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The  Telangana School Department has taken the initiative of  updating the data of every Teacher working under the Government online through the link provided on the official web portal. The data available is in accordance to the UDISE format. Therefore the data has to be necessarily verified by every Teacher separately . The Telangana School Education ( Telangana State School Education Department)  department has directed all the teachers and other officials to update the information and upload photo and other details for UDISE on ISMS web portal,

How To Upload Teachers Particulars & Cadre Strength at

All the teachers, HMs and other officials like DDOs working under the education department of Telangana Government are required to update and match the cadre strength data of TS teachers with TS treasury records. The official web portal is ISMS, which stands for ‘Integrated School Management System’.  website is controlled by the ‘Commissioner and Director of School Education’ under the Telangana State Government. It is an excellent initiative by the State Government to accumulate all the data of the teachers of Telangana on a single online portal.

How to Update TS Teachers Date

To update the photo and other details visit the TS School Education Telangana Web Portal: and follow the steps given below.

Every headmaster and teacher expected to utilize the above link and show their cooperation towards the advancement of education and other related avenues of the state.

Step by step process of Data Entry of Teachers in the Online Portal.

Given below are the simple steps one must follow to enter and update data on the official government portal successfully-

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: Search the ‘Online Services’

Step 3: Click on the ‘Teacher Edit Service Outside’option.

Step 4: A new web page belonging to the Commissioner and Director of School Education- Government of Telangana will open. In the new page, you will have to enter the following details:

  • Mobile Number.
  • Treasury ID.

Step 5: Enter the correct information in the proper fields. Re-check the entered data and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 6: You will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on the registered mobile number that you have entered. This OTP will be valid for a limited time only.

Step 7: A field will appear asking for the OTP. Enter the correct OTP in the required field.

Step 8: The concerned data will appear on a new page.

On performing all the above steps correctly, the data of the candidates will be shown in their cv. The candidate must check the date correctly and update the details if required.


Telangana Online Teachers Data Entry and Updation 

This process of Data Entry & Updation process seem like an added headache for teachers, but the Government of Telangana claims that the benefits of this one time process will be long term. The official portal of ISMS has been set up by the Telangana State Government to collect all information and data about teachers in the state of Telangana. All the data will be stored and processed on a single platform, hence making tasks easier for schools, the Government and the teachers.

The Online School Education Portal, comes under the ‘Commissioner and Director of School Education’  allows the Government to keep a tab on all the teachers who work for the Government of Telangana. In the long-term, it will enable the teachers as well as schools, to make the process of teaching easy and worthwhile.

The provision of adding or updating the details of school teachers is also provided through the same process.

What are some of the information that can be easily accessed through this online portal?

Mentioned below is the list of all the data that can be accessed through the official website of ISMS, Telangana. If some data is not present, will have to be updated or added and will be available on the website. You can go to the login page and log in to the site using your login details.

Details of the Teacher:

  • BC Caste Type
  • BC Sub Caste Category
  • BC Sub Caste
  • Native District as per SB
  • Email ID
  • Local Status (As per 4th to 10th Study Certificate Or As per Service Book)

Personal Details of Teacher: 

  • Spouse
  • DSC Details
  • Inter-District Transfer (IDT) Information
  • SSC or Equivalent
  • Intermediate or Equivalent

Qualifications of the Teacher (Academic):

  • PG Particulars
  • Professional Qualifications
  • TTC/ D. Ed. particulars
  • B.Ed. Qualifications
  • Additional B.Ed. Particulars
  • M.Ed. Particulars
  • Department Test Particulars

Salary Details:

  • Medical
  • Surrender
  • Reimbursement
  • Leave
  • Half Pay Leave
  • Earned Leave Details

After filling up the entire form, make sure that the data entered is correct to the best of your knowledge. Next, the details need to be submitted, and a printout needs to be taken.Make a photocopy of the printout. Submit the printed copy to your MRC and retain the copy of that for future reference.

How to add Deputation of Teachers and Upload Photos of the Teachers on ISMS Online Portal?

Step 1: Open the official website of ISMS, Telangana State.

Step 2: Click on ‘Online Services’ and then on ‘Teacher Edit Service Outside’.

Step 3: A new page will open, where you will have to enter ‘Mobile Number’ and ‘Treasury ID’.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Submit’ button, and you will get an OTP on the registered mobile number.

Step 5: Verify the OTP.

Step 6: Add all the Deputation details of the Teacher or upload the photo of the Teacher.

Advantages of the Online System of ISMS Teachers Data Entry and Updation

The above system will allow the accumulation of correct information. That is because the teachers will have an option of updating the information or editing them according to occurring changes. As a result, the information provided will be free of errors, and thus the Government will be able to generate reports quickly.

Moreover, having a large amount of data in one place will allow the Government to produce better reports at various levels of the education system.

To help teachers with the above process, the Government has designed a user manual. The manual has all the necessary information required for the proper functioning and navigation of the web portal. Right from the process of adding a new entry to updating and editing of data is mentioned in the manual. Schools will also benefit from this as they will be able to keep track of the teachers. The teaching system will become more transparent.

Telangana Government’s initiative to expedite the process

The Government has organized seminars to educate teachers and technical persons regarding the working of the website. It has also been stated that information will be collected from management institutions and junior colleges.

Telangana is a reasonably large state and therefore has a large number of teachers to support the educational system of the state. Telangana has a total of 12 districts. It is estimated that a total of 1173 datasets are to be collected from these 12 districts. The list of the districts along with the number of data sets is given below.

  • DEO-Adilabad: 127
  • DEO-Jagtial: 93
  • DEO-Jayashankar: 29
  • DEO-JogulambaGadwal: 63
  • DEO-Kamareddy: 161
  • DEO-KomaramBheem: 49
  • DEO-Mahabubabad: 56
  • DEO-Nagarkurnool: 123
  • DEO-Peddapalli: 60
  • DEO-Suryapet: 186
  • DEO-Vikarabad: 191
  • DEO-WarangalRural: 35


The Government of Telangana has taken several steps to provide quality and affordable education to the students in the state. The Telangana Education department manages 26049 schools with 107269 Teachers and 2150989 students.

Online Services Available at Telangana School Education Website

Student info isms Telangana
uat1 schooledu telangana gov tis employee isotp
Medical Reimbursement Claim & Status Checking
Teachers Transfer and Appeal Orders
List of Recognized and Not Recognized Board Schools and Councils
Teachers Information System
Private school permission details Visit Website student info

The initiative taken by the Government of Telangana to improve the standard of the teaching set up in the state is commendable. The Government expects to change the teaching experience and improve the lives of teachers through the data collected from the above initiative. It is worth mentioning that a register of a correct set of data which is always available with the Government is a huge positive for the employees.

Other State Governments are also expected to follow the path shown by the Government of Telangana in the field of proper management of its employees.

The teachers of other State Governments must get ready to update their information as well in an online form. The process will find its speed once the Government of Telangana starts bringing forward the advantages of a system and how it is benefiting the employees.

 School Education Telangana Contact Details:

Director of School Education
Saifabad, Hyderabad – 500004. Telangana. India
Phone – +91 40 – 23232343Fax No. 040 – 23236354
Email :,

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