma in Nanny Course, you will be eligible to apply for a work visa directly by using your Diploma. Many countries around the world provide opportunities for caretakers and allow them to settle without much hassle.

Job Description of a Nanny

It might come to your mind that ‘what does a Nanny do?’ Nannies are employed by the parents to provide nurturing care to children. We have summarized a list of duties that a Nanny has to perform.


  • Taking care of children, especially new-born babies. A Nanny has to be there full-time to take care of all the activities like feeding, bathing, playing, dressing and others.
  • Planning a nutritious diet for the child.
  • Making sure that the child makes friends and socialises.
  • Taking the child for outdoor activities.
  • A Nanny will always have to ensure the safety of the child.
  • Developing daily routines for the child.

Many people think that a Nanny is like a babysitter, but it is incorrect. Baby-sitters only work for a few hours, but Nannies have to work full-time and ensure that the child gets overall growth, both physically and mentally.

Best Institutes for Nanny Courses in Chandigarh

If you are looking to pursue a Nanny Course in Chandigarh or any other cities in India, you must select the best institute. We have mentioned some of the best institutes in Chandigarh from where you can enrol for a Nanny Course. Read on to know more about the institutes and decide which one will be the best for you.

To apply for immigration under the caregiver category, you will have to attend the classes and obtain a valid Diploma certificate. You will have to undergo full training with all the proper study material. Only after getting a Diploma, you will be able to apply for immigration to another country.

The below-mentioned institutes are well known and highly reputed for conducting Children Caregiver Courses in Chandigarh. These institutes will also look after the complete application of work visa and all the formalities of immigration.

  • National Institute of Nanny Care Chandigarh.
  • CHR Group Chandigarh Nanny Course Caregiver Institute.
  • Chandigarh Nanny Academy.

Nanny Course Fees in Chandigarh

The fees of the Nanny Course vary across the institute and largely depend on the course you choose to study.

Nanny Courses Duration and Fees in Chandigarh

Name of Courses Course Duration Course Fee Qualification Required
Diploma in Nanny Training 1 Year INR 40000 10th Pass
Diploma in Live & Care Giver 1 Year INR 40000 10th Pass/ GCE Level-A
Diploma in Old Age Care 1 Year INR 40000 10th Pass/ GCE Level-A

List of Nanny Training Institutes in Chandigarh in India

Listed below are the top 11 Nanny Training institutes conducting Nanny Courses of different levels in Chandigarh in Punjab.

  • National Institute of Nanny Care (NNAIC)
    Address: SCO 85, 86 2nd-floor Sector 34A, Sector 34 Chandigarh, 160022
  • CHR Group Chandigarh Nanny Course Caregiver Institute
    Address: 2nd Floor, Above Domino’s SCO13-14, 15, Piccadilly Road, Sub. City Center, Sector 34A, Sector 34, Chandigarh, 160022
  • Chandigarh Nanny Academy
    Address: CO 112-113, 3rd Floor,
    Sector 34-A, Chandigarh
  • Angel Care Giving Institute Chandigarh
    Address: SCF 87, Mohali Stadium Rd, Phase 3B2, Sector 60, Sahibzada  Ajit Singh Nagar, Chandigarh  Punjab. Pin- 160059.
  • Global Nanny Association
    Address: Building no 114, 115, 116 3rd levels, Sector 34A, Chandigarh, Punjab. Pin- 160059.
  • Mother-Child Indo Canadian Nanny Paramedical Institutes.
    Address: Dashmesh Nagar, Kharar, Punjab. Pincode-140301
  • Eden Group Nanny Coaching Institute
    Address: SCO 58, 59,4th Floor, near Punjab National Bank, Sector 34A, Sector 34, Chandigarh, Punjab Pin code 160022
  • Chandigarh Mother-Child Indo Canadian Nanny Paramedical Institute
    Address: Dashmesh Nagar, Kharar, Chandigarh. Punjab 140301
  • Bigboxx Nanny Association
    Address: SCO 64-65, 2nd Floor, Sector 34A, Chandigarh, Punjab. Pin Code 160022
  • Mother Pride Nanny Academy
    Address: Sector -34 A Chandigarh. Punjab
  • Paul Nanny Services
    Address: SCO – 32, 2nd Floor, Phase 3B-2, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160059.

Nanny Course in Chandigarh from National Institute of Nanny Care (NNAIC)

National Institute of Nanny Care Chandigarh (NNAIC) is one of the best institutes located in Chandigarh where you can pursue a Nanny Course and obtain a Diploma Certificate. It provides full-time Nanny training under the guidance of experienced teachers and ensures that you are prepared for the job overseas. It also offers quality vocational training enabling you to achieve your career goal without any hassle.

Alongside quality education, National Institute of Nanny Care Chandigarh also ensures that you are ready to apply for immigration and makes sure that you can ace the immigration interview. You will also be guided as to how you can obtain a scholarship.

The track record of NINC is good, and you will find many testimonials from students who have successfully moved to countries like Canada, USA, Australia and UK.

Nanny Courses Offered

There are four courses offered at the National Institute of Nanny Care Chandigarh. You can pursue any one of the four courses as per your comfort zone.

  • Home Nursing Training Certification.
  • Child Care Training.
  • Old Age Nursing Training.
  • Disabled Nursing Training.

These courses are certified from different hospitals, professionals, NGOs and global educators.

Nanny Course Fees

The Fee of Nanny course will depend on the course that you choose to pursue. You can get a quote by contacting the institute.

Contact Details

Address: SCO 85, 86 2nd-floor Sector 34A, Sector 34 Chandigarh, 160022

CHR Group Chandigarh Nanny Course Caregiver Institute

CHR Group Chandigarh Nanny Course Caregiver Institute is a 15 years old institute located in Chandigarh that offers Nanny Course. It is a very reputed institute, and it boasts a success rate of 98% for the last 15 years. The CHR Group Chandigarh Nanny Course Caregiver Institute is well known for providing Nanny training for immigration to countries like the USA, Canada and UK.

You will find more than 1500 testimonials that give a positive review of this institute. The course structure for Nanny training is covered in six months, and it is updated as per the requirements in foreign countries.

Along with the Nanny Course, this institute will also provide you with all the information and study material that you will need to pass the Embassy Interview. Key Features of the course taught here includes:

  • CD Sessions.
  • Laboratory Training.
  • Hospital Visits.
  • Seminars.
  • Preparation of Embassy Interview.
  • Driving Classes.

Courses Offered

Along with Nanny Course, there are two other courses offered by the CHR Group Chandigarh Nanny Course Caregiver Institute. The three courses are mentioned below:

  • Nanny Course.
  • CGFNS.
  • NCLEX.

Course Fees

You can get a quotation for the course fee on the official website of the institute.

Contact Details

  • Website of CHR Group Chandigarh Nanny Course Caregiver Institute:

Chandigarh Nanny Academy

Established in 2005, the Chandigarh Nanny Academy is one of the top institutes in Chandigarh to provide a diploma course in Nanny Care. The six-month course is designed in a way to enable students to settle in a foreign country, especially Canada.

After obtaining the diploma certificate, the candidate can apply for a work visa under the caregiver category. The institute will handle the entire process of applying for visa and immigration. It is an ISO approved institute and is well known for its overseas placements.

Courses Offered

Below-mentioned is the list of courses offered at the Chandigarh Nanny Academy:

  • Nanny Care.
  • IELTS.
  • PTE.
  • iTEP.
  • Spoken English.


To know about the fee details for all the courses, you will have to contact the institute.

Contact Details

  • Official website of the institute:
  • E-mail ID:

Nanny Courses Online

Many institutes started offering Nanny Courses online in this lockdown period. National Institute for Nanny Courses in Chandigarh is one of such institutes.  For more information, contact the Training Centre.

Why pursue a Nanny Course?

A question that might come to your mind can be ‘Why to pursue a Nanny Course in Chandigarh?’ Well, it is a great question, and we have brought forward some strong points as to why you should look at a Nanny Course for your career prospects.

  • Vast Scope in Foreign Countries: The most significant point comes out to be moving to a foreign country permanently. In countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and others, there is a considerable demand for caregivers. Every year, many candidates from India move permanently to these countries under the caregiver category. If it is your dream to move to a foreign country permanently, you should surely think about pursuing a Nanny Course.
  • Salary: The other point is how much you will get paid as a Nanny. You will be interested to know that the pay scale of Nannies in foreign countries like Canada and Australia is very high. You can easily earn a reasonable sum of money, and as your experience increases, the pay will too.
  • Extra Facilities: Once you get a caregiver job in any foreign country, you will be entitled to many benefits. Countries like the USA and Canada offer several facilities to caregivers.
  • Job Satisfaction: If you like taking care of people, especially babies, then you will get a fantastic job satisfaction working as a Nanny.

Must have Skills for a Nanny

  • Patience

One of the essential skills that a Nanny needs to possess is Patience. A Nanny should not be affected by mood changes and should be calm & composed all the time. Losing temper and getting irritated is a strict no. Working hours are long, and you may have to take care of difficult children. All this should not affect you, and you must remain patient and composed.

  • Communication

Good communication skill is also an essential requirement for a Nanny. A Nanny needs to possess strong verbal communication skills to be able to communicate with the parents properly. Along with this, a Nanny needs to be able to communicate with the child in a proper fashion.

  • Household Duties

Along with taking care of a child, performing other household duties is also very important for a Nanny. If you are taking care of a child as a Nanny, you will have to wash the child’s clothes, prepare food, and clean up any mess made by the child. So you must know how to perform basic household duties.

  • First Aid

Knowing First Aid is paramount for a Nanny. Many parents prefer Nannies who know the basics of First Aid. It is well known that children tend to hurt themselves while playing, so knowing all about First Aid is kind of mandatory for all Nannies.

  • Cooking and Nutrition

As mentioned above, a Nanny has to cook for the child and maintain his or her diet correctly. It is not a mandatory requirement, but if you have proper knowledge of cooking and nutrition, you will get placed much earlier with higher pay.

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